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Location3345, -1500
Activity levelModerately High
• Tar
Hylian Cellist
• Consul
Bubzr, pandastical, Noce

Numenor is a buildfriend nation in the +,- quadrant of CivRev. It is a kingdom led by Tar-Hylian (Hylian Cellist), and is inspired by the island of Numenor from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Its lands consist of the island of Numenor and some of the surrounding mainland. Numenor is a member of two alliances, The League of Polaris and The Northern Rail Association.


Numenor is a monarchy, and it’s king is referred to as Tar (the Quenya term for king, not related to the term Tsar). The lands of Numenor are divided into various districts, each presided over by a Lord. The Lords, along with any other members chosen by the Tar, are a part of The Council of the Scepter. Members of this council are known as Consuls, and (unless they are a Lord) hold no official power.



Armenelos is the capital of Numenor, and is located on the western side of the central island. It is built in a blend of fantasy and Mediterranean styles (picture a mixture of Minas Tirith and Santorini). Notable locations in Armenelos include the main rail station of Numenor and the main Nether portal.


Meneltarma is a sacred mountain in Numenor. No structures are allowed to be built on it. It is in the north-west of the central island.


Hermar is just south of Armenelos on the central island, was planned to be built in a similar style. Not much was to be built there besides the villas of the Lords of Numenor. Unfortunately, this district was not completed before Numenor went inactive.

Aquas Ferrum

Aquas Ferrum is built in a traditional medieval-fantasy style and is located in the north-east of the central island. Bubzr is the Lord of this district. Notable locations in Aquas Ferrum include The Cove (birthplace of Cove Corp.) and The Docks.


Taranen is the second city on the central island of Numenor. It was planned, similarly to Aquas Ferrum, to be built in a medieval-fantasy style. However, the buildings here were to be much more tightly packed and built into the cliffs. Taranen is located in the south-east of the central island. Unfortunately, this district was not completed before Numenor went inactive.

Ear Halcin

Ear Halcin, also known as The Sea that Frosted Over, is located in the icebergs to the south-west of the central island. The most notable structure there is Vorleser’s library built into an iceberg.

Metere Agros

Metere Agros is the farming district directly east of the central island. Its Lord is Noce.


The Viceroyalty of Gundagai is a semi-independant colony of Numenor located in the +,+ quadrant of the map. It is ruled by the Lord Pandastical.

Lore & Legends

A render of Numenor after being flooded

(Note: the events described are not all accurate to real server events) The island of Numenor was granted as a gift by the Valar to the men who were faithful to the elves during the wars of the First Age. During the early years of Numenor, the Numenorians were relatively secluded, having little contact with the rest of the world. However, during the reign of Tar-Hylian Inglomo, Numenor reached the peak of it's glory, with a focus on history, culture, and interaction with the outer world. During this time Numenor joined The League of Polaris and the The Northern Rail Association, as well as acquired the semi-independent colony of Gundagai. After the reign of Tar-Hylian and the prosperity that accompanied it, the Numenorians became entitled and harsh towards other nations and former colonies (such as Andeon in Eon). This lead to a fallout between Numenor and Imperial Truidence, an event that would have significant impact later in the history of Numenor. Eventually, Eru Iluvatar became upset with the Numenorians and their relations with the outside world, and he decided to destroy Numenor by ripping the world in two. In doing so, not only did Numenor flood, but The Dark Ones came out of the rift created during the break. The Dark Ones descended upon the continent of Klassikere, destroying anyone who did not flee. A select few Numenorians led by Hylian II remained faithful to Eru Iluvatar, and wandered off in search of a new home. In their wanderings, these former Numenorians came across the wandering Truidencians, and joined them. They realized that Bez was the same as Eru Iluvatar, and Hylian II undertook a bilgrimage to repent for the past actions of Numenor against the Truidencians. The area in the Holy Truidencian Empire where the former Numenorians eventually settled is Hyldor, and Hylian II was named Tar-Hylian II, lord of Hyldor.