Western Cooperative Organization

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Western Cooperative Organization
Meeting of WCO leaders during the Rotterdam Conference
Governing documenthttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qdm7-P4PxoIpQy88yK7_e10a7QFWQV-mNl0Zv6hhN-4/edit
Foundation date11 Mar 2018
Succeeded byFRIENDS

The Western Cooperative Organization, also known as the W.C.O, was a pact between HJE, Wayrest, Pripyat, Columbia, and Königsberg to "encourage trade, activity, respect for sovereignty, and to provide mutual security."[1] It was the first formalized alliance between HJE and Columbia, preceding FRIENDS.


The W.C.O was founded on March 11, 2018, during the Rotterdam Conference where the governing treaty was ratified.[2][3] The alliance existed for only a mere few weeks until Yoahtlan leadership accused Königsberg of orchestrating a series of altraids targeting Yoahtl.[4][5] This caused the Holy Jaded Empire to withdraw from the alliance. As a result of the allegations, a few days later Königsberg was attacked by Vinland[6], causing the collapse and subsequent dispersal of their group. Over the following few weeks Columbia also collapsed due to internal conflicts[7], effectively rendering the alliance defunct. Eventually this alliance would be succeeded by the FRIENDS alliance, which contained both the HJE, Columbia, and many players from former W.C.O nations.


Its fundamental idea was that the parties wished to remain uninvolved in polarized server-wide conflicts.

The pact included mutual security and defense cooperation, regular meetings between heads-of-state, common Iron/Diamond/Emerald exchange rates and tool/armor prices, and establishing a rail network to connect member states.