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Rhode Island
Rhode Island
Rhode Island's flag
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Foundation date2022-04-08
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Rhode Island was the successor state to Rhodesia. It was a nation on CivMC. After going through a lot of leadership changes, it would be renamed to USA, indicating their disregard for PR.


Rhode Island has ranks to operate in an orderly fashion.

Rhode Island Structure
Rank Description
Aegis Council Council of 3, made up by 3 individuals.
Officers Competent individuals appointed by the council.
Corps Trusted citizen, voted in by already existing Corps members, for there to be a vote for a person the 3 council members must agree on th
Citizen Citizen, normally vouched for by other citizens or corps.

Previous Government Officials

Aegis Council

Members of the council and their history.

Image Name Notes
GeneralThomas Part of the original trio that made up the council, in his absence appointed Danirague as his replacement .
pds0303 Part of the original trio that made up the council. Didn't appoint someone directly, but Peeedz would take his place.
Peeedz Tired of dealing with Zoomers, Peeedz left the nation to go retire in Butternut, Toontasker would be his replacement.





Rhode Island was founded on CivMC at SOTW, with around 50 people Rhode Island scouted the map to find an optimal location for XP production. Unlike many other nations, their claims weren't contested. Rhode Island ended up being a mix of different groups, some of them being Rhodesia, Hell, Blackwater (CivRealms 2.0) alongside a few others. The nation advanced very quickly through the tech tree due to the available man power.

Rhode Island also suffered the loss of a few of their citizens due to them getting banned, examples of this being Samnrad, 1machinemaker1 and Bewsiej.

Butternut Leaves Rhode Island

After internal conflicts regarding a cactus farm and the people who had access to it, the subgroup known as Butternut left Rhode Island, taking with it certain member like Phacad3, XxTBxX3276, Tabby and Elithys. Butternut became it's own independent nation but it still holds an amicable relationship with Rhode Island.

Kallos Leaves Rhode Island

Kallos had originally played with Rhode Island (then named Rhodesia) on CivRev but due to Rhode Island growing exponentially and the groups current ideals not lining up with their own they decided to leave the country.

Estalia-Rhode Island War

Main article: Estalia-Rhode Island War

Name change to USA

A depiction of USA citizens.

After Danirague's takeover of the nation, the group renamed to USA[1], but is still widely referred to as Rhode Island.