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Gruebleen is a Civ player currently settled in the nation of Icarus on CivMC, he is a keen brewer.

Gruebleen rocking the Gangster Odin look
Gruebleen rocking the Gangster Odin look
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
Main ResidenceBlue Cove
Former Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on

CivClassic 2.0


Gruebleen first joined CivClassic after 7 years of not playing the game in August 2021. He joined Sussex and after dying to a zombie he spawned on the other side of the map, so Gruebleen adventured throughout the map for 2-3 days from Southshire to Columbia before returning to Sussex.


Gruebleen held a seat in the Sussien senate for two terms, once as an independent party and once under the Free Trade Party(FTP). In the Sussien senate he strongly advocated for economic expansion via foreign trade and internal markets. He was avidly opposed to a one party government, and refused the merge of the FTP and the SNI-RP parties.

Re-Founding of Nightwatch & Autonomy

With the passing of the governor's act in Sussex, Gruebleen went to re-found the abandoned town of Nightwatch, creating a state around the island it was seated on. He managed to single-handedly revive Nightwatch, creating factories, reopening the Nightwatch mall, building a wall around the island, creating a massive bunker-like security structure called "the maze", an underground area which held a propaganda office, the first G&L brewery and shops. Eventually Gruebleen claimed autonomy over the region, creating the one man nation of Nightwatch, a chiefdom controlling the island. A little over a month later CivClassic shut down.


Icarus (1st Republic)

Gruebleen joined Icarus early in CivRev when he was invited by LIQUIDSTEREO who was co-founding the nation with CredixYt, but left shortly after to found The Brewers Guild; partially due to ongoing conflicts in Icarus.


Icarus (2nd Republic)

Gruebleen re-joined Icarus a few months into CivMC when he finally joined. He has taken the position as the national brewer and has a hobby of getting any Icarian that stumbles into his establishment drunk.