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Grafschaft von Bergburg
Location-250, 250 (Approximately)
Activity levelMedium
AllianceSouthern League
Capital cityDe-jure: Bergburgdorf
De-facto: Winchester
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• 1st Graf
• 2nd Graf
Foundation date11/16/21 (SOTW)
Preceded byTerra Nullius
Succeeded byTerminus Est
Motto"Welcome to Bergburg, home of the Bergburg."
MascotBurgermeister Meisterburger

The Grafschaft von Bergburg was a nation on CivRev that was founded by Zelmisburg on November 16th, 2021. It was located in the -,+ quadrant, near the center of the world.


Bergburg's first building at start of the world.
Bergburg's initial claims.

Bergburg was founded an hour into CivRev's existence when Zelmisburg claimed a mountain just southwest of the center of the world. With a net worth of 8 diamonds, it was briefly the wealthiest nation on the server on that first day. It was raided and bombed with iron reinforced cobblestone by K0mmi and Ilci early the following day, making off with CivRev's first ever Diamond Sword.

Bergburg was raided again between November 29th and December 1st, this time by the Lolan player GrumpyWalnut96, who broke into a secure chest that contained diamonds and emeralds. This turned out to be on accident, as the Lolans believed the chest was a dropchest for the player KyleRittenhouse whom they were in a dispute with at the time. The valuables taken were returned (with additional reps for the lost EXP) late on December 1st.

In the same timeframe, the player Troll Bebek built farms at skylimit right over Bergburger claims, infringing the Barony's sovereignty. Worse yet, on December 9th, the new nation of Fortuna began to overclaim several nations in the center of the world, Bergburg included. The Bergburg Liberation Front (BLF) has been formed to restore the sovereignty of Bergburg.

When Khalkholm was abandoned on December 16th, Zelmisburg usurped the title, and became the Graf (Earl) of Bergburg-Khalkholm. He changed the nation's name to reflect his new title.

The flag of Bergburg during the Winchester era.

Some RPfriends later joined the nation and founded the town of Winchester. They took royal titles and attempted to turn Bergburger culture into Hanoverian British culture. Under this era, Bergburg was known as the United Earldom of Bergburg-Winchester-Khalkholm.

Bergburger territory continued to be divided between Free Bergburg and the zone occupied by the Fortunan aggressor until the latter nation's dissolution on New Years Eve 2021.

The RPfriends left on January 5th, 2022, prompting Zelmisburg to revert the national name back to simply Bergburg. On January 15th, Zelmisburg would quit CivRev, giving the title to Happicholol. Bergburg was presumably dissolved whenever CivRev was merged with CivReign.


A former map of the claims of Bergburg, including those that were disputed with Fortuna.

Bergburg Proper

Consisted of the northernmost third of the country, including the titular Mount Bergburg itself and surrounding areas south of it. The capital of Bergburg, Bergburgdorf was planned to be built here, as was Bergburg Castle.


Consisted of the central hilltop town of Khalkholm and nearby biomes.


Consisted of the southwestern regions of the country, including the titular hamlet.


Foreign Relations of Bergburg when it was active
Nation Status
Äggland Non-Aggression Pact via Southern League
Astonia Very friendly
Elysium Neutral
Euphoria Neutral
Flumenberg Very friendly
Gempire Very friendly
Hyperborean Confederation Friendly
Icarus Very friendly
Jomsviking Confederation Non-Aggression Pact via Southern League
Lambat Neutral
Lusitania Neutral
Mery Horde Neutral
Numenor Very friendly
Red Rose Union Neutral
Rivershire Infrastructure agreement via Southern League
Saint Lola Very friendly
Savaguard Neutral
Sovia Neutral
Stonenia Neutral
Surogat Neutral
Tophopolis Neutral
Wesbury Neutral
Winterbourne Non-Aggression Pact via Southern League