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The Territory of Dhakhala, now the State of Dhakhala, is a small nation in the (-,+) quadrant of the world on the continent of Impendia. Dhakhala proper sits between two rivers, with Amboise to the south and New Jersey to the north. There is also a peninsula controlled by Dhakhala to the west of the main island which is designated as a national park and nature reserve. The nation has a small leadership comprised of two Ministers and one Magistrate.


Dhakhala was established when the world began, on the present-day western peninsula. A settlement controlled by Dirt was located north of the peninsula on the opposite side of the river. One day, troopers from the militia were patrolling the north and noticed that claims signs had been covered in dirt, and that the land on the Dhakhalan side of the river had been stripped of its grass. Despite protests from Dhakhala, the grass removal and digging continued. The militia geared up for a potential escalation, but a diplomatic solution was reached and Dhakhala ceded the north of the peninsula to Dirt, and annexed a landmass between the to rivers to the east.


Territory of Dhakhala
Capital cityDhakhala
GovernmentAgrarian Collectivism
• Magistrate
LanguageEnglish, Arabic
ReligionIslam, Catholicism

Government Structure

The State of Dhakhala is headed by The Magistrate, presently Mr. JaddyCakez. Under him are the two Ministers; The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of War. The Minster of the Interior is CaptainRomno, who is charged with managing the State's internal affairs such as planning and urban development. The Minister of War is bushycraftbt99, who is charged with managing the State's foreign policy as well as its defense. The State has no need for other positions, as the population at this time is small enough that a large bureaucracy is not needed.


All Dhakhalan citizens are in the militia. The militia, despite not being regularized, is the main defensive force for the nation. While Dhakhala is not ready for a full-scale confrontation, the State is ready to aid other armies in defense of the continent. To date, the Dhakhalan militia has not seen any combat.