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LocationApprox. +4880, -6890
DemonymIzodwarf, Izodwaern
National Colors
  Izodaern Teal
  Izodaern Blue
  Izodaern Copper
GovernmentUnitary Democratic Meritocracy
• Speaker of the Clan
• Council of Dwarves


Foundation documentClaims Post

Izordaern, officially the Dwarven Clan of Izordaern, is a nation located in the +,- continent of Impendia on CivMC[1]. Izordaern is mostly surrounded by unclaimed territory. It does, however, share a relatively small border with Morado to the northwest[2], as well as a border with Cordoba's region of Bergburg to the south.

Izordaern is a democratic Meritocracy. The nation was founded by AWildVulpix. The primary governing institution of the clan is the Council of Dwarves. Members of the council are selected based on their expertise and wisdom within their respective fields. The council, as a whole, is responsible for drafting and ratifying legislation. Each councilor is also charged with leading various government efforts. The_Broski is the Councilor of Faith, NoyaEleven is the Councilor of Defense, and Kitty4fun is the Councilor of Industry. The Speaker of the Clan, currently AWildVulpix, is the Head of State and is responsible for managing foreign affairs. The Speaker of the Clan does not have any powers of lawmaking, and a very limited authority for decision-making, granted only so as to make foreign diplomacy possible. Instead, they act primarily as emissary between The Council and citizenry in addition to their diplomatic position.


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