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Principality of Rotholz
Location~5450, 2200
Activity levelLow
Capital cityRotholz
Foundation dateDecember 16th, 2021
Preceded byTerra Nullius (Officially preceded by Meerburg, which was preceded by Khalkholm)
The flag I created for Meerburg at the time

Rotholz was a Principality on CivRev before the server died.


Before Rotholz was founded, JohnCats had set up a base at approximately 6000, 820. The aforementioned location was chosen because it was in the middle of that sea surrounded by countries JohnCats saw as being HSM such as Lusitania, Lambat, and Gundagai. Therefore they thought it would be a safe place to settle. This base was going to be called Meerburg, which also was going to be a Principality. All that was built was a partly reinforced underground room before it was abandoned for Rotholz, at the suggestion of MrDoombringer.


It lasted from it's establishment by MrDoombringer on December 16th of 2021, to January 1st of 2022, when it was officially abandoned "cause x raying is allowed apparantly" It was located in a mega taiga biome approximately at 5450, 2200. The settlement had one house and a statue of JohnCats' Black Labrador Retriever who had recently died. The only other person in the settlement was JohnCats' friend MrDoombringer, since the two had been basing together for the duration of the server's life.