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Default Skin
Olympics Variant
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Mercutio
Known For
Main ResidenceMercutio
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft
Iterations played on

SonicFrost is a civ player and current Councilor of the nation of Mercutio on CivMC. Previously played on CivCraft 1.0 as a resident of Columbia, before migrating to CivCraft 2.0 as a resident of Hobbiton and later a founding member of Invicta. Played on CivTemp as a hermit resident of the shard Bet, before taking a years-long hiatus from the civ genre and returning to CivMC to found the nation of Mercutio. He took part in the Nara-Danzilona Olympics and took home Mercutio's only gold medal in the Chess event.

During his tenure as the Speaker of the Second Council of Mercutio, he designed and built the Malina train station, officially connecting the nation to the international rail network and enabling people of all nations to visit Mercutio. As Councilor of Commerce, he established the Mercutio State Services Building, which houses the nation's ore exchange and public factory services.