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Danirague, most commonly known as Dani, first joined CivClassic around January 2021, after hearing about civ from the group of players who used to make up Rhodesia on another server called Compasscraft, due to his lack of knowledge in regards to how the server functioned and historical events, this lead to him getting pearled by Columbia. His pearl would be held for 4 months until he was eventually freed. After said events he would go on to be part of many nations and become an administrator on CivRedemption.
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Before Civ

Danirague originally played on a server called Compasscraft. Compasscraft was a political Minecraft server in which the world was divided into 4 quadrants similar to the political compass. He was originally part of the Authoritarian left quadrant, but after his house got griefed he decided to switch quadrants to the Authoritarian right quadrant and join a group called: CNU (Columbian national union), this group was lead by Kdeeks and had notable members such as Capri, Citylion, Pds0303 and GeneralThomas4. While he was part of this group he learnt about the existence of civ.

CivClassic 2.0


Joining with close to no knowledge about the server nor it's politics this lead him to go seek out a nation with a name he somewhat recognized from his days in the CNU, Columbia. The Columbians that remained on CivClassic did not take lightly to someone who was curious about Kdeeks due to events that occurred in the Columbian Bush War. This lead to Danirague getting pearled. After this, he realized that the relationship between Columbians and Rhodesians were soured.

Mount September

After getting pearled, he had to look for a nation to play in, to spend his time while awaiting a proper sentence for the crime of curiosity. Originally he hoped to join Mount Augusta due to their mayor being a person he recognized, Citylion. He soon learnt that Mount Augusta had left CivClassic but it's successor, Mount September was still around. He joined and the nation and while part of it, he slowly learnt about how the server worked and it's history. Eventually on April 28th, 2021, he would receive a message from one of Columbia's leaders, Doommad that he was going to be freed.


With his newly found freedom, raising tensions between Mount September and IMC and advice from KnotNSA, he decided to leave Mount September for Yoahtl. In Yoahtl he made his way up to citizenship and contributed to the nation by botting obsidian. Although while part of the nation, he realized that Yoahtl's culture of "V-tubers" and "Defending your virginity at all costs" wasn't to his liking, leading him to leave this nation for Columbia.


Although he had originally been pearled by Columbia, he built a close friendship with certain Columbians like KnotNSA and K0mmi, leading to him joining the nation. His time here was short however because alongside his developing friendship with the Columbians, he also built a close friendship with the Kallosians. Due to both Columbia and Kallos operating as parallel states he didn't formally leave Columbia until CivClassic EOTW.


Danirague slowly worked his way up to be part of the main committee in Kallos. While in Kallos, Dani contributed to Arx's construction, Finkerton, a small vault in the southern part of Kallos's claims that was never finished and a lot of other diverse projects. Kallos would be his main nation untill CivClassic EOTW.

CivClassic EOTW

The Kallosians were tipped off early about CivClassic EOTW due to Kayla's (Kallos's leader) close friendship with BlueSylvaer, which in turn was friends with the servers owner, TealNerd. This lead to Kallos doing a lot of questionable things in the eyes of the public, but to them it didn't really matter since the world was going to end. Some of their shenanigans include Pearled Harbor, random pearlings and an assortment of different things.