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The Bog Knight
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Imperial Truidence
Known For
  • Bog
  • Art
  • Cartography
  • Construction
  • Colonialism
Main ResidenceInis Móin, Imperial Truidence
Known Spoken Languages
  • Irish Gaelic
  • English
  • Spanish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivClassic 2.0

Discozoa, more commonly referred to as the Bog Knight was an active player on CivClassic and citizen of Imperial Truidence. He joined on the 27th of July 2020, 2 days after the conclusion of the Infinity War and found shelter in the form of a small cave in the bog which eventually grew into Inis Móin.

Chronology of the Bog Knight

The Arrival of the Bog Knight

The Bog Knight was first made aware of the existence of CivClassics by a map posted on r/imaginarymaps and was intrigued by the possibility of a Minecraft server with dynamic politics and nations. Entering the server on the 27th of July 2020, legend has it that the Bog Knight first sailed from Nexus to Northland to seek guidance, finding it with Icyski. Though the great warrior clad head to toe in diamond taught the Bog Knight, his true answer was a radiant 10-pointed star that landed in the southeast swamplands of the Mire. Coming to the lake where it landed, the Bog Knight swore to defend the bog no matter the cost. With the isle now being fairly built up, the 3 Truidencians, Icyski, Sir Twiggles and Neotide came to inspect what had been happening on their territory. Impressed by the fast and efficient construction of the Bog Knight, they allowed him Truidencian citizenship.

Atlas of Inis Móin Shortly After the Arrival of the Bog Knight
Illustrated Atlas of Inis Móin, 29th of July 2020

The Rise of Inis Móin

Illustrated Atlas of Inis Móin, 4th of January 2021

With Truidencian citizenship secured and his protection ensured, the Bog Knight was allowed to continue his work on the isle of Inis Móin. Prior to actual construction, the Bog Knight undertook a tour of the entirety of Imperial Truidence, from Anburon to Northland to Kingstown. Returning to his isle, he completed the Port of Murnys on the eastern side of the isle to function as Inis Móin's access to the wider world. The canal now separating Inis Móin from the Mire was expanded in order to allow for easier travel. The grandest of projects to be undertaken would be the construction of Quagmire Keep. The foundation had already been secured with a constant flow of building materials (mostly stone) from the Quagmire Keep Quarry being dug out below. The main tower was completed in December of 2020 and all other towers and halls of Quagmire Keep would follow.

Céad Coilíneachas Thoir of the Bog Knight

Now participating within wider Truidencian society, the Bog Knight had been elected to the title of Senator on more than one occasion. Expanding his influence outwards from Inis Móin, he renovated the old city of Northland due to it being significant to his origins and created the tower of Maithlaib to fortify a similarly quaggled territory on the frontier of Imperial Truidence. The 12th of November 2021 would mark the beginning of the colony of Bezlaib and the subsequent declaration of the Bezlaib Corridor Roadway. Adventuring from Lhasa to the old Andinian outpost to the shores of Downer Astonia, the colony was secured in the proceeding month and Imperial Truidence’s claim would be respected in the region. The following efforts would be further securing the eastern periphery of Imperial Truidence with the Chuarpstoen Chapel and the region would be the Bog Knight’s main area of operation. As the colony of Carrot Land was created, the Bog Knight aided in the effort, constructing the port of Glanmeacan, several Bezist monuments and temples and discovering the wretched Isle of Phalluses south of the mainland coast. Ultimately, the Bog Knight would be on constant patrol from the Mire to Ban Ard to Carrot Land to Bezlaib.

Beartas Teaghlaigh of the Bog Knight

First Issue of the Bezist's Bulletin

The Bog Knight had primary been focused on the frontier of Imperial Truidence and Inis Móin, giving little mind to the politics of Anburon. Despite this, likely due in part to his accomplishments in the east, the Bog Knight had consistently been elected senator and contributed to the Truidencian culture. Focusing now on his nation and Truidencian countrymen, the Bog Knight created the Aggregate Truidencian Party (ATP) on the 10th of June 2021 as a new political party, finding himself at odds with opposition party leader Zeldronix of the All-Truidencian National People’s Party (ATNPP) (or Truidencian People’s Party as it was later referred to). Contributing to the international reputation of Imperial Truidence, the Bog Knight exported yet more Truidencian culture to the wider community and even created the Bezist’s Bulletin (Inspired by the Lambat Post) as a source of Truidencian news and broadcasting.

Piscean Quest of the Bog Knight

Truidencian Embassy in the Kingdom of Fish (Pre-Bombing)

Seeking positive relations with a burgeoning new nation, the Kingdom of Fish, the Bog Knight ventured northeast to Cora, establishing a Truidencian embassy on the northern coastline. On the 20th of July 2021, the embassy would be the target of Nipplerock griefers and the first strike in the Fish-Nipple Conflict. Corresponding with this event, the Bog Knight would feature on the Acadian News Network to share his thoughts on the attacks.

Soicind Coilíneachas Thoir of the Bog Knight

With the announcement of a new national construction project for Northland, the Bog Knight raced northwards to aid. The Bog Knight single-handedly erected the Árbez Bezist Temple as the first completed structure of the Northland Project, followed by several commercial and residential buildings. In the mid point of this construction, the Bog Knight set out once again to push the borders of Imperial Truidence eastwards. In what once was the nation of Stormmire rose the new Truidencian Colonial Lordship of Tírlábán led by the Bog Knight. With the new colony, he erected the Bezist temple of Fuilcloch.

Accomplishments of the Bog Knight

  • Constructed the central fortification of Inis Moin, Quagmire Keep
  • Constructed the Port of Murnys along Inis Moin’s Eastern shore
  • Has been awarded the Medal of Silver Honor by Emperor Obtainable Spatula himself
  • Has been elected to the title of senator on more than 8 separate occasions (9 as of August 2021)
  • Declared 'The most valuable citizen in Imperial Truidence' by GenericLaqey
  • Constructed the Mire-Inis Moin Canal, Granting easier access by boat through the region
  • Constructed the fortress of the Tower of Maithlaib in the southern marsh of Bezistan
  • Constructed the Chuarpstoen Chapel in the eastern land of Downer Astonia
  • Constructed the settlement of Bezlaib in the colony of the same name while also renovating an abandoned fort in the region
  • Constructed the Bezlaib Corridor Roadway to connect Downer Astonia with the rest of Imperial Truidence
  • Constructed the port of Glanmeacan in the eastern Truidencian colony of Carrot Land
  • Rennovated the city of Northland to its former glory, restoring buildings and the fountain
  • Combined several smaller roadways to create the Anburon-Northland Roadway to connect the two cities
  • Participated in construction efforts in the new areas of Northland
  • Used theology to convince Pontifex GenericLaqey of the existence of the Frithbezeach
  • Scored with SCP-811

Titles of the Bog Knight

  • Lord of Inis Moin
  • Earl of Maithlaib
  • Earl of Glanmeacan
  • Earl of Bezlaib
  • Colonial Lord Protector of Tírlábán
  • Sagart of the Chuarpstoen Chapel
  • Leader of the Aggregate Truidencian Party (ATP)
  • Designated Cartographer of Imperial Truidence
  • Cathaoirleach of the Aggregate Truidencian Party Publishing Association
  • Cathaoirleach of the Inis Móin Peat & Broadcasting Network

Quotes of the Bog Knight

  • ‘Such things are so’
  • ’Bogach go Brách’
  • ‘I just wanna shovel peat for Bez’s sake’
  • ‘For fecks sake’
  • ‘Use your prudence and vote me into Truidence’
  • ‘Just finished a round trip of Imperial Truidence’
  • 'I must have the head of squ8i on a pike'