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Flag of Respein created by plrog
Location-8200, -245
Activity levelDefunct, succeded by Kaota
Capital cityKleygate
SettlementsKleygate, Fortnum, Bordercross, Acre, Jepp's Bay
TerritoriesRespein, Irreal Isle, (southern colony name here)
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President
plrog (date-date) (date-date)
• President
smothy (date)-(date)
Foundation dateMarch 6th, 2023
Motto"Respein Prevails"
Discord (Kaota discord)
Respein was a nation on CivMC straddling the -,- and -,+ led by plrog. It was the newest iteration of Respein in a long line of states leading back around 2 years.


Respein's origins can be traced to Risk Universalis, the same origin as the Risk Republic in Civclassics, Transylvania in CivMC, and to a lesser extent, Khalkholm in CivRevolution.


Respein was founded on a RiskMC server by plrog in the year (year). The server was probably a towny earth map server.

On another RiskMC iteration, which had vanilla terrain, it was a large unwieldy federation, attracting some ire from other players due to it's claims. It was so big because its population could not agree on where to settle, and so different factions arose and settled different regions. This period probably had the largest population in Respeinian history.

It also existed on a few other RiskMC iterations that had earth maps, and a few others with vanilla terrain, including one where interacting with dolphins was forbidden, as they would crash the server.


Respein moved to EarthMC on (date), where they ended up settling in Sweden. The server's admins were angered by the fact that plrog found a massive chunk of Ancient Debris that they irresponsibly worldedited somewhere in Tajikistan. The money from selling this debris was used to foot the massive towny costs of achieving Respeinian nationhood. The admins eventually let plrog off with a harsh warning, but their manner of publicly announcing that plrog had done this, before they even completed their investigation led to Respein's reputation in the international community being tarnished. Other than the ancient debris incident, Respein's holdings in Scania were attacked by aggressive raiders from Narva, who were associated with the Byzantine Empire.


Respein moved to CivMC on (date) where they settled in their current location. For a while, a user named smothy led Respein as plrog was attempting to build a cyberpunk nation on an island he bought from the Pride Isles(?). At some point, plrog obtained a colony in the frozen continent to the south of the map. Later, plrog returned and renamed the nation to Kaota.



The Capital of Respein, Kleygate is currently under heavy construction. It has many houses sprouting up and is planned to merge with the other Respeinian town of Fortnum.


Fortnum is a town located In the northwest of Respein, which was put under ownership of the state after its leader Lord_Fuzzy moved their primary place of residence to another nation. It also has sugarcane and wood farms


The town of Bordercross is located to the southwest of Respein. It is home to a sugarcane farm, bamboo farm, and cocoa farm. (It was also known as BCT.)


Acre is the easternmost town, it is fairly small. It was originally intended to be an island fortress, but was moved before much construction occured.

Jepp's Bay

Jepp's bay is a small settlement that was essentially abandoned, it was intended to be an extension of Bordercross, but was promptly forgotten.