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Konigsberg during the last few months of Civclassic

Königsberg was a nation primarily full of "Channers" who were kicked out of Yoahtl. The settlement was designed around the old Teutonic Order theme of North Germany in 1190.

Original Settlement Map of Konigsberg


Around February 2018, a Channer by the username of SouthernBloc founded the settlement of Konigsberg. They were previously citizens of Yoahtl until bgbba removed them from the city. They inhabited land bordering the Yoahtl border, causing border disputes and many redrawings of the map. Tired of the drama, they moved to the deep -,-. Built by Figasaur, the fully independent town of Königsberg was founded. It flourished for a few weeks, joining the WCO. In March 2018, the Yoahtlan government accused Königsberg of orchestrating the altraids targeting Yoahtl, further causing conflict.[1] [2]The WCO was disbanded, with the Holy Jaded Empire withdrawing support. After the evidence surfaced, Vinland launched an attack on Königsberg, crippling it.[3] The attack scattered many of their members and caused all of them to either quit or seek refuge in other nations. A little while after the collapse, a few old Konigsberg members tried resettling the town and renamed it to Kaliningrad, however they quickly went inactive once again. In June 2020, Grand Imperium claimed the former lands of Königsberg, however these claims were not recognized by many other nations.[4] The city lied in ruins for the rest of the iteration.