Battle of Eddie Murphy

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Murphy Tech Incident
DateNovember 21, 2021
Result Victory and elimination of Murphy Tech, restoration of status quo ante

 Augustan Federation




Lone Nations:

  • Eddie Murphy Tech
  • Commanders and leaders

     Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy:

     Augustan Federation:






  • Nuts0ni
  • Zenos11
  • MagistraMJWilli
  • Casualties and losses
    16 pearled, all later freed 1 banned, 2 logboxed

    The Battle of Eddie Murphy, also known as the Murphy Tech Incident, the Eddie Murphy Massacre, or Bloody Sunday, was a military incident involving conflict between three supposedly new players and Amyr. The incident is notable for having brought together players from a vast array of nations to pearl the three players, and for the unexpected difficulty the fighters of Amyr faced in defeating the Murphy Tech players. Even though it was a Coalition/AF-CES victory it is seen as a failure of the WorldPolice because of their embarrassing losses during the battle.
    It is disputed on whom the blame lies for the conflict. Amyr maintains that it was instigated by Murphy Tech, as Murphy Tech player MagistraJWilli spent several roughly half an hour running back and forth between Amyr vault and the Amyr skybunker, pinging everyone snitches. When confronted by WNS2, MagistraJWilli had a complete pot loadout including debuffs, and was waiting in a tunnel which she obbied after engagement to cut WNS2 off from his bunker. WNS2 saw this as clear planning of the engagement, given that debuff kits are not typically used for kiting/escape, players do not typically travel exclusively between defensive infrastructure with snitch curtains, and disengagement does not typically include cutting off your opponents ability to retreat. Murphy Tech insists that Amyr had no reason to attack.


    Nuts0ni and Zenos11 first joined CivClassic and Eddie Murphy on November 2, 2021. Appearing to be precocious newfriends, the two formed the corporation Murphy Tech, and immediately began producing resources such as XP, bastions, and obsidian. Suspicious of this development, Eddie Murphy investigated the duo, and found that they had constructed a bunker-iceroad network stretching from Pholadelphia to the Southern Pripyat Sea. Alarmed, Eddie Murphy nearly attempted to pearl the group on November 14, 2021, but backed down when Zenos11 provided an alibi: that he had looted an intact Lexington bunker shortly after spawning in, funding his activities with the resulting loot. Eddie Murphy chose not to worry about the situation further, and even taught the players the basics of Civ combat - vault combat included.
    On November 20, MagistraJWilli - who had by this date joined Murphy Tech - pinged several @everyone snitches in Amyr's city, New moon, after running around the Amyr vault for several minutes (but not pinging many everyone snitches because the snitch curtain was incomplete). WNS2 logged on to pearl the player. After attacking MagistraMJWilli, WNS2 was blocked off from his bunker, and pearled as he attempted to disengage and kite back. He was released mere seconds after being pearled, which was considered suspicious as freeing pearls is a common tactic of experienced raiders (Otherwise they can be used to track raiders back to base). This was the first clue that these players may have been alts, a suspicion which developed as the battle wore on. In response to this altercation, Amyr labeled MagistraJWilli as pearl-on-sight in AF-CES. MagistraJWilli's home nation of Eddie Murphy attempted to arrange her extradition, but when MagistraJWilli refused to log on, an alternative deal was struck: MagistraJWilli would not log on for a week, and would return WNS2's belongings at the end of the week.


    On November 21, MagistraJWilli logged on anyway; FKA_Twink quickly located them in an unknown fortification in the sea between the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy and Amyr, less than 1000 blocks north of the Amyr vault project. It was defended by Zenos11 and Nuts0ni. Stunned and incensed, available AF-CES fighters such as WNS2, yodabird19, and NEBULANDD loaded into a voice chat in the AF-CES Discord and started to organize an offense. However, as support started to pour in from the MAC and other friends of Amyr (and later bored clickers), the VC was shifted to Amyr Discord, as it was the easiest mutual ground in which to hold the VC.
    Initially, Murphy Tech was not aware of what was going on; though recognizing that their predicament was related to MagistraMJWilli's altercation with WNS2, the three repeatedly pinged yodabird19 in the Eddie Murphy discord in search of information as to the identities of those casing their bunkers.
    The inclusion of Naglafer in the Amyrian voice chat quickly spread the event beyond AF-CES, and many Coalition fighters joined the cause against Murphy Tech. The voice chat in Amyr's Discord ballooned to 30+ participants, and over a dozen fighters converged on Amyr's skybunker to coordinate an attack. In these uncoordinated early stages, five fighters were pearled: yodabird19, Mokotowskie, FKA_Twink, 1drop, and Naglafer. OrangedYT and Goop04 were then pearled attempting to break yodabird19 free, but were swiftly released after oko lied that they were misinformed and that Eddie Murphy was on their side.
    Following five hours of uncoordinated fighting (in which K0mmi, MrDoomBringer, the__druid, ninjajackh12, and toontasker were pearled), all Murphy Tech bunkers were cracked (in the process, yodabird19 was freed) but one: their easternmost, most fortified bunker, in the Southern Pripyat Sea. The fight coalesced around this final bunker. The attacking forces adopted a two-pronged approach, sending one group (Gregy165, NEBULANDD, Troll_Bebek, etc.) to attack the bunker at ground level, and another (1drop, BlueSylvaer, VoteLabour, etc.) to push a skybridge despite the defenders not actually having a skybunker. Gregy165 and NEBULANDD were pearled on the ground team, but after two hours, the skybridge reached and broke the bunker's bastion. The final stage of the conflict centered around the now bastionless and isolated Murphy Tech bunker. Amidst this chaos, MagistraMJWilli was banned from CivClassic for using crit hacks. The remaining two - Nuts0ni and Zenos11 - resisted for an additional hour, brewing potions inside their central room concurrently, and pearling yodabird19 and oko after hitting them into their traps. Over a dozen fighters, including oko, Ch1pr, BennyZ and WNS2 covered the bunker's traps with obsidian and surrounded the bunker at bedrock to complete their assault.
    Finally, as the attackers started breaking into the bunker, Zenos11 and Nuts0ni burnt all of their valuables both owned and acquired from pearled fighters- and logged out permanently. All 11 remaining pearls at the time - Mokotowskie, FKA_Twink, 1drop, Naglafer, K0mmi, the__druid, ninjajackh12, toontasker, Gregy165, NEBULANDD, and yodabird19 - were freed by Ch1pr, who spent considerable time reaching the pearl chest.