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This is a list of all nations to ever exist on CivRevolution.

Nations that existed as of the end of the server

Name Leader(s) Government type Date founded
Äggland IceBoy Board Constitutional Monarchy 20th December 2021
Andalusia ChampionEmperor ? 1st January 2022
Astonia Sinjorojocrafter Imperial Monarchy 16th November 2021
Bergburg Zelmisburg Constitutional Monarchy 16th November 2021
Bitcoin Mining Center Troll_Bebek It's complicated 15th December 2021
Brewer's Guild Gruebleen Minarchy 20th December 2021
Chesham-upon-Tyne Gobblin ? 13th December 2021
Dumnonia Okx ? December 2021
Elysium Nebulandd ? 16th November 2021
Euphoria CJTheKing12345 Constitutional Monarchy 20th December 2021
Flumenberg 2 Dukes Duchy 20th December 2021
Gempire Gemster108 Empire 10th December 2021
Grainview Thejmqn Duchy 11th December 2021
Greenville Estanyol ? 12th December 2021
Gundagai Pandastical Colony 12th December 2021
Haecia MNbrady ? 15th December 2021
Hurtsey Zelda_smile Lottocratic Republic 17th November 2021
Houseonahillistan MythicalAxolotl ? December 2021
Hyperborean Confederation SpacemanSpleef Democracy 8th December 2021
Icarus CredixYt Parliamentary Democracy November 2021
Jomsviking Confederation Cat_Alunya Clan Confederation December 2021
Kanada BJTROUT ? 1st January 2021
Lambat Kaprediem Diarchic Republic 9th December 2021
Lusitania Metriximor Kingdom 9th December 2021
Mery Horde Various Platformist Confederation 11th December 2021
Miklagard Erados Duchy 3rd January 2022
Necropolis Ch1pR ? 24th December 2021
Northern Remnant Tsar Iosif Bear Empire 16th November 2021
Numenor Hylian Gamer Tardom November 2021
Optimum "SG" Republic 26th December 2021
The Red Rose Union Wassenaar Monarchy 15th December 2021
Rivershire omuck3 Earldom 12th December 2021
Rotholz 2 Princes Principality 17th December 2021
Saint Lola 2 Consuls Oligarchic Republic November 2021
Savaguard Invader1337 Kingdom December 2021
Sovia Various Caracalism-Drigonism December 2021
Sredets deyan ? December 2021
Stonenia Ravenist Theocracy? 29th November 2021
Surogat Noce Democratic Republic 20th December 2021
Tiertown SCHIZ0TIER ? December 2021
Tophopolis Topher3001 OMN November 2021
Wesbury Orinnari OMN 20th December 2021
Winterbourne Princess_Bow Monarchy 17th December 2021

Defunct Nations

Name Leader Government Type Date Founded Date Dissolved Cause of Dissolution
Arcadia Tomattan Monarcho-Communism 16th November 2021 November 2021 Citizens lost interest in server
Bezist People's Directory Discozoa Theocracy 16th November 2021 November 2021 Inactivity
Felician Empire of Casson UB40 Council Democracy 10th December 2021 Late December 2021 Constant raids on Casson
Catalon ItzHoover Absolute Monarchy 8th December 2021 11th December 2021 Dissolved by leader
Columbia SpacemanSpleef Dictatorship 16th November 2021 8th December 2021 Member moved to Hyperborean Confederation
Fortuna ComradeNick Merchant Republic/Nicktatorship 9th December 2021 31st December 2021 Dissolved by citizens[1]
Holy Shaded Empire Kaloa HG Constitutional Monarchy 16th November 2021 11th December 2021 Land sold to Sovia, Members joined Fortuna
Judea Eliyau Al-Hazan Empire 15th December 2021 21st December 2021 Leader kicked out of Jomsviking and quit
Kallos K0mmi Farming Land December 2021 14th December 2021 No longer needed for farming
Kenosha KyleRittenhouse OMN? 17th November 2021 22nd December 2021 Leader end pearled
Khalkholm alzubloxxer11 Duchy 18th November 2021 16th December 2021 Joined Fortuna as an autonomous province, later abandoned due to a raid
Kingdom of Dolphin Seekinq Kingdom December 2021 18th December 2021 Citizens lost interest in server
Madif meeshkingaming OMN 17th November 2021 November 2021 Inactivity
Marienburg Jaegerrr ? 20th December 2021 31st December 2021 Quit in protest of the world seed exploit
Narra Kaprediem Monarchy 17th November 2021 19th November 2021 Leader relocated to found Lambat
Partyland 2 LIQUID STEREO Kommacracy 12th December 2021 ~January 2022 Leader lost interest in CivRev
São Tomé FKA_Twink OMN 16th November 2021 November 2021 Inactivity
Thrain Thraldrek Principality 12th December 2021 Late December 2021 Leader's PC died
Wacc Metriximor Kingdom 17th November 2021 November 2021 Leader relocated to found Lusitania
Wagner Group Raiders Raider group ~17th November 2021 ~19th November 2021 Raiders lost interest
Waswya alzubloxxer11 Federal Republic 16th November 2021 18th November 2021 Abandoned due to isolated location