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Diet_Cola is a civ player.

Diet Cola
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I began playing Civcraft 2.0 around October 2014, I was invited to Hjaltland by an oldfriend BlueSylvaer. I had always heard of Civcraft and logged in once or twice to run around Mount Augusta in Civcraft 1.0 but had never official played until now. I began learning the basics of Civcraft at Hjaltland. I remember at the time roughly the server drama was Papa_Pound attacking Sunders nether factory. Which was the spiral of their rivalry with each other I later learned. The Titan War had either just started or about to kick off and I was still a newfriend. I began integrating with the political side of Civcraft by attending Nort Eastern Alliance (NEA) meeting with Hjaltland and building bridges over mumble.

Self awareness & Discovering Vaults

I quickly realised you must be able to defend yourself in this game, I spent a month straight practicing on Kohi on how to properly fight and know when to get out. This became valuable experience as I began getting confident enough to bounty hunt. One of my first experiences I remember was hunting down SerFriendzone after his attacks on Bryn which later turned out to be ArkenX alt raiding his own nation. Hjaltland has been looking to build a vault on the North Eastern World Border called Isenguard. Excavation had begin already but the server at the time was going through some of the largest leaps in vault defence with the discovery of rings and defence towers. We lacked the knowledge and seeked out TealNerd in order to ask him to help us build a vault. I believe at this time we had a 27 layer pyramid. This was the beginning of my stepping stones into joining the 'World Police'.

We eventually got on good enough terms with Teal that he allowed us to join his private creative server to design a vault. At the time Teal was responsible for designing Worlds End, Itaqi's mega vault that had the first ever 'Nerd Rings' that was sat ontop of one of the most unique vanilla chunks that had an effective tunnel to the chest. I later learned this was because Dill_Weasel had abused an earlier bug in Citadel which allowed Bedrock to be acid blocked.


Hjalltand was on strong terms with our neighbours. Sunder was recently attacked by Papa_Pound and TangentialThreat hated the bones of Papa. Tangent began assembling a force of people to stealthily join the offence of Titan by asking we sky bridge and or break bastions at ground level while HanTzu or fighters were offline. Papa was altbanned by this point which made things easier in the Titan war for the World Police however HanTzu proved to be a persistent pain for their offensive. Being an early defence mechanism to call fighters online at a whim when he found attackers inside the walls of Titan.

We began at first going at height limit on glass skybridges and breaking bastions. This was to avoid any minimaps picking up our block placements at skylimit. This initially worked well but not in large numbers. So we moved to ground assaults, breaking into rings and directly placing blocks to break bastions. This worked on limited time when HanTzu was offline but when he logged in, was a matter of get out ASAP.

The Defence of Playpen

One morning when logging in, deciding to do some more assaults around TItan, we got a message from belial418 asking us to come in Mumble. He informed us that Playpen was under attack from the Titan forces. We immediately left Titan and headed to Carson, Their assault had started on the South South East part of Playpen, which allowed us to get easily into Carson from the City on the West of Playpen, this was also vital as it was where the Nether Factory was located allowing us to pull a large amount of reinforcements to defend the vault. By the time we arrived, 2 out of 6 rings were penetrated. This was my first experience defending a vault and also going directly into fights with Titan fighters. I ended up getting pearled after being dropped into their assault tunnel via spleefing. However on an alt account 'Vastitas'. I was later released as part of the forming of Libertas, as they attempted to recover from the failed assault on Playpen.

Digging deeper into Vaults

I began experimenting with Isenguard, using various traps such as soul sand and trap doors to enhance cobweb traps. Until one day I was in a channel with ShadedJon and TealNerd. Shaded was arguing with Teal about upgrading Carson's vault, Playpen to Nerd rings. Something that Teal didn't agree with saying there wasn't enough space. I began doing mock designs, knowing Playpen was an 80 radius vault hole and a 22 layer DRO vault. I eventually came up with the nerd ring design that became a staple of 2.0 and built my reputation as a vault builder. I came back to Shaded with the design and talked him through it, where he invited me to help him implement this design onto Playpen. This was one of my personal biggest achievements as it set the groundwork for my vault building reputation and also lead me to have Moderator permissions on one of the 'World Police's highest value vaults, holding various LADS, Titan fighters such as Celoxia, Papa_Pound and more. This is where my lines began to blur however as I was less present in Hjaltland and became more involved in server wide politics.



Starting the Nox war

Post Nox Civcraft 2.0

Devoted 2.0

Devoted 3.0


The first nerd ring design for Playpen