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First Civ ServerTheRealmsMC
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Shamus is a Civ-Player mostly known on TheRealmsMC, CivClassics, CivEx: First Light, CivRealms, CivUniverse and CivRev.


This was the first Civ server Shamus had played on, starting with the username "scrubastevee" and later becoming "Shameless_Shamus."

Shamus was also the map-maker for this server's iteration.

He started out in Rivermeer Union where his brother (Tercept) was a lord and thus was given Lordship to an unfinished Castle to which he named, "Judah Landing." Rivermeer Union was the only nation that wasn't under constant attacks from the Vaskr Viking group. The Rivermeer Union essentially consisted of lordships. The main component being "The Wedge" (Red_Mag3) a fully automated city made with redstone. He eventually started becoming very wealthy and powerful with his trades with the Vaskr group and other nations. He also grew his population considerably to around 12 active players, notable ones such as LordOfMarzipan, Mirakles, Sir_Grettir. This created an alliance between Woelfeland and the Vaskr and they conducted raids on Parabellum and surrounding nations and cities in retaliation to previous server events. This eventually lead to the agreed annexation of Woelfeland into the Vaskr Republic.

Reddit Post for annexation.[1]

When this happened Woelfeland converted to the Viking heritage, and Shamus was named Jarl of Woelfeland, under command by Edward_Renhorn of the Vikings. Shortly after, Zurmania members requested the back-up of the Vaskr military strength to force reparations upon Parabellum for being attacked. The Vaskr agreed to this and this started the next conflict.

"A message to Parabellum"[2]

The reps were not paid, The Vaskr-Zurmanian force promptly lead an attack on the Parabellum Vault at Biota. This started an inner conflict as Shamus had major trade relations with Drlecter and they were great friends. Shamus had to choose loyalty to country or loyalty to friends. There was a lot of drama and propaganda that the Vaskr was pearling newfriends at biota. This also started the major rivalry between Shamus and Drlecter.

"Fight between Shamus and Drlecter at Biota Vaulthole"[3]

Shortly after, the Parabellum Surrender.

"Parabellum Surrender"[4]

After the Parabellum surrender there was coup where Cirex overthrew Edward_Renhorn, killed off Shamus' character and crowned himself King. Edward_Renhorn went into hiding.

"Edward Overthrown"[5]

Shamus' new character was his heir to his throne. Raised up by Mirakles and determined for greatness.

"Mirakles "what the fuck?"[6]

After this Shamus (and his new LARP character) offered Parabellum a merger into Woelfeland Jarldom to increase the power and wealth of the lands and to reunite a friendship between him and Drlecter. Cirex didn't like this, causing a major divide and split in the Vaskr leadership council thus caused a major request for Cirex to relinquish all titles.

"Cirex Resigns"[7]

After Cirex resigned, Sirboss001 formed a "Northern Order" and claimed to be the true Vaskr Tribe. The Woelfeland group decided to follow Shamus,

with having all the still active OG's present, they voted on making Shamus the new King of the Vaskr, to include all Vaskr cities besides Frystad as it was now under control of the Northern Order led by Sirboss001.

"Shamus being Crowned King of Saela"[8] The branch off from the Vaskr.

A meme that floated around during a conflict with Hokkaido because the Northern Order raided it with the Kingdom of Saela led by Shamus and then tried to pin the blame totally on Saela and Shamus by saying, "Well it was mostly Saela"

Shamus was King of Saela until the server closed. Not much else happened majorly besides a small war with a neighbor nation which started the meme, "Saela did it."


Shamus played in CivClassics mostly shitposting in MTA with Mirakles, and eventually ended up joining The Commonwealth. Went inactive for years, came back and started memeing again by jumping into a vault trench and getting pearled. Shamus eventually got freed, got drunk and placed about 30 un-reinforced stone on a farm in IT and ended up being pearled by SirTwiggles while naked and running away. Shamus was then Perma-Pearled at the request of Convoy by ObtainableSpatula.