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Location8350, 3150
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityVilsek at 8350, 3150
SettlementsNew Venice, Constantinople (Ceased ownership after independence of Estiran Confed.) New Cascadia, Diora, Risk (Ceased ownership 2 hours after original claims) Stolstad, Dynapos, Rekaland
TerritoriesNorthern Pheonix continent
Foundation dateMarch 15th, 2020
Preceded byKnights Templar, Ossenkirch, Asiro
Succeeded byMonterrey, Cortesia Del Mar, Amyr, Krowatia

Vilsek was a nation in the +,+ on CivClassics that was founded by u/Icypenguin79 on March 15th, 2020.[1] They intended to be a trade-oriented nation with emphasis on financial freedom, and there were plans to build a stock exchange.[2] They crayon claimed most of the northern Phoenix Continent[3][4] 2 hours later they unclaimed Amyr and Ossenkirch.[5][6]

On April 7th, 2020 the Estiran Confederacy declared independance from Vilsek,[7] to no conflict as Vilsek was not using the land as evidenced by an image from their discord server indicating what land they used.[8]


They proposed a rail network known as SARS (Southeastern Aboveground Rail System) on March 20th, 2020.[9][10] Interestingly, that map is how the location of Vilsek's capital city was discovered in northern Cortesia del Mar.