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Lilliput, also known as the Republic of Lilliput, is a nation on CivMC in the +,- quadrant of the map. It is uniquely comprised entirely of small islands located near the world border. It was established and led by qBBQ until he mysteriously stopped playing and stopped responding to messages on Discord or Reddit, it is now led by Elioto8.

Republic of Lilliput
Activity levelMedium (as of 06/16/2022)

Lowtierloot Affaire

On June 30th, 2020, player Lowtierloot made in known to Elioto8, at that time a citizen of Lilliput, that he had settled in the nation of Lilliput without notice and would like to discuss dividing up the nation or joining forces. After discussions with qBBQ, Lowtierloot was given notice that Elioto8 had permission to remove his belongings and him from the nation. Lowtier reacted to this by killing Elioto8's "combat logger" and storing his items in a chest on the island Elioto8 had been working on. After this event, Elioto8 attempted to kill Lowtier using a stone sword, but was killed due to Lowtier's better armor and weaponry. After the second death, Elioto8 and qBBQ contacted the Cordoban and Fempirian governments, posting a 7 clay stack bounty on Lowtier. The Cordoban government sent a contingent of players to the island state, searching for Lowtier and eventually finding him. After the player who spotted Lowtier returned to his group to report his findings, Lowtier used the chance to run away.