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The Daily Nut
Foundation date15/07/2022
  • 5 (as of 12 August 2022)
  • Reddit posts with links to other reddit posts, in-game chat or discord messages
• Reporters

The Daily Nut, sometimes called the Nut, is a national broadcaster known for covering the Estalia-Rhode Island War via war correspondents who witness battles first hand.

The reports of the Daily Nut are posted to reddit, with the typical format being multiple very short paragraphs filled with links to in-game chat, discord messages or sometimes other reddit posts.

Despite their name, the Daily Nut's release schedule is not daily.


Title Date published Subject of reporting
Rhode Island OBBY BOMBS and RAIDS Estalian Slime Farm 15/07/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War
Rhode Island raids Estalian POT BUNKER, Estalia fights back, ThePagol PEARLED 16/07/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War
THREE Rhode Islanders PEARLED today by Estalia (And individual comments on the horrors of war) 01/08/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War
Estalia and RI fight over a Nether Portal, Payman and Excalibur PEARLED 07/08/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War
The War Continues 12/08/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War
Fight erupts at 0 0, MULTIPLE media casualties 13/08/2022 Estalia-Rhode Island War