Entranan Republic

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Entranan Republic
Flag of Entrana
Map of the former Entranan Republic claims
Location8400, 4800
Capital cityEntrana
GovernmentFree Trade Republic
• Erzbishof
• Burgermeister
• Militarygildemeister
Foundation date16 July 2018[1]
Foundation documentRedditPost
Succeeded by
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  • German

The Entranan Republic, with its capital, Entrana, was a nation located in the +,+ quadrant of the CivClassic 2.0 map. The Entranan Republic was established by Burgermeister [Mayor] Shtim and Militargildemeister [Military Guild Master] Rambete of Pacem in late June of 2018, and became part of the Cortesia Del Mar claims.

The Entranan Republic had two settlements, Entrana (Capital of the republic) and Fort Liberty (capital of the northern province Freelands). The Republic specialised in trade, diplomacy and culture; priding itself on its architecture and infrastructure.

Following the Entranan migration back to Pacem in mid-2019, the Entranan Republic briefly became a province of Adina, and then Cortesia Del Mar. All players formerly affiliated with Entrana, including Shtim and Rambete, returned to Pacem.

The Entranan Republic was the founding nation and end stop of the Entranan Transcontinental Express; providing rail services across the southern half of the map, from Entrana to Westminster.


Early Days

The Entranan Republic was established after traders from The Free City of Pacem travelled across the ocean to settle in a more populous region of the world. Arriving on land in late June 2018, Burgermeister [Mayor] Shtim, Militarygildemeister [Military Guild Master] Rambete and Erzbischof [Archbishop] Tigerace826 claimed the land and started construction.

Construction and Development

Development within the country was rapid; all buildings within Entrana are built in the same style. Several streets containing houses, shops and government buildings have been constructed so far. Work continues on the Entranan cathedral, city wall, town hall and embassy row.

Freelands Province

After establishing contact with several members of 'Freelands', a self declared Republic in the Northern reaches of Entranan territory, an agreement was drafted and signed between both nations to integrate Freelands as a province of the Entranan Republic. Several connections have been established between Fort Liberty, regional capital of the Northern province, and Entrana, capital of the Republic, including a rail, road and canal.

Bushycraftbt99 is the regional Governor of Fort Liberty, appointed by the government of the Entranan Republic

Return to Pacem

After spending less than a year in Entrana, the people of Pacem decided to return home in mid-June 2019. While both Shtim and Rambete frequently travelled between both Pacem and Entrana, the latter quickly fell out of favour. On August 5th, 2019, Entrana formally became a province of Adina and all former claims were withdrawn.


Location and Claimed Land

The Entranan Republic, with its capital, Entrana, was located in the +,+ quadrant of the map. Entrana was located at 8400, 4800 and is accessible by rail, road and sea from Threepton, Pruthenia, Fort Liberty, Maltovia and many other neighbouring cities.

Provinces of the Entranan Republic


Entranan territory was flat and easy to traverse. The Eastern reaches of the Republic, including Fort Liberty, Freeland Province and Wheatshire, were mountainous and hard to traverse.

Architecture and Culture


The Entranan Republic created and developed the 'Entranan Style'. Using mainly oak, spruce and dark oak wood, as well as stone, cobblestone and brick, the Entranan style aimed to follow certain architectural precedents set in the renaissance era. Some individuals may also compare the Entranan Style to Fachwerk, a style prominent throughout most of historical Europe.

Republic Avenue, the main avenue of Entrana. On the left, the main gate leading to Cathedral Square.
The outer walls of Entrana, taken from Entrana Central Station. In the middle, the Produzentengilde [Producer's Guild], in the background, Entrana Cathedral.



The Entranan Republic had a strong agricultural sector whose main products were wheat, potatoes and carrots - all originating from farms surrounding Entrana, Fort Liberty and large sky farms in the South Eastern parts of the Republic. The Republic's diverse biomes, including forest, plains, savannah and extreme hills, means that a wide variety of crops could be grown throughout the country.


Fort Liberty constructed a brewery run by the Brown Brewing Company to make drinks for the wider Republic. Following extensive experimentation, the company produced batches for Entrana, Pacem, and other nations in the regio.

Notable Companies

Entrana was home to the Entranan Trading Corporation, exporting XP and a variety of raw materials for XP production. Fort Liberty was home to a few companies which are Atlas Industrials, Brown Brewing Company, and Fort Liberty Ironworks.

Political and Government Structure

Entranan Republic

The Entranan Republic was ruled by Burgermeister [Mayor] Shtim, elected by popular vote. It was the duty of the Burgermeister to promote the wellbeing of citizens both abroad and at home. Following the election, the Burgermeister served a two month term. The office of the Burgermeister was located in the Rathaus [town hall].

Before elections, Erzbishof [ Archbishop] Tigerace826 approved the candidates for the position of Burgermeister based on their moral background and aims. Promoting the morality of the Citizenry gave the Erzbishop the power to veto any legislation passed by the Burgermeister. The office of Erzbishof was located in the Entranan Cathedral.

The Entranan Republic's main governmental body was the Kanzelie [Chancellory], overseen by the Burgermeister. The Kanzelie was made up of three Gildenmeister [Guild Masters], representing the military (Militarmeister), producers (Produktionsmeister) and the arts (Lukasgildenmeister). Each guild master was elected by the members of their respective guild. The offices of the gildenmeister were in each of the respective Gildenhaus [Guild Headquarters].

Freelands Province

Freelands had a provincial senate and a provincial governor who were responsible for governing the province, under the guidance of the Entranan government. The senators had various responsibilities and were appointed by the governor, who was in turn appointed by the government of the Entranan Republic. Each senator was given a specific job, such as militia captain or minister of war. Citizens could call for a referendum should they be displeased with a law or seek to enact a new law.