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Most Serene Republic of Fortuna
Location0,0 (Exactly)
Activity levelHigh
Capital cityFortuna City
TerritoriesFortuna, Grainview, Mercia, Fortune Island, Iceland
National Colors
GovernmentNicktatorship/Signoria Semi-Republic
• Nicktator
Foundation date11/18/21
Preceded byAstonia (CivRev), Bergburg, Narra, Bezist People's Directory
Motto"We are not NATO."
MascotRuins of Best Western Vault
Fortuna (formally The Most Serene Republic of Fortuna) is a nation on CivRev formally announced on December 8, 2021.[1] It is led by ComradeNick and a council of other influential members. Fortuna owns the area of 1000 blocks in a square formation around 0,0 as well as territory owned by the vassal state of Grainview. It is one of the most powerful nations on CivRev with a large and experienced population.
Fortuna render in December 2021, by MadDog4433.


Fortuna was founded by ComradeNick on December 8, 2021, when many other groups moved to CivRev. It claimed the previously unclaimed land around 0,0 (while forcibly annexing Hurtsey, Khalkholm, and Bergburg). Fortuna quickly expanded as members of various other groups from previous servers like Mt. Augusta joined the nation. Many farms were quickly made in the jungle area which allowed Fortuna to become a large XP producer. On December 10, 2021, the vassal state of Grainview was founded by Thejmqn to the west. More players continued to join the nation, and on December 12, , the population reached 25. On December 14, Fortuna fighters pearled controversial play Zach (under the username KyleRittenhouse), who had previously pearled two other newfriends claiming "self-defense."[2]
Fortuna on November 12, 2021


Fortuna controls a 1k square area around 0,0. The area closest to 0,0 is a dense jungle which often slows travel. To the south are less dense forest biomes and taigas. To the north is the Fortuna Sea. Fortuna borders St. Lola to the east.