Cascadia (CivClassics)

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The Province of Cascadia
Render of Cascadia
Activity levelMedium
SettlementsWashington D.C., Faliea, Kanagawa
Foundation dateAugust 8th, 2020
Preceded byNew Cascadia
National anthemQuatre Mains, 鷺巣詩郎

Cascadia is a region in the +,- quadrant currently occupied by Columbia but also claimed by Anyakova. It was briefly a sovereign country during most of the month February 2021, until the Columbia-Cascadia War, after which it was partially annexed and occupied by Columbia once more.[1]


Cascadia was re-founded on August 8th 2020, by Kayla (Kaloa_HG). This was the 2nd anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Kanagawa. Cascadia was created after the essential "collapse" of New Cascadia,

as multiple of the older national groups for New Cascadia had been deleted in a horrific merging accident, which subsequently resolved in New Cascadia leaving Nyasaland, and being reformed as a province of Columbia.

As of February 2021, Cascadia was forcibly pushed out of Columbia via order of Emperor Shadedoom, and is now its own independent country. Suffering from large losses incurred by Doommad stealing large sums of wealth from the Cascadian skybunker without notifying Kayla, Cascadian-Columbian politics remain heated, however luckily those discussions have since ended since the conflict was forcibly resolved by the UDF intervening diplomatically.

As of February 23, Cascadia has been under the control of Columbia due to the events of the Columbia-Cascadia War.[1] However, Anyakova also claims Cascadia as a part of it's own country.[2]


Province Governor - Lt. Kaloa_HG (Kayla)

After the ending of the infamous Infinity War, and dealing with drama pertaining to interior issues relating to the Entente, Laconia, and other various incidents regarding Coalition operations, Kaloa_HG seeked to make a

simple farming nation, and do what they wanted to do since they started playing 2 years prior. Make EXP. Thanks to the ties that Kayla had with Emperor Shadedoom of Columbia, she was able to successfully get

Cascadia merged into The 3rd Empire of Columbia as a member state of the newly organized government. Receiving economic assistance from UDF nations such as Icenia, Imperial Truidence, and Yoahtl, Cascadia was

able to get off the ground very quickly. Permitting Kayla to finally start working towards that dream of having millions of emerald blocks.

Tier One Defensive Emplacement - Kicky_

Kicky_ joining Kayla in her quest to create EXP, is Cascadia's Tier One Defensive Missile (C.T.O.D.M.), funding was allocated by the Columbian Assembly to provide the C.T.D.O.M. with proper tools in order to defend Columbia's farms. The C.T.O.D.M. was reprogrammed after Cascadia left Columbia to defend Cascadia's farms, and is now supplied with Cascadian and Eddie Murphian supplies to defend the sovereign states of the +,-!