Eros Varos

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Eros Varos
The flag of Eros Varos as seen in the town
Part of Danzilonan Federation
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
Foundation DateAround the beginning of Civcraft 2.0

Eros Varos (EV) was a city south of New Danzilona in a region called the Chilterns on Civcraft 2.0. It was a federal city of the Danzilonan Federation until January 2015, when it was made a territory of NDZ. The city is known for its agrarian culture and defensible geography situated on top of a mountain.

Oral History

The history of EV, written by its founder, petlahk

Eros Varos was founded around 2 years ago[Notes 1] by I, petlahk. The name "Eros Varos" means, according to the latest google translate translation, "Fortified City" in Hungarian. The original plans were to create a tiered town on the mountain side with walls around it. The Tiering was mostly completed, though the walls have never been finished.

The town gradually gained more members over the first few months. The majority of these members were college students with actual lives (Unlike me, a highschool student with no life) And soon left to do other things. They were intrigued by civcraft, though life comes first. (Also, I was never that great at running the town)

A few months into the creation of the city we were attacked while I was offline (Probably doing school stuff) and something around 20 diamonds mined by Kuanoni were stolen, this was still very close to the beginning of 2.0. Soon after a slew of attacks happened that were carried out on the area by Cheshire, and by luck I ran into NDZ. I went to NDZ for help with Chesh, and got my first set of Prot on Civcraft ever.

Soon after this incident I had given up again and went offline, the next time I would come back on I would find that the town of Vindiction (Now improperly reffered to as "FermeVille") had been set up near EV by ElectricFatality (Not spelled like that, and I hear there is mild controversy surrounding him), and we soon made arrangements to build a road, and to help each other. The road was built, and I quit soon after again, mostly because no one was still in the town.

The next time I would log back in again I would find Vindiction ransacked (Which I later discovered was the result of some sort of fight between Electric, NDZ, and the rest of the server) and I soon joined NDZ.

After some time of being off and on I was told that a new town, Aegina, had been set-up nearby. This news somehow prompted me to become more active, if only out of the fear that anyone setting up that close to me would turn out to be a douche and attempt to mess with my territory. (My fears were only partially unfounded)

I did quite a bit of mining, and amassed a solid wealth, a good portion of which was lost in the subsequent bees conflict a few months later. During this time, I had joined NDZ and largely gotten EV under the protection of NDZ citizens, if only unofficially. I gradually built up the town, new players arrived, stuff was built, and the players left again. I then went offline only to join again in the middle of the Rancuneus attacks.

Soon after the Rancuneus attacks, I did more mining and got the wealth that made the items which were then lost to Bees. During this time, I built a (Mildly ill-fated, though luckly non-drama causing) horse tunnel over to Imperium, and later branching out to a certain mushroom island. The purpose of this tunnel was largely to help with getting to the also ill-fated original desert colony.

This horse tunnel, unfortunately, sparked the climax of the Bees conflict, as it caused the initial territory dispute. (While I do admit the conflict had some assery from my side as well, I believe it is the general consensus that Bees is completely insane) insert bees conflict, cut to my death[1], cut to the ending of the Bees conflict... ect..

Shortly before, and shortly after the building of the tunnel Al_Frog joined. During this time, the majority of the progress was made on EV. Horse and cow farms were built, Al_Frog's sheep and wool business was established, and EV was at its peak despite only having two members.


After being left as the sole citizen at the end of 2014, petlahk dedicated most of his time to NDZ proper.[2]EV was annexed by NDZ as a territory on January 1, 2015.[3]


  1. Around the beginning of Civcraft 2.0