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The City of Vasticus or Vasticus for short is a city with a minimally-autonomous government in Miletos. It is located in the southern-central area in Miletos, close to Anvard, and borders the Bobanga Federation. It is an oligarchy ruled by a council that oversees the city, its people, imports, and exports. The culture is steampunk with considerable amounts of real-life Latin influences, leading to a very industrial and trade-based city complex. It serves currently for and under the City State of Alexandria, loyally viewing them as their overlord.

City of Vasticus
Capital cityVasticus
Governing documentConstitution of Vasticus
• Council
Beni_Shapiro, Rockoxe, Coolmanabdul


Early History

Almost all of the founding members of Vasticus knew each other and were on good terms before joining CivRealms. These members came from Risk, RiskCraft, or other communities closely related to each-other and not related to CivRealms in any way. The only member familiar with the server was Beni_Shapiro, a representative and known member of Alexandria.

At least several members took residence in the city of Alexandria prior to the founding of Vasticus, residing there for around a week's worth of time. Most tasks done in the city by the members included mining, trading, and traveling to build relations across the realm, setting a good reputation for the newly-found city.

On 5/19/2020, several members of Vasitcus traveled all the way to Miletos with around a dozen mules and horses combined. Settling on the mesa-terrain in Miletos, a town was established with a few houses located at different parts of a nearby mountain.

Admission Into S.P.Q.R

On June 26th, 2020; Beni_Shapiro entered into negotiations with the S.P.Q.R.; by the end of the day the Treaty of Vasticus was signed, securing Vasticus's future as a member of the Republic. Coolmanabdul and Beni_Shapiro represent Vasticus in the S.P.Q.R. Senate, speaking for their people and adding new perspectives to the assembly.

2Spooky4u's Reign

On 7/26/28, 2Spooky4u took control of Vasticus' government due to the absence of officials. At the start of his rule, he changed government and country, shifting it to more of an authoritarian republic rather than an oligarchy.