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People's Republic of the Western Boundary
Republica Populară de Limita de Vest
Demonym西洋人 (Westerner)
Activity levelModerate as of 1/28/2022
Capital cityKilahijo
GovernmentSocialist Constitutional Monarchy with Theocratic characteristics
• Queen of Makai [final]
• Great Sage
• Senator(s) [final]
Aetherix, Spoonce
• Judge(s) [final]
Foundation dateMarch 31st, 2022 (constitutional convention)

June 3rd, 2022 (established on CivMC)[1]

October 2nd-3rd, 2022 (Olivia I overthrown, replaced by Yuuki I)
Foundation documentPeople's Republic of Western Boundary Constitution
LanguageJapanese, English, Romanian
Religion22nd Century Reformed Shintoism
National anthem"Schrödinger's Bakeneko"

The People's Republic of the Western Boundary (Japanese: 境界の西部共和国, Rōmanji: Kyōkai no seibu kyōwakoku, Romanian: Republica Populară de Limita de Vest) or simply Western Boundary was a monarcho-socialist Shinto theocratic and technocratic-esotericist nation originally founded on CivMC.

On CivMC, it was located in the South-West (-,+) quadrant, and it had been a sovereign subdivision of the Imperial Federation since September 18, 2022. Its territory is currently controlled by the Imperial Federation state of Joseon.

It was led by the Queen of Makai, tactical_maid, and the Great Sage of the 22nd Century Reformed Organization, FuschiaJoCrafter.


Start of the World

The People's Republic of Western Boundary got started when CivMC started up for the first time. MrJoCrafter sailed to the south-western world border, and began looking for a place to settle. Eventually he came upon land (later known as the Hearn Islands). He initially claimed 500 blocks from the entire southwestern hemicircle of the World Border[1], but the claims were eventually scaled down when significantly more hospitable land was found[2], later re-christened the Forest of Magic.

Western Jungle War

Main Article: Western Jungle War

When overseeing the nation's new claims, MrJoCrafter came upon a mysterious base in what later came to be known as Fire Island. He entered it, and was accosted by TrustThePlan, a raider who had attacked Icarus, Western Boundary, and several other places recently. Immediately afterwards, he was contacted by Figasaur and asked to cede his claim on Fire Island to the then-not well known nation of Blockchainistan. MrJoCrafter reluctantly agreed, but became suspicious at this point both due to Trust's behavior and Figasaur's history of lying and grifting. He organized a secret coalition of nations including Sovia, KOEL, Icarus, and others, and set about making a plan to attack the base, later known as Operation Jungle Scourge. The Operation went off without a hitch and was successful, destroying the base, however no Blockchainistani pearls were gathered. This also angered Rhode Island, to the suprise of JoCrafter due to his assumption they would not back Figasaur due to the evidence gathered against him. Due to Rhodesian threats, the Coalition and Blockchainistan met to mediate the war, both sides agreeing to a ceasefire. Eventually Blockchainistan knew they were had and vacated their -,+ claims entirely, moving to the +,-. Western Boundary reclaimed Fire Island, declaring it Fire Island National Park.

Bergburg-Fempire Union Conflict

Main Article: Bergburg-Fempire War

Western Boundary came into the Bergburg-Fempire War at the request of KOEL, due to the historic ties between Zelmisburg and MrJoCrafter. This would soon prove to be a mistake, as Zelmisburg had vastly overplayed the aggressive actions of the Fempire Union and not done as much diplomacy with them as he claimed. The final straw came when Zelmisburg sneakily asked KOEL to continue the attack even after the Fempire Union capitulated and signed a treaty. Zelmisburg told MrJoCrafter to withdraw, despite not telling ErrorL and his soldiers the same thing. MrJoCrafter showed these messages to ErrorL, and he flipped the fuck out, switching sides and agreeing to help Fempire capture Zelmisburg, along with Western Boundary. This rapid turn of events caused the nation of Bergburg to collapse immediately, its citizens (minus Zelm) and claimed land joining Cordoba. Zelmisburg quit the server after that, likely due to being POS in most of the world.

Kū Conflict Involvement

Main article: Annexation of Kū

After the Annexation of Kū by Estalia, Western Boundary, along with its allies in the ILA, signed on to the embargo treaty established by, of all people, Topaz4293 of Gensokyo. However, not feeling this was strong enough of a statement, MrJoCrafter made a now-deleted post railing against Estalia with the general message that no one should have given them a second chance after what they did on CivClassic. He was immediately banned from CivMC for this, speculated but not confirmed to be due to a statement made about Gregy165. He remained banned for 42 days, while grinding continued in the meantime.

Generic War Period

Main article: Estalia-Rhode Island War

Western Boundary at its territorial peak during CivMC.

Domestic attitudes in the People's Republic of Western Boundary strongly opposed Estalia, but also opposed Rhode Island due to their support of Blockchainistan during the Western Jungle War. As such, the government took several steps to ensure neutrality in the Generic War. They broke off an aliance with the Kingdom of ErrorL, then lead by ZachAttack after the departure of most of its players after the KOEL-Titan Conflict.[3] The government also banned travel from any belligerent nations in the war.

End of Generic War and Collapse

Due to the banwave of USA members ending the Generic War, MrJoCrafter was yet again banned with no reason stated. Due to this and the desire of both of the leaders to do something else, ChewLeKitten collapsed the government on 18 September 2022, transferring its power to a sub-division of the Imperial Federation led by Aetherix.

Coup of October 3

Due to a personal falling-out between the two leaders of Western Boundary, ChewLeKitten was officially deposed as Queen of Makai on 3 October 2022. On the next day, the next eligible female player, tactical_maid (hereafter referred to as both tactical_maid and Queen Yuuki I), took the throne.


On 6 October, Queen Yuuki officially re-formed the government[4] as part of the Imperial Federation. A flurry of legislative activity followed for two days. Additionally, cultural achievements were undertaken as well in the form of the official holiday calendar.

CivReign Move

Propaganda from the Great Sage about the result of the non-binding referendum.

The government held a non-binding referendum on moving to CivReign, which at the time was planned to be launched. It passed 5-3.[5] To uphold the result, the government passed the CivReign Transition Act 2022.[6]


Forest of Magic

The Forest of Magic is a forested region made almost entirely of dark forests and jungles. It was a religious site maintained by the Great Sage. Further information about it is lost to history.

The Crownlands

The Crownlands are several disconnected regions around the Forest of Magic directly administered by the Queen of Makai and the Senate. These areas are where most of the Western Boundary's civilian and industrial infrastructure exists.

Mother's Rosario Island

This island territory was managed by Queen Yuuki.

Remilia Island

Formerly known as Exile Island, this territory was reserved for a special construction project.

National Parks

Fire Island National Park

Formerly Blockchainistan, the Fire Island National Park was part of Western Boundary's initial claims before being unclaimed and then quickly reclaimed after Western Boundary's and allies' victory in the Western Jungle War against Blockchainistan. The island is a historical attraction, and the shells of the former Blockchainistani building(s) are untouched.

Other Territories

Scintil Island

This island is a fort managed by the Great Sage.


Infographic of the Western Boundary government positions over time.

Executive Leadership

Western Boundary operates under a dual executive model: the head of state and supreme ruler responsible for high-level administration and approval is the Queen of Makai, tactical_maid. The head of government and religious, diplomatic, and legislative leader is the Great Sage of the 22nd Century Reform, SinjoroJoCrafter.

The Senate

The Senate is the legislative body of the Government. Elections are held for 2, 4, or 6 Senators, who serve in the Senate along with the Great Sage.[7]

Senate Sessions and Dates
Senate Senators Date Convened Date Adjourned Bills (P/F/V)
First Senate MrJoCrafter (F.S.) Aetherix (I) Xtasy (I) 6/19/22 7/24/22 (2/0/0)
Second Senate 8/7/22 9/18/2022 (2/0/0)
Third (Provisional) Senate Spoonce (I) 10/6/2022 10/13/2022 (2/0/0)
Fourth Senate ThudDead (I) 10/17/2022 11/30/2022 (1/0/0)
Fifth Senate King_Cupar (I) 12/4/2022 1/18/2023 (1/0/0)
Sixth Senate Spoonce (I) 1/22/2023 3/15/2023* N/A


Senate Votes Results
Session Proposal Vote Total P/F/V
Reign of Olivia I
#1 Asylum Act 2022[8] 2-1 P
#1 Criminal Code 2022[9] 3-0 P
#2 Trial Procedure Act 2022[10] 3-0 P
#2 Criminal Code 2022 Amendment 1.6 3-0 P
Reign of Yuuki I
#3 Constitutional Amendments of the New Government 3-0 P
#3 Asylum Act 2022 Amendment Article 4 3-0 P
#4 CivReign Transition Act 2022[6] 3-0 P
#5 Militia Establishment Act 2022 3-0 P

Key: P(assed) F(ailed) V(etoed by the Queen of Makai)

Bolded indicates bills that needed to pass unanimously due to amending the constitution.



February 7th: Maribel Hearn Memorial Festival

February 14th: St. Valentine's Day

March 14th: White Day

April 13th: Great Sage's Birthday

June 21st: The Queen's Birthday

June 20th-27th: Summer Solstice Festival

September 9th: Maribel Hearn Memorial Festival

September 26th: Yakumo Day

December 1st: Maribel Hearn Memorial Festival

December 15th: L.L. Zamenhof's Birthday

December 20th-26th: Winter Solstice Festival

Bold = major, Non-bold = minor.


The official religion of the state is 22nd Century Reformed Shintoism, which is a combination of State Shinto and the lore of the Touhou Project game series. The governing body of this religion is the Organization of the 22nd Century Reform, which is lead by the Great Sage of the 22nd Century Reform, MrJoCrafter. 22nd Century Reform is a mystery religion, and so its practices are not well known outside Western Boundary, or even inside it. However, two aspects of the religion are well known due to their influence on government:

The Secret Sealing Club

The Secret Sealing Club, or the Necromancer's Club in some translations, is a club in an unknown university in 22nd Century Kyoto, Japan. It has only two members; Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami. Their stories are told in vignettes in the liner notes of the ZUN's Music Collection CDs. These two, and Maribel especially, are considered sacred figures of unknown import in the religion. It is speculated but not confirmed that Maribel Hearn is either connected with or a younger version of Yukari Yakumo, another major Touhou character. As for Renko's importance, according to MrJoCrafter himself, "our religion is gay"[11] and "[since] it's based on touhou lore it can't not be [gay]".

Makai and Alice Margatroid

Makai is an alternate dimension within the Touhou Franchise. It is the primary setting of Touhou 5: Mystic Square as well as the origin of one of its major characters, Alice Margatroid. The head of state of the People's Republic of Western Boundary is titled the "Queen of Makai". and the constitution states that the title of Queen of Makai can only be held by a female player. This title relates the Queen of Makai to Shinki, the ruler and creator of Makai in (questionably-canon) Touhou lore. It is also speculated that Shinki is Alice's mother, due to her having been stated to have created everything in Makai, which would necessarily include Alice. This gives Alice and her related iconography a special place within the 22nd Century Reformed (religious) canon. The de-jure capital of the nation is named Bucuresti or Bucharest[12] due to one of Alice Margatroid's epithets: "The Doll Maker of Bucuresti".

Other Culture

Western Boundary culture centers around spamming touhou gifs and propagandizing the Secret Sealing Club especially, as well as spamming anime gifs and emotes in general.

Comparison with Gensokyo

Western Boundary is often compared to Gensokyo, and sometimes for good reasons. MrJoCrafter sarcastically referred to Western Boundary as "gensokyo but based" in an early recruiting push, possibly taking a jab at Gensokyo's World Police alignment during CivClassic. But despite jokes being made about it from both sides, the two nations are incredibly dissimilar. Both nations have a Japanese aesthetic and are based on the Touhou Project series, but that's about where the similarities end. Western Boundary is Shintoist (or follows a Shinto-based religion, at least), while Gensokyo is Taoist, and both nations use completely different parts of the vast chasm of Touhou lore. This is (incidentally) reflected by the two nations' positioning on the CivMC map, with Western Boundary at the Southwestern edge and Gensokyo formerly at the Southeastern edge.



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