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Duchy of Flumenberg
Flag of Flumenberg
Coat of Arms of Flumenberg
Location5700 -1600
Activity levelInactive
AllianceThe Northern Economic Sphere
Capital cityMondstadt
TerritoriesMainland Flumenberg, Southern Island
National Colors
  Light Blue
Foundation date19th of December 2021
Preceded byProvisional Territory of Melongrad
Motto"All hail the duchy!" (unofficial)

Flumenberg, officially the Duchy of Flumenberg, is a nation on CivRev, it was proclaimed on the 19th of December 2021.

Notable Figures

  • Duke Pickle
  • Duke Simon
  • Duchess Starry (inactive)


Map of mainland Flumenberg
Flumenberg is a nation located in the northeastern section of the map, it borders Lambat and Greenville and is lead by 2 dukes and 1 duchess.



The Duchy was proclaimed on the 19th of December 2021 and preceded the Provisional Territory of Melongrad which existed for approximately 1 week before the creation of Flumenberg.

The name "Flumenberg" was chosen due to the rivers around the nation.

December Incident

Picture of Flumenberg following the December Incident

On the 30th of December 2021, Flumenberg was fire raided by a player called "MythicalAxolotl" who had few hours ago became a citizen of Icarus. The Icarian government were suprised by his action and claims that they had nothing to do with the raid, but were deeply apologetic and gave reparations for a potato farm. Flumenberg agreed on that. Despite a fire the only things that was taken was a half stack of Potatoes. The Flumenberg government wanted these potatoes back very much which was hard to do as Icarus themselves didn't have potatoes. Eventually some players found some they could give to Flumenberg to apologize. However, when Flumenberg's government demanded that the player was executed or imprisoned. Which the Icarian government flat out refused to do over such a light grief. Flumenberg took this as an insult and fought for 3 hours on discord for his execution, which never happened.

This also caused Duchess Starry to isolate herself from the situation due to her morale being heavily damaged by the escalation of the situation, thus placing the 2 dukes in charge of the whole situation and the future of Flumenberg.