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The "Hanging Garden" of Babylon which overlooked the city.
The "Hanging Garden" of Babylon which overlooked the city.

Babylon was a small settlement in the +,+ on Civcraft 2.0. Located about 1km north of New Danzilona (NDZ), Babylon was originally an independent newfriend nation until it was abandoned by its founders in July 2013 following a griefer attack. This led to NDZ incorporating it as a territory of their own on October 28, 2013.[1]Babylon was named so for its unique floating island geography, reminding the founders of the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon.[2]


Founding and Abandonment

Babylon was originally founded by friends olaf_underhaven and max112334 shortly after the beginning of Civcraft 2.0 in May 2013. The pair was attracted to the archipelago after spotting a natural floating island, which they compared to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Because of how RealisticBiomes worked, the biome the city was situated in also allowed it to grow a large variety of crops. Over its early history, the founders built a small but extensive road network with plots, in which they built many tree and vegetable farms as well as their homes and a city hall.

With the two founders comprising the town's only residents, they abandoned it on July 17, 2013 following a devastating griefer attack. The two would migrate further east, eventually founding the city of Boston, Grundeswald.

Annexation by New Danzilona

Situated just 1000 blocks south of Babylon, the city of New Danzilona annexed the abandoned settlement on October 28, 2013 following its discovery by citizen Lowtuff. Lowtuff wished to make Babylon into another populated neighborhood of NDZ, starting by cleaning up grief and beginning construction of a bridge to it from the northern NDZ territory of Chocomoor. However, Danzilonan attention soon turned away from Babylon when the griefer attacks of Rancuneus began on November 4, 2013. Without a direct connection to NDZ- which Babylon was outside the chat range of- the territory would fall derelict and never be permanently populated again, though Danzilonans continued to use its tree farms.

Babylon would finally get a direct connection to NDZ after residents built one as a part of Project Phoenix on August 30, 2015.[3]During the Project Phoenix phase, Danzilonans would also make repairs to the roads, clean up grief, decorate its city hall, and plant more tree farms. Still, Babylon never gained a permanent resident, remaining in such a state until the end of Civcraft 2.0