Kingdom of ErrorL

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The Kingdom of ErrorL
Flag Of The Kingdom of ErrorL
Activity levelDefunct (as of 10/1/2022)
Western Boundary
Capital cityGoonsville
National Colors
  Dark Red
Governing document[1]
• King/God
Foundation dateAugust 2020
Motto"All Hail ErrorL."
An image of the Koelians/Goonists all gathered together! This photo has appeared in many history books!

The Kingdom of ErrorL (also known as KOEL) was the successor to a nation on Stoneworks that went by the same name. After the nation's leader, ErrorL was banned from Stoneworks, the nation began preparing to play SOTW on CivMC.

The Kingdom of ErrorL aimed to be a powerful nation that struck fear into its enemies.

The fourth version of the KOEL Claim!



On a server called Stoneworks, The KOEL invaded a nation called Redoriv, and established their nation on Redoriv's already claimed land. After tensions rose, Redoriv allowed KOEL to have full control over the land they occupied. In the nations capital, Goonsville[1], they would host many events for players server wide, which all served as ceremonial sacrifices and rituals to appease the nation's God, ErrorL. Redoriv did not like this, and threatened the nation's leader ErrorL if the events didn't stop. The Kingdom of ErrorL retailitied by declaring war on Redoriv, but before the war start the, ErrorL was banned from the server. ErrorL was the most famous and feared player on Stoneworks. The Goonists were killers, that raided anyone who tried to stop our religion. For a while, The Goonists were still worshipping ErrorL, while he was in the void of the ban, but we all decided to be together. As a family… As a brotherhood.

Today the nation's capital remains as a place for spiritual, carrying on the practice of Goonism to this day.


The first major conflict KOEL found herself in was the Western Jungle War. After The People's Republic of the Western Boundary and Icarus got raided by members of Blockchainistan, they enlisted help from their ally KOEL. With The Kingdom of ErrorL's assistance, the war resulted in a victory for KOEL's allies.

The Kingdom of ErrorL helped aid in the raiding of Fempire[2] when requested to do so by BergBurg and the The People's Republic of the Western Boundary. KOEL's side emerged victorious, but after more conflicting information regarding the reason KOEL's assistance was requested, The Kingdom of ErrorL offered to repay all damages caused by their actions, and is currently on unfriendly terms with The Grand Duchy of BergBurg.


The Kingdom of ErrorL works as a theocracy, of which practices the religion Goonism, which ErrorL is the God of.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of ErrorL has non-aggression pacts with Estalia, CivMarket, and Truidencia.

The Kingdom of ErrorL has direct alliances with Goondium, Western Boundary, The Islamic Caliphate, C.C.T.T, S.P.Q.R, and Myra.

The Kingdom of ErrorL is currently not part of any formal supranational alliance.

The Kingdom of ErrorL owns the nation "KOSA" as a vassal!

KOEL Diplomatic Relations
Status Nations
Vassal KOSA
Direct Alliance Goondium
Direct Alliance People's Republic of the Western Boundary
Direct Alliance The Aristocratic Bureaucracy of Myra
Direct Alliance The Islamic Caliphate
Direct Alliance C.C.T.T
Direct Alliance S.P.Q.R
Non-Aggression Pact Truidencia
Non-Aggression Pact CivMarket
Neutral Estalia
Aggressive/Not Friendly The Grand Duchy of BergBurg


Over the Kingdom of ErrorL's lifespan in Stoneworks, the nation was able to establish a loyal following. With that, KOEL began recruiting for members to join them in CivMC. Below are some of the propaganda-infused recruitment posters.