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Featured article & current events

Each week, a summary (roughly 1000 characters long) of one of CivWiki's articles and the Civ community's current events appear at the top of the Main Page as the Featured article. This page, its features and reporting of is managed by User:Specificlanguage and oversees the complete editing process of these features, as well as the associated newsletter for each week. This page serves as an archive for each featured article and current events, as well as a way to see those currently in draft. If you notice an error in an upcoming TFA summary, please feel free to fix it yourself; if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, please leave a message to Specificlanguage. Articles can be nominated for Featured article at the form, and articles with a date connection are welcome! Feel free to bring questions and comments to the talk page.

Note: Unlike actual featured articles on Wikipedia, articles are generally required to have good content but do not indicate the quality of an article, it mostly indicates a key moment in Civ history.

Featured articles & current events

May 2024

May 20, 2024

From the Featured Article

The thumbnail for the Civcraft trailer.

Civcraft was a Civ server that is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Civ genre. Self-described as an “experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion”, it focused player-driven civilizations with minimal admin intervention, a wildly experimental format for its time. Launching its first iteration in 2012, its admin, ttk2, introduced many mechanics and design decisions that modern Civ takes for granted today, including Citadel, Bastions, FactoryMod and NameLayer, amongst a whole host of different plugins.

Civcraft’s main policy was to never interfere in in-game policies unless in drastic measures, only banning when breaking out of game or hacking rules, and attempted to never reset its world. However, several events forced them to reset the server twice. Civcraft 2.0, launched in 2013, is generally regarded as the most famous Civ server, having a considerable amounts of activity and media coverage and for a time, was the longest-lasting Civ server. Although they launched two further iterations, Civcraft would close in 2016 due to the retirement of its founder, but its mechanics, gameplay, and design would continue to live on in future servers such as CivClassic and today, CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Several pictures of dormant nations, celebrating the second anniversary of the newsletter!
  • The Temporal Empire, Baile, and Yuan Empire originally signed a pact before Baile backed out of the pact due to PhysicsGamer's history.
  • Highroll announced his departure from the game, after his pearl, previously held by Icenia, would be handed over to DockerImage for a bounty placed on by the Moria Corporation.
  • RogueX7 was pearled in Pavia after raiding an axe shop and attempting to kill one of the dukes.
  • Gidein was elected as the new chancellor of the Imperial Federation, whose citizens had a negative view of the previous chancellor, SlothInASuit.
  • Several other elections occurred including in Yoahtl and Pacem.
  • A new Vintage Story Civ server, Realms of Andora, launched today. See their discord for more information.

May 13, 2024

From the Featured Article

An overview of Anburon, Imperial Truidence's capital city.

Imperial Truidence was a monarchy and republic on CivClassic well known for their participation in the UDF and Nordic culture. Located near 0,0, the country was founded in 2019 with Emperor Bez being its leader, establishing a nation quickly in the marsh and forest area. It was accepted into the first iteration of the United Northern Congress and upon its collapse, was one of the founding members of the United Defensive Front along with nearby Icenia. Despite having several changes in government throughout its lifespan, the country remained a stable force within the region, and began to build military defense late within CivClassic’s life.

Despite being memed for the formation of a “frisbee”-like grass structure in its initial town, the country eventually constructed major builds including Coram Castle, St. Bez Cathedral, and Barad Dur. The country also controlled several other cities including Northland, Inis Moin, and Ban Ard. Since the beginning of the country, a religion was founded named Bezism, originally committing to serving a duty to serve the Truidencian state rather than the more mystic devotion it formed late into the server’s life. Today Imperial Truidence’s successor state, the Holy Truidencian Empire, is once again active on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Colorful buildings along the coast in Lambat.
  • CivMC made a major update, upgrading the server to 1.20.4. Although there were some minor bugs, the update went relatively smoothly. For a mods list & upgrade guide, check Mods.
  • Cokeandmentos was pearled after attempting a raid in Nassau. They were originally pearled after raiding in the Imperial Federation, and were sentenced in Winterbourne.
  • Highroll was pearled by Shadno after accidentally using a horse macro and entered Icenia's vault.
  • Truidencia would become active again after a year, focusing on building and constructing their capital.
  • Monument Bank is opening their eighth bank branch in Vinland.
  • Pacem introduced a new constitution with a Council of States.

May 6, 2024

From the Featured Article

A lighthouse on the Eastern Shining Isles which gives the accord its namesake.

The Lighthouse Accord was an agreement between the Free Danzilonan Republic and Mery, establishing rights for settlers on islands near Danzilona’s territory. The two nations both originated from Danzilonan and U3P-like roots, particularly in Civcraft 3.0 in Nova Danzilona. Although the two nations were then founded separately, they hoped to charter an agreement that would give rights on its Eastern Shining Isles, and be given both English and Mery names, not unlike a place similar to Gibraltar, for example.

The treaty was initially proposed by Des23 but was withdrawn quickly due to dissatisfaction from the Church of Ranubis, however, it was re-proposed and passed soon after. While they allow Mery residency and protection on the isles, they also have promoted Mery culture on the islands as well. Although the accord was passed, FDR relations soured as laws were passed to prevent conflicts of interest within government as well as purging those not aligned with the Ranubian faith. This forced original treaty writer Des23 to emigrate from FDR to Mery. Although Danzilona still exists today, Mery’s existence is in a dormant state; the islands are still present but are today uninhabited. (Full article...)

Current Events

A vast flower field in Griffin.
  • A raid on the Temporal Empire finally brought sentencing to Gracipie, however it was in vain as he was banned via association.
  • Monument Bank made a slew of announcements in early May, including IPOs for Tusk Armory, a new bank branch in Kallumbia, as well as the introduction of multiplayer accounts.
  • Transylvania claimed Gensokyo following the latter's inactivity for nearly a year. They also signed a non-aggression pact with Eldoria.
  • Meenos was pearled by IbisMan in the Nether, a collective effort by ASN nations freed him within six hours.
  • The Lyrean Commonwealth announced Lambat's entry into the alliance, and committed to taking care of its lands.
  • An announcement was made by CivMC admins to both mark Veinfriend, a mod that aided diamond vein mining as legal, as well as clarifications over the legality of Litematica.

April 2024

April 29, 2024

From the Featured Article

The logo of SATO.

SATO, formally the Southern Axis Treaty Organization, was an alliance based on CivClassic between many southern countries. Yoahtl, Okashima, Vinland, and Hjaltland desired to formalize the Western Alliance following the Somber War, which became SATO. Later members included The Commonwealth who were part of the Western Alliance during the war, Southshire, and Caledonia. The regional alliance played a major part during 2018 and early 2019 during a cold war between FRIENDS, which included proxy wars in Laconia and Rhodesia, as well as election interference in Mount Augusta, located between the two alliances.

Although the alliance members had always been close diplomatically, by mid 2019, several factors led to its downturn. Its cold war ended following internal issues in FRIENDS would lead to the establishment of NATO. Icenia’s failed admittance would spell further disaster with relations in the alliance. With the creation of newer pacts that offered better security, such as the UNC and the Entente, as well as Yoahtl annexing many members of the NCA, SATO eventually became irrelevant within the wider world. (Full article...)

Current Events

Northfort, a tundra settlement in the far northwest.
  • Paddington_Bear was pearled by Volterra following self-proclaimed "shenanigans" that constituted griefing. They argued against excessive reparations amongst most ASN nations..
  • Exyria launched a campaign to free various players that were formerly part of Kallos, including staging a peaceful protest in Icenia. Protests are expected to continue next week.
  • An independent poll from the Imperial Federation showed Chancellor SlothInASuit have an unfavorable approval rate despite relative stability and variety across the political spectrum within the country.
  • Exyria joined the Lyrean Commonwealth, doubling its size.
  • The Commonwealth declaimed Hell, reprimanding one of its players in the process for a relatively pointless holding of territory. This was corrected hours later.

April 22, 2024

From the Featured Article

Lazuli Lake District in the first iteration of Vintage Civ.

Vintage Civ is a Civ server based in Vintage Story. It is notable for being one of the few Civ servers to be in a game that is not Minecraft. Although it itself a derivation and expansion of AbjectPovertyCraft, another Civ server based in Vintage Story that introduced their version of ExilePearl, VintageCiv expanded upon the concept significantly in scope. It introduced Citadel-like reinforcements and the concept of Snitches into the game, both of which would eventually be adopted into the main game itself.

The initial iteration of VintageCiv launched in early 2022, during a break between CivClassic and CivMC’s release, which was praised for its features had mixed reception. Its second and longest iteration so far, 2.0, was introduced in May 2022 and saw more emergent gameplay than its prior iteration. Although its admins have announced they would be working on a third iteration in 2024, no progress or release date have been announced as of yet. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Maester's Walo Nela assembly in Mount Augusta's Alenarith territory.
  • Pavia, Amboise and Griffin announced the creation of the Lyrean Commonwealth, a European-Union like organization that shares foreign policy and discusses various internal matters.
  • The Temporal Empire was raided in the efforts of pearling PhysicsGamer by Savaguard raiders Gracipie and realmichael. The former was barred from logging in for several days.
  • JPM_Stalin announced the establishment of Iaumea, claiming old Santiago in Cortesia Del Mar in the efforts to continuing rebuilding efforts of the city.
  • SPQR had their anniversary celebration, with several games and auctions being present to celebrate eleven years on Civ.
  • CivRush opened their server for players to continue playing their first iteration, while their third event is set to happen next month.

April 15, 2024

This feature did not run on the front page.

From the Featured Article

Adina City on CivClassic.

Adina was a country on CivClassic that had a significant Spanish, Moorish and Caribbean theme that extended to their builds and government. Originally setting within Vitelian territory in 2018, the country became independent following its collapse and developed its own government. Despite a tumultuous political history with raiders, attempted coups from countries such as Astonia, and monarchical struggles for power, the country continued to develop various builds by the time ImperatorMendes came to power as president. By the late stage of the map, the country was part of the Conference of Eastern States and became a territory of nearby Caledonia.

The country was unique in that it migrated from various settlements, from Antigua, a typical village that was Caribbean themed, to settling nearby Tobago y Corona and finally developing Adina City, which developed on a large cliff and adopted a Arab and Moorish-like architecture style and was the hotbed of Republicanism in the country. Along with major churches and seats of government there, it became a minor economic hub, with many shops and rails there making it a small hub in the sparse southeast of the map. Although there was no notable successor, it is one of the few successful instances that survived through multiple rounds of political turmoil on Civ. (Full article...)

Current Events

A hockey rink along the Margaritaville rollercoaster.
  • Current Imperial Federation chancellor SlothInASuit was pearled by The_JKH the past week for ongoing disputes and a run-in with Nara.
  • Lambat President Kaprediem returned, absorbing most power of the Metro Council and abolishing the position of the mayor of L-City due to inactivity from the country
  • Estalia renamed their nether portals to avoid confusions and properly mark public portals with recognizable names.
  • Cicero was elected as Lord Paramount of Volterra, along with the council endorsing the creation of the Volterran Equestrian Company's international expansion.
  • Several companies in Pavia released their Q1 results, showing massive growth within the companies.

April 8, 2024

From the Featured Article

An overview of the New World on CivRealms.

The New World was a continent on CivRealms 2.0 that acted as a map expansion to the server’s world. The second expansion after the Thomas Archipelago, the New World's land was hotly contested as negotiations for the continent’s land began prior to the expansion’s launch. Its layout was similar to the initial continent, being a world-painted map retrieved from public sources, and held a variety of climates including jungles, volcanoes, and deserts.

The New World was located 20,000 blocks roughly southwest of CivRealms’ main continent, and several existing nations sought to make colonies on the continent, among those being the Imperial Federation, Norlund, SPQR, and Otonabee. Although initial disputes over land were made, it eventually became a relatively peaceful area with much of the conflict remaining on the main continent. A rail was also made for easier access to the continent, which was slightly faster than travelling by boat. Despite its hectic launch, the New World’s expansion is one example of a successful map expansion integrated into its environment. (Full article...)

Current Events

Commonwealth's builds along Verdant Valley.
  • A bounty was placed on Coolchacha97 after committing treasonous acts against Mount Augusta; while Mount Augusta placed the initial bounty, players from Icenia and Nara added onto the bounty.
  • Mount Augusta voted to move locations on the map, citing continued issues with neighboring Doom City.
  • Pavia held a fireside chat with Archduke BritishWanderer, giving an update on the welfare of Pavia over the past year.
  • Amicitia announced that longtime diplomat jjon would be stepping down, although assuring users this would not be the end of the country.
  • CivMC held an event last weekend in celebration of Easter, adding eggs with unique drops.

April 2, 2024

From the Featured Article

Remnant, the capital of the Valex Corporation.

The Valex Corporation was a consultancy company on Civcraft 2.0. Founded from refugees from SPQR, the company was uniquely founded as a company but acted like a country that held territory. Within a few months of its founding, it gained mass revenue through material sales, but quickly switched their focus to investments. The country was a member of the North Eastern Alliance, bordering neighboring Iria.

Their capital, Remnant, was a cyberpunk-themed nation with a layer-like structure, inspired by dystopias like Blade Runner. Their pioneering shareholder system allowed any shareholder to a dividend in their revenue, and the company obtains profit through plot sales as well as consultancy services for developing nations. Although their CEO, Logic_Man still plays today in Mount Augusta, their company’s structure has been lifted into other Civ-based companies in CivMC such as the Gabon Corporation and the Monument Group. (Full article...)

Current Events

Icenia City's skyscrapers on their northern coast.
  • Yoahtl announced their next iteration of the Olympics, to be held on the weekend of June 7.
  • Icenia posted formal claims of Ez2Clutch after Estalia had asked for claims on his pearl.
  • The Imperial Federation announced that SlothInASuit was elected as chancellor of the country, replacing Potato_Duke's long and well celebrated reign.
  • Highroll announced a litany of grievances against Moria Corp, although his claims received considerable pushback from the community.
  • Exyria and Yoahtl signed a non-aggression pact after signing one with Icenia.
  • CivMC is holding an event next weekend as a replacement for Easter -- although there is no clue as to what it could be.

April 1, 2024

Haha, yes, you have been tricked by the April Fool! Send this jest to your acquantainces to totally April Fool them!

From the Featured Article

A picture of the Cathedral of Exeter, which condemned the order in 1348.

The Order of Brothelyngham was a gang of men who, in mid-14th-century England, formed themselves into a fake religious order in Exeter, Devon. Styling themselves as theatrical players, they terrorised, kidnapped and extorted the locals. They may well have been satirising the church, which was commonly perceived as corrupt. The group appears to have named itself after a non-existent place, "Brothelyngham". The name was probably meant as an allusion to the Order of Sempringham, which was known to enclose both monks and nuns on the same premises. Members of the Order of Brothelyngham dressed as monks.

They supposedly elected a madman to rule them as their abbot, possibly from a theatrical stage, and bore their ruler aloft before them in a mockery of a bishop's throne. As one of the few such gangs known to modern historians, the order is considered significant for what it suggests of Anti-clericalism activities and attitudes in England during the period. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Wait, is it supposed to look like that?
  • A ship in Baltimore Harbor lost power and rammed into the Francis Scott Key bridge. Cleanup is currently underway.
  • Although Ukraine demands more aid from the United States, House speaker Mike Johnson is facing backlash from the Republican Party over the passage of that aid, with support from Democrats.
  • After one year, the United States is pushing Russia to release imprisoned journalist Evan Gershovich.
  • The Gaza Strip could very well experiencing a famine, with the lack of aid being attributed to Israel not allowing aid through their borders.
  • FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison after finding him showing a lack of remorse to his crimes.
  • Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun is stepping down after a series of mechanical failures in their planes throughout the past few months.