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Admiralty of Wesbury
Location-5100, 3400
GovernmentMartial Law
• Admiral
Foundation date10th January 2021

The Admiralty of Wesbury was a short-lived one-man nation on Civclassics 2.0 in the -,+.


The Founding of Wesbury

On 10th January 2021, Orinnari sought a new project. He noticed the sickle-shaped area named Brodre on the map, where upon visiting discovered was abandoned to the point where the reinforcements were so decayed as to break on the second hit. On the 26th January 2021, Orinnari officially published the preliminary borders of the newly found nation: the Admiralty of Wesbury.

Treaty troubles with Mount September

During an informal discussion of whether Wesbury should join the Augustan Federation, Orinnari noticed certain gaps in policy, notably extradition, which was concerning given Wesbury's extremely small size, being only ~300 square metres in area. Not wanting to force the Augustan Federation to change its charter however, Orinnari figured it best (and more interesting) to sign bilateral treaties with surrounding nations. The Commonwealth, known for its lax extradition policy, agreed in principle to an arrangement with Wesbury, however Orinnari was primarily focused on Mount September given that it was the spiritual successor to Mount Augusta as well as the largest and closest population centre; that if Wesbury were to be raided, the perpetrator would most likely be from and/or be chased into Mount September. Negotiations began on 16th March 2021 but quickly deteriorated when Wesbury was refused a private diplomacy channel, forcing negotiations to happen in public, allowing AllenY, to say without official position that the proposed treaty was fundamentally and irreconcilably incompatible with the Septembrian constitution[1]. Just over two weeks later on 4th April 2021, Orinnari tried a different tact, to take their internal extradition process as a given, but to construct a holding cell on an island that they would claim over, allowing Wesbury to securely store pearls while it begins to fix any damage caused by the prisoner. However, the requested exemptions to derelictions laws that were okay'd by AllenY were subsequently denied by RedDevel, their newly appointed diplomat, stating that Mount September had no interest in a mutually beneficial agreement and that Wesbury should be thankful that Mount September is even entertaining claiming the island to begin with[2]. Negotiations haven't continued since.

The Dissolution of Wesbury

In August 2021, Orinnari dismantled the castle he had built in Wesbury, intending to transfer the territory to an interested party should they make themselves known. On 26th August 2021, Dr_Oracle approached Orinnari about Wesbury. The territory was sold to South Augusta on 4th September 2021.