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The list below contains all commercial establishments in Pacem, a commerce focused city-state in the -,+ (South-West) quadrant of the map. The prices below are subject to change, and whilst this list will be periodically updated, may be out of date. Please contact Chancellor Shtim should any further information be required.

For a more regularly updated and accurate source, please use this google doc [LINK]

A stylised map of the Pacem road network, created by Shtim.

Shops in Pacem

For a more regularly updated and accurate source, please use this google doc [LINK]

The Pacem Department Store

The Pacem Department store, located just east of Bastiat Bridge in a large white Art Deco building, contains multiple chest shops. Currently only the bottom floor is occupied by the Food Hall. New merchants are encouraged to contact Shtim in order to reserve a chest free of charge on any of the four available floors.

Food Hall (Ground Floor)
Carrots 2i / stack
Beetroot 2i / stack
Potatoes 2i / stack
Wheat 1.5i / stack
Red Mushroom 12i / stack
Brown Mushroom 12i / stack
Sugarcane 7i / stack
Mining Hall (First Floor)
Cobblestone 1i / 3 stacks
Smoothstone 1i / 3 stacks
Coal To be announced
Diamond Picks 10i / Pick
Bricks 18i / stack

Rick's Book Emporium

Rick's Book Emporium is located in the Eastern side of the Pacem flat-iron building (formally the Pacem Business Centre). Operated by YourAverageRick, the store rotates its selection quasi-regularly and offers books at very competitive prices. Further prints can be supplied upon request.

Items for Sale
"Overthrow" by Graham 1i / Book
"Columbia Begins" by Knot_NSA 1i / Book
"Rhapsody in Red" by Graham 1i / Book
"The Founding" by Markus_Flaminus 1i / Book

The Pacem Cactus Emporium

The Cactus Emporium is located just south of Hayek Bridge at 1 Progress Avenue in Hayek Market. The store, built in the brick and granite building facing the river, provides citizens of Pacem and surrounding nations with easy access to large quantities of cacti. Custom large scale orders can be provided upon request.

Items for Sale
Cactus 1d / 13 stacks
Cactus 1i 43
Compacted Cactus 3 i / 3 compacted stacks

The Pacem CivEx Archive

The CivEx Archive, located in the Old Exchange Building on Freedom Square, contains over 60 titles from CivEx 1.0 donated by SortByNode to the city of Pacem. SortByNode, who transcribed every single book onto CivClassics, aimed to create a place for book collectors from around the world to expand their collection. The archive will serve as a place for people to borrow as well as buy books, in order to spread historical literary works around the world. For a full list of works, please use the link below.

Items for Sale
Book List Click Here

The Golden Potion - Pacem’s Premier Potion Shop

The Golden Potion is located at 5 Progress Avenue, on the corner of Hayek Market Square. The shop imports a variety of potions from around the world to offer citizens competitive prices without having to look abroad.

Items for Sale
Potion of Regeneration (01:30) 4i / 3 potions
Potion of Strength II (01:30) 1i / 1 potion
Potion of Speed (03:00) 1 i / 2 potions

Beer and Booze - the alcohol exchange

Beer and Booze, an alcoholic beverage shop, is located in the Western side of the Pacem flat-iron building (formally the Pacem Business Centre). Following the construction of the Pacem Brewery the city now offers its citizens competitively priced (golden) mead, (fine) wheat beer, vodka, tea and more!

Items for Sale
Russian Vodka 1 i / 2 bottles
Golden Mead 2 i / 2 bottles
Mead 2 i / 3 bottles
Sovereign Tea 1 i / 1 bottle
Fine Wheat Beer 2 i / 2 bottles
Wheat Beer 2 i / 3 bottles

Andwaf's Wood Shoppe

The wood shoppe is located on Hayek Market Square, providing Pacem citizens with access to wood from around the world. The shop also provides leaves and charcoal.

Items for Sale
Spruce Logs 3i / 64 Logs
Jungle Logs 4i / 64 Logs
Dark Oak Logs 5i / 64 Logs
Oak Logs To be announced
Acacia Logs To be announced
Spruce Leaves 3i / 64 leaves
Charcoal 2i / 64 Charcoal

iOminous' Obsidian Shop

iOminous' shop is located in the Eastern side of the Pacem flat-iron building (formally the Pacem Business Centre) on Freedom Square. The shop offers Pacem citizens easy access to Yoahtl mined obsidian at an affordable price

Items for Sale
Compacted Obsidian 1dia / 3 compacted obsidian

Cernunnos' Book Store

Cernunnos' book store is located on the northern side of Hayek Market Square. Here, Cernunnos provides citizens of Pacem with reading materials from around the world, as well works produced by his own hand.

Items for Sale
"Wiccan Magic Vol.1" by Cercunnos108 1i / Book
"Wiccan Magic Vol.2" by Cercunnos108 1i / Book
"Girly Mag Vol.1" by Milipede 1dia / Book
"Dharampada Vol.1" by Cercunnos108 1i / Book
"Astral Travel" by Cercunnos108 1i / Book
"Ode to Thyself" by Cercunnos108 3i / Book

LeBananaZ's Terracotta Shop

Banana's Terracotta shop is located on Progress Avenue, right next to the Chancellor's Residence. The shop provides citizens and merchants alike with dyed terracotta from around the world.

Items for Sale
Terracotta (non-dyed) 1i / 3 Stacks
Light Gray Terracotta 1i / 2 Stacks
Orange Terracotta 1i / 2.5 Stacks
Green Terracotta 1i / 2.5 Stacks
Light Blue Terracotta 1i / 2 Stacks
Brown Terracotta 1i / 2 Stacks
Yellow Terracotta 1i / 2 Stacks
White Terracotta 1i / 2 Stacks

Nro'Meagh Import Shop

The import shop, located on the corner of Hayek Market Square, is run and operated by Monerd22. The shop provides citizens of Pacem with exports from the Nro'Meagh tribes

Items for Sale
Nro'Meagh Banner 1i / 8 Banners
Krohil Brew 3i / 1 Bottle
Red Sand 10i / 1 Compacted Red Sand
Sand 10i / 1 Compacted Sand
Sandstone 10i / 1 Compacted Sandstone

GhostOfDespair's XP Emporium

The XP Emporium, located just off of Hayek Market Square next to the sandstone 'Orchid residential tower', sells XP in exchange for various other goods.

Items for Sale
XP - Emerald Block for Diamond 3Dia / 1 Emerald Block
XP - Emerald for Carrots 120 Carrots / 1 Emerald
XP - Emerald for Pumpkin 64 Pumpkin / 2 Emeralds
XP - Emerald for Cocoa Beans 64 Cocoa Beans / 2 Emeralds
XP - Emerald for Wheat 256 Wheat / 1 Emerald
XP - Emerald for Cactus 64 Cacti / 1 Emerald

Other Establishments

The Grand Pacem Hotel

The Fountainhead Bar & Restaurant

Emperor Enterprises

The Pacem Post Office

Frank's Place