Dr Bacon Hair

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Dr Bacon Hair
Dr_Bacon_Hair's skin (as of 15 October 2022)
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsTemporal Isles
Known For
  • Being Economic Advisor of Temporal Isles
Main ResidenceTemporal Isles
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivMC
Iterations played on

Dr_Bacon_Hair (Dr. Carl Malph Bacon Hair) is a newfriend who joined CivMC in September of 2022, he joined the Temporal Isles on the 16th of September, and quickly rose to become a prominent member of Temporal society, being appointed as the Economic Advisor of the Temporal Isles following the ratification of the Temporal constitution. Though it is unclear how much power he actually holds in the Isles proper, he is the president of Basaltington City, a state within the Temporal Isles, and has quickly rose to prominence within the Temporal Isles, recruiting and teaching newfriends on behalf of the Isles within his first month on the server. He is also a SDPI member.