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Flag of Kaltstadt
Coat of arms of Kaltstadt
Part of Old Kaltsburg
Famous forCapital of Kaltsburg
Server IterationCivClassic
Coordinates-5650, -1300
Administrative BuildingFürtliches Ratsgebäude
Foundation Date18 August 2018

Kaltstadt (Cold town in English) is the capital of the Principality of Kaltsburg. It was founded the day Kaltsburg was founded and was capital of the First and Second Principality.


Kaltstadt on the 24th of August, 2018


The town was founded on the 18th of August, 2018 by Prince deyan. Its first buildings were the warehouse and the royal council building. In the day following its founding a large flag-pole with the Kaltsburg tri-colour was made atop the highest mountain next to the capital. It was (and still is) visible from almost everywhere in the Principality. The town was surrounded by farmlands which fed the population for a long time. Kaltstadt's growing however halted naturally as all of the citizens worked on the Hafen project in the South. A road was soon built to Connect the two towns, however Kaltstadt remained in the shadow of Hafenstadt as the latter had more favorable terrain for construction and economic pursuit. A small park was constructed around the two buildings with a small pond, in which the Prince and his Prime-Minister loved to have leisure time.Along with the farms, right outside the town a sheep pasture was created and thanks to it were citizens of Kaltsburg allowed to so proudly and often fly their flag.


After most of the construction in Hafenstadt was completed, many citizens focused backed on the capital and built apartments for themselves. The number of buildings soon skyrocketed and the town was booming once again. Many of the buildings were constructed by HobbelJesse and his unique Dutch sandstone-brick architecture.

The town was very active during the First Elections of Kaltsburg, with many political candidates running campaigns and ads in the Capital.

In late August the farmlands were removed to make room for more buildings.


Map of the Town (01.05.2019)

During the Great Grief of Kaltsburg, Kaltstadt was badly damaged and subsequently abandoned for a couple of months. Many windows were shattered, roads blocked and buildings filled with reinforced grief.

In the following months Kaltstadt would be replaced by Die Hauptstadt as capital of Kaltsburg.


In December of 2018, the Prince and his trusted adviser nokiababy returned from East Kaltsburg to renovate and revive the old Principality, and first in renovations was Kaltstadt. Complete demolition of the old town was in place and none of the first buildings remained.

The Princely Square (Fürstliches Platz) in renovated Kaltstadt

As well as everywhere else in Kaltsburg, the town has a very strict and distinct architectural style with the typical Kaltsburgisch ornaments on every building.

In April 2019 a tree farm was built near the Town.


Kaltstadt is home to the Kaltsburg Brewing Company and many of the nation's most useful factories. The town's main production however is wood, from the treefarm created in April 2019. Kaltstadt also has a small newspaper stand as that's where Die Kaltsburger Zeiten sold its papers, but ever since the newspaper stopped writing the stand has remained unused.

The town is also the de facto host to the Royal Kaltsburg Mapping Company, though it does not posses any physical assets in the city.


The town, like every other in Kaltsburg, has very strict architecture and city planning. The Main materials used in the town are stone bricks, stone and bricks, with rare for Kaltsburg cyan terracotta coverings for government building roofs. Kaltstadt was first to adopt a new style since the revival of the Principality with it being the first to feature the now typical stone slab details under windows and at the top of facades on each building. The streets are tight and compact with there being a big square in front of the capitol buildings.


Home to the first Kaltsburg newspaper, the capital also features a museum of literature in its Building for Diplomatic Affairs, with many books having been gathered by the Prince himself from his many travels around the world.