Nara-Danzilona Olympics

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Nara-Danzilona Olympics
Poster announcing the Olympics
Host Nation Nara

 Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona

 Venne (CivMC)
OpeningMarch 10, 2023
ClosingMarch 12, 2023
PreviousSixth Olympics

The Nara-Danzilona Olympics were held in Nara and Danzilona as a joint project between the two nations, with Venne also having minor input. Most of the events were held in Shiroyama, Nara, with additional events held in New Swisston, Danzilona, and Boat Racing held in Venera, Venne.[1] Therefore, it can also be referred to as the Shiro-Swisston Olympics. Main events were held from Friday, 10th of March 2023 to Sunday the 12th ending with the Olympics officially ending with a closing ceremony, however some events continued the following days.[2]


Friday 10th

Opening Ceremony and Drunk Parkour occurred in Shiroyama.

Saturday 11th

The day's events were: Sumo, Summitting, Shooting, 1v1 Iron PvP, 3v3 Iron PvP, Hockey (Not Completed), Spleef, and Team Spleef (Not Completed) all in Shiroyama.

Sunday 12th

The day's events were: Archery, Chess (Not Completed), 1v1 Geared PvP in Shiroyama. Boat Racing in Venera. Hurdles, Speed Skating, and Biathlon in New Swisston. Closing Ceremony in Shiroyama.

Post-Weekend Clean-Up

Due to some scheduling issues of certain events, they occurred later as scheduling opened up. CivTCG was completed a couple days later on March 14. The remaining events somehow proved to be particularly arduous to complete, with Chess being completed on March 29, two-and-a-half weeks later. Team Spleef was completed on April 15, and Hockey on April 16, finishing all 17 events.


Medal Player Nation
Drunk Parkour
Gold Lagiacrus11  Icenia
Silver MechanicalRift  Yoahtl
Bronze zolo17  Icarus
Gold Yodabird19  Cortesia Del Mar
Silver zolo17  Icarus
Bronze BlankestAtlas  Nara
Gold MechanicalRift  Yoahtl
Silver Hg__80  Nara
Bronze Yodabird19  Cortesia Del Mar
Gold MechanicalRift  Yoahtl
Silver mTfUJi  Nara
Bronze Hg__80  Nara
1v1 Iron PvP
Gold S4NTA  Estalia
Silver Hg__80  Nara
Bronze 40mm  Estalia
3v3 Iron PvP
Gold (See Below)  Icarus
Silver  Nara
Bronze  Icenia
Gold Hg__80  Nara
Silver ShadySauce  Estalia
Bronze Drekamor  Icarus
Gold Hg__80  Nara
Silver KingKeet21 International
Bronze BlankestAtlas  Nara
1v1 Geared PvP
Gold S4NTA  Estalia
Silver Hg__80  Nara
Bronze JuniorTide  Icenia
Boat Racing
Gold Jerry_of_Swords  Nara
Silver WNS2  Estalia
Bronze zolo17  Icarus
Gold Hg__80  Nara
Silver S4NTA  Estalia
Bronze ShadySauce  Estalia
Speed Skating
Gold Link2006  Yoahtl
Silver BlankestAtlas  Nara
Bronze Hg__80  Nara
Gold Hg__80  Nara
Silver BlankestAtlas  Nara
Bronze GriffSuperShot  Nara
Gold BlankestAtlas  Nara
Silver Earyx  Nara
Bronze animeme_master  Pavia
Gold SonicFrost Mercutio
Silver BlankestAtlas  Nara
Bronze grepsedawk  Estalia
Team Spleef
Gold (See Below)  Estalia
Silver  Pavia
Bronze  Nara
Gold (See Below)  Nara
Silver  Cortesia Del Mar
Bronze  Danzilona

The 3v3 Iron PVP Teams are as follows: (Icarus - Dawsonisrainy, SOGGYHOBO, zolo17), (Nara - Hg__80, BlankestAtlas, mTfUJi), (Icenia - Shadno, JuniorTide, Gjum)

The Team Spleef Teams are as follows: (Estalia - what777, ShadySauce, S4NTA), (Pavia - Spoonce, Creepi0n, Aetherix), (Nara - GriffSuperShot, SwordMaster7777, Bronnakus)

The Hockey Teams are as follows: (Nara - BlankestAtlas, Bronnakus, Hg__80, Earyx, SwordMaster7777), (CDM, Yodabird19, AvaniSpades, Vedd, Complexii), (Danzilona couldn't schedule the game for Silver, but got bronze anyway despite forfeiting)

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
 Cortesia Del Mar 1 1 1 3
 Estalia 3 3 3 9
 Icarus 1 1 3 5
 Icenia 1 0 2 3
International 0 1 0 1
 Nara 7 9 6 22
 Pavia 0 1 1 2
 Yoahtl 3 1 0 4
Mercutio 1 0 0 1
 Danzilona 0 0 1 1
Totals 17 17 17 51