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The Bog Knight
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsImperial Truidence
Known ForConstruction, Colonialism, Bog
Main ResidenceInis Móin, Imperial Truidence

Discozoa, more commonly referred to as the Bog Knight is an active player on Civclassic. They joined on the 27th of July 2020, 2 days after the conclusion of the Infinity War and found shelter in the form of a small cave in the bog. Legend has it that the Bog Knight first sailed from Nexus to Northland to seek guidance, finding it with Icyski. Though the great warrior clad head to toe in diamond taught the Bog Knight, his true answer was a radiant 10-pointed star that landed in the southeast swamplands of the Mire. Coming to the lake where it landed, the Bog Knight swore to defend the bog no matter the cost. Since that day and his ascension into the government of Imperial Truidence, he built all that now stands on his isle of Inis Móin.

Accomplishments of the Bog Knight
  • Constructed the central fortification of Inis Moin, Quagmire Keep
  • Constructed the Port of Murnys along Inis Moin’s Eastern shore
  • Has been awarded the Medal of Silver Honor by Emperor Obtainable Spatula himself
  • Has been elected to the title of senator on more than 6 separate occasions (7 as of June 2021)
  • Constructed the Mire-Inis Moin Canal, Granting easier access by boat through the region
  • Constructed the fortress of the Tower of Maithlaib in the southern marsh of Bezistan
  • Constructed the Chuarpstoen Chapel in the eastern land of Downer Astonia
  • Constructed the settlement of Bezlaib in the colony of the same name while also renovating an abandoned fort in the region
  • Constructed the Bezlaib Corridor Roadway to connect Downer Astonia with the rest of Imperial Truidence
  • Constructed the port of Glanmeacan in the eastern Truidencian colony of Carrot Land
  • Rennovated the city of Northland to its former glory, restoring buildings and the fountain
  • Combined several smaller roadways to create the Anburon-Northland Roadway to connect the two cities
Titles of the Bog Knight
  • Lord of Inis Moin
  • Earl of Maithlaib
  • Earl of Glanmeacan
  • Colonial Lord Protector of Bezlaib
  • Sagart of the Chuarpstoen Chapel
  • Leader of the Aggregate Truidencian Front (ATF)
  • Designated Cartographer of Imperial Truidence
Quotes of the Bog Knight
  • ‘Such things are so’
  • ’Bogach go Brách’
  • ‘I just wanna shovel peat for Bez’s sake’
  • ‘For fecks sake’
  • ‘Use your prudence and vote me into Truidence’
  • ‘Just finished a round trip of Imperial Truidence’