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Ian_x12, most commonly know as Ian is a civ player who ran CivUniverse. He has been involved in several controversies.


Ian X12
Personal Info
Known For
Previous Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ Server
Iterations played on

Devoted 3.0

On Devoted, Ian_X12 played under the name agx123 and was a member of Vogelburg.

CivRealms 2.0

On CivRealms, Ian_X12 first joined Alexandria in November 2019.

After fighting in the Ez2War, Ian_X12 left Alexandria and formed a new nation in the nearby Bobangan Jungle called Eslenti.




  • When CivUniverse was founded players who maliciously leaked other players real life personal information (doxing) were only punished with 2 week bans, which was unprecedented in the Civ community which usually permanently bans doxers. Albeit, CivUniverse's doxing ban length was increased, but no permanent bans were ever issued.
  • The CivUniverse administration were noticeably lenient with who they let into their community including those who have doxed routinely and used VPNs to evade bans.[1]
  • The CivUniverse community consistently used misleading/false advertisements to promote CivUniverse, using original content from other Civ servers such as CivRealms[2], CivClassic[3][4], Devoted[5], and Civcraft[6].


"Wait we were supposed to bring pots?" — Ian_X12


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