Gamer Time69

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Gamer Time69
Personal Info
Known ForChief Communications Officer of Titan Industries

Foreign Minister and Shadow Command of Bloom
Spokesperson of the UDF

Holy Advisor and Research Engineer for Gang Shi
Main ResidenceYour Floorboards
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms 2.0

CivClassic 2.0


Gamer_Time69, also known as Truck_Man1234, was a citizen of Icenia and Bloom on CivClassics and was a member of Carbon High Command on CivRealms 2.0. During his time with Bloom, Gamer_Time69 helped form the UDF and is a former spokesperson. Gamer_Time69 was also the mastermind behind the ill fated Tritan Project. On CivRevolution, Gamer_Time69 was a part of the Elysium Government and helped with the intricate design of the EXP Fox Pot Bunker. Gamer_Time69 was a shareholder and Chief Communications Officer with Titan Industries until its demise in the Generic War. Gamer_Time69 was a citizen of Icenia in the state of Bloom as a private citizen on CivMC for a period of a couple months until multiple incidents involving helping to start the Finite War, and getting drunk with Estalia and stealing a Yoahtlan religious monument (a pigeon statue) resulting in removal from Icenia. Gamer_Time69 then went on to join Gang Shi as a Holy Advisor and one of the more influential advisors, and shot callers due to his previous experience in diplomacy, vault design, and PVP. He is currently serving as a Holy Advisor to Gwua.