Columbia-Cascadia War

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The Columbia-Cascadia War was a short lived conflict on CivClassic 2.0 between the Empire of Columbia and the Kingdom of Cascadia. It started on the 18th of February, 2021. It supposedly ended when Shadedoom announced that Cascadia would be annexed or occupied by Columbia.[1] However the war actually ended on Dec. 18th otherwise known as CivClassics EOTW.


The war started when Kayla, leader of the newly-independent Cascadia, attacked Nyasaland's vault[citation needed], in retaliation for BennyZ, Commissar of Nyasaland, having pearled yodabird19, Vice President of Cortesia Del Mar. Columbia declared war on Cascadia in response to what they deemed an unjust act of aggression against their ally Nyasaland.[2]

The War

Cascadia, having abandoned means of defense, suffered attacks from Columbia on their military and XP infrastructure.[3]

Later on, Cascadian guerilla's successfully infiltrated the Columbian citizenry utilizing the cover name, KALLOS. These guerillas were able to successfully gain access to key NameLayer groups and abused that access on the night of Dec 6th to effectively obliterate all Columbian material wealth and they also successfully disabled The Crucible, Columbia's primary vault. These guerillas were also able to successfully free all pearls contained within the pyramid.


The war was the primary cause of the collapse of Eddie Murphy. This was due to their reliance on XP Infrastructure, located in Cascadia being destroyed by Columbian forces.[3]

The war was also the primary cause for the effective destruction of Columbia. With their primary vault obliterated before EOTW, they were effectively unable to defend themselves and lacked the material wealth to subsequently exist.