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Khardbass, also known as Khard, Milky Way , Khards, or Kani is a notorious player on Civ. She led the nation of Kro'meagh and is still friends with the people of Nro'meagh and the CSA. She is known for hating the word 'femboy',[1] extreme political views ( of the left-wing kind ) and weird behavior. She is one of the few Romanians to play on civ, the other Romanian being her very good friend JP.

Khardbass has been the founder of Krohil, a member of Nro'meagh and a resident of Gensokyo on CivClassic. She was a citizen of Imperial Federation, Cantina, Chungus, Boris ( not the group itself ) and Mount Augusta = on CivRealms and a leading member of Sovia on other servers such as CivUniverse, CivRevolution and CivMC.

Khard's favorite picture. Taken by her at a monastery

Khardbass has been banned from many Civ servers, and has joked to using vpn alts to get around this.[2]


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