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Duchy of Khalkholm
Location-450, 650
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityKhalkholm at -450, 650
• Duke
Foundation date2 days after SOTW
Preceded byTerra nullius
Succeeded byDe-facto: Fortuna

De-jure: Bergburg-Khalkholm

JohnCats' next country: Rotholz

The Duchy of Khalkholm was a state in the shallow -,+ on CivRev. It was a successor to Waswya, which was abandoned due to being too far away. Its name meant "Bald Hill" in German and Russian, similar to how Ossenkirch's name means "Falls Church".

Fortunan Period

Khalkholm joined Fortuna as an autonomous state on December 9th, due to being overclaimed and wanting to avoid a fight. The state was built up a small bit between December 9th and 15th.

Raid by KyleR1ttenhouse

On December 16th, while flattening out some land around Old Narra for Fortunans to build on, JohnCats saw KyleR1ttenhouse pinging the snitches around a storage area a bunch of times, and after investigating, Kyle was found standing by some broken chests, and then he killed JohnCats. Later after killing JohnCats a second time, Kyle fled the scene.


Due to the aforementioned raid, Khalkholm was abandoned, and JohnCats headed to a new location to found Meerburg which would be abandoned after a day, and then finally Rotholz. Their title was illegitimately usurped by Zelmisburg.