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Formed by a collection of resident nations on November 20th, 2022, Karydia exists in the far-west of the world and consists largely of jungle environments, as well as some deserts and swamps. Since its formation, Karydia has been considered a haven for newfriend nations, having much of its territory in late 2022 carved out exclusively for their use.

List of Nations

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Capital Form of Government Head of Government Alliance
Mercutio Malina Council Council None
Valyria Valyria City Triumvirate Doommad, Sircapalot None
Corporate Dominion of Reggio Al-Qaṣba Corporatocracy Board of Directors None
Republic of Minsk Karima Republic LIQUID STEREO None
Kaota Kardovia Council Republic Plrog None
Tortugán ? ? Logonts None
Kingdom of Southseasia
Port Capitola Constitutional Monarchy King H4Y4ST4N USS
Joseon ( Imperial Federation)
Yuukicho Socialist Constitutional Monarchy Queen tactical_maid None
? ? CJtheking12345 None

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government
 Icarus Blue Cove Semi-Presidential Republic
Mercury ? ?
Fellowship ? ?
Monaco ? ?
Great Thrall Clan Thrall Verminblight Authoritarian
Respein Kleygate

(Nowadays Kardovia)

Semi-Presidential Republic

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