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Topic - Commanders.

Zenos11: There are seriously too many commanders here, I do not like that user MrJoCrafter‎ undid this without talking about it but it ruins the infobox and makes it far too large. I do not recognize half of these names, it looks like it is just people that were involved to any extent that are listed when it should be a small selection of actual leaders and not people trying to get their name out there, they can be mentioned in the description if needed

MrJoCrafter: I didn't make the long commanders list; I actually made it shorter. Take that up with yodabird.

Zenos - I didn't say you made the big list i said i didnt like you nuking the big list without first talking about it, you got the page locked bozo

WNS2: Please provide evidence for at least some of your claims in the future, and stop filling the page with one-sided bullshit. Thank you. (if you want to write and back up your side of the story, that's fine, but deleting ours is ridiculous).

Zenos - I dont think I have removed any chunks of text other than small corrections, but the addition you just made it filled with opinionated, irrelevant junk

WNS2: My apologies, someone else removed my text, user by the name of Mattack, before you started editing. I don't know who it is but I do think they should probably be banned for solely destructive behavior. I think we can and should start using evidence.