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UB40 Is a TKON veteran of 4 years who joined Civclassic 2.0 in the March of 2021 after being invited by UneSombre.
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History on Civ

UB40 joined the IMC in March 2021 and immediately became interested in Civclassic and quickly rose to the rank of General through his impressive devotion and grinding capabilities, since March 2021 he has also became a very competent PvPer and a master at the art of water PvP.

In June UB40 was given the role of project manager on The Netherview Vault (or NVV) by Wilson5756 due to the project having been left mostly abandoned, however UB40 was successful in reversing this and quickly managed to boost interest in digging at NVV which even involved the friendly pressuring of other nations to help with the dig including Yoahtl , Sussex and MtS , all this resulted in the vault being about 50% complete just before Civclassic shut down.

After Civclassic 2.0 shut down UB40 would move to CivRevolution and found the nation of FEC along with Wilson5756 , Gregy165 and Walkers - However this nation would become defunct 3 weeks later due to it being targeted by hackers and Zoomers whom destroyed both the central vault and its contents and the motivation of most FEC members.

Following this devastating blow , UB40 and some other FEC members would join Elysium where he and the other Elysium members would successfully take revenge on the people who destroyed FEC by pearling the Zoomers responsible.

An example of memes shared within IMC about The Netherview Vault project which UB40 headed.