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Set Up

Welcome to the CivClassic Brewery Guide! Before you start brewing, you will need some supplies to set up your brewing location. You will need:

  • Wood for barrels. You will need wood stairs for small barrels and wood stairs/planks/fences for large barrels.
    • Note: For large brewing locations, you should make 8 barrels using each of the 8 types of wood. (Acacia, Spruce, Dark Oak, Oak, Jungle, Birch, Crimson & Warped)
  • Cauldrons for fermenting. This parameter is also called "time cooked".
  • A source of fire. Since fire spread is turned off, you can light any block on fire indefinitely with flint & steel. Lava will also work.
  • A source of water. You will want to make an infinity pool nearby.
  • Brewing stands for distilling. These do not require blaze powder when distilling.
  • Barrels for aging. See the aging section below for how to set up custom barrels.
  • Glass bottles for collecting your completed brew.
  • A clock to keep track of how long a brew has been fermenting. Right click a cauldron with a clock to see how many minutes the cauldron has been brewing.
  • Lots of different ingredients. A detailed list will be included in this guide for the items that are accepted into the cauldron.
  • Chests to store your brews in and to keep your ingredients safe.

The Basics


Cauldron with fire source

Let's start by setting up a cauldron to ferment brews in.

  1. Place the cauldron in a convenient spot and make sure the block underneath it is empty.
  2. Place your source of fire underneath the cauldron. Remember, this can either be lava or a flame lit with flint & steel.
  3. Place water from a water bucket into your cauldron. That's it! You're all done with setting up your fermentation cauldron.

In order to ferment ingredients into a brew, right click the cauldron with the ingredient in your hand. Although it's disabled, it is best to remove any items in your offhand so you don't accidentally switch hands and add extra ingredients. Now that you have an ingredient or multiple ingredients in the cauldron, right click that cauldron with a clock. You will be able to track how long the brew has been fermenting. After you are satisfied with the duration of fermentation, use a bottle to remove the brew from your cauldron!

Distillation setup


Let's start by setting up a distillery brewing stand.

  1. Place the brewing stand in your desired location and place exactly one glowstone dust in the top of the brewing stand. Distilling will not use up that one piece of glowstone dust, however, placing more than one glowstone dust will needlessly cause the glowstone to be used up until one is left. Additionally, blaze powder is not needed to distill drinks.
  2. Place your fermented brews into the brewing stand. After waiting for a short while, you will see the drink gain lore for the amount of times it was distilled. MOST of the time if you made an indefinable distillate, that means the recipe you used wasn't accurate or that the drink didn't need to be distilled.

Note: For brews that require distilling, the quality of the drink is affected by how many times the drink is distilled. Do some experimenting to find out the required number of distillations for the drink! Information about the drink can be obtained by leaving it in the distillation stand.

Small spruce barrel
Large oak barrel


Let's start by setting up a small and large barrel.

  1. A small barrel is set up using 8 stairs and 1 sign in the pattern shown. The first layer is 4 stairs, the second layer is 4 stairs and then the barrel is completed by placing a sign with the word "Barrel" on it. Barrel created should appear in chat if done correctly. Small barrels are required to have the sign on them to work. The barrel is opened by right clicking the sign and has 9 inventory slots to age brews.
  2. A large barrel is set up using 1 fence, 16 stairs, 1 sign and 18 wood planks in the pattern shown. Start by visualizing a 4 by 3 rectangle, the first layer layer will have upside down stairs on both sides and planks to finish out the rectangle. One fence post should be placed in front to act as the spout. The second layer is a hollow rectangle made with planks. Note: The two center blocks on this layer can either be filled up or left empty. This is a very handy spot for placing a snitch. The last layer will be stairs on both sides and planks down the center. Place a sign with the word "Barrel" and the message "Barrel created" should appear in chat. Unlike the small barrel, you can remove the sign and the barrel will still work. The large barrel is opened by right clicking the spout and has 27 inventory slots for aging brews. CivClassic's Brewery config only allows you to open a large barrel by the spout but there is an option to open the barrel from anywhere as well.
  3. When the server updated to 1.14.4, barrels were added as an item that also support aging brews! They don't require any additional set up like the other 2 custom built Brewery barrels. The only downside is that they are treated as oak barrels, so you will need to construct one of the other 2 types if you are aging wood specific brews. Minecraft vanilla barrels support up to 27 drinks being aged at once but may be a bit buggy.

To age a brew, leave a drink in the barrel for 1 barrel year. A barrel year is 20 real life minutes. Brews will age even if you are offline so don't forget about them! Like distilling, only some brews require aging while others will be ruined by it. It is your job to experiment and figure out the right method to make each drink. You will get a ruined potion if a brew does not age properly.

Note: Breaking any part of the barrels will cause the contents to spill out and rendering the barrel useless. You will have to fix the barrel and replace the sign to recreate it.

Note: Like the distilling stand, you can place a brew in a barrel for a short while to pull up the brew's hidden data for determining the quality of the drink.

Brew Drink Data

A brew's data can be pulled up by placing the drink in a distillation stand or an aging barrel. This can only be done if you have a named drink and not one of the base drinks, indefinite brews or ruined potions.
Brewery Drink Data Example: All parameters are green and the drink has 5 stars indicating it is perfect. It also shows the alcohol amount and lore.
The following 6 values could show up on the brew:
  • Quality: The number of stars on a drink indicates its quality with 5 stars being a perfect brew. Drinking lesser quality drinks will make you more likely to puke when very drunk.
  • Ingredients: How accurate your ingredients in the brew are to the perfect recipe
  • Minutes Fermented: How accurate the fermentation time is to the perfect recipe
  • Distillation Runs: How many times the drink was distilled compared to the perfect recipe
  • Years Aged: How long the brew was aged compared to the perfect recipe
  • Wood Type: If the correct wood type is being used or not (This will only show up for brews that require a specific wood type)

Note: Each of the above lore values will have a color associated with them; Green, Yellow, Orange or Red. If the value is perfect, it will show up green. Depending on the difficulty of the brew, the further you are away from the perfect amount, the drink data values will show up yellow, orange and then red.

In addition to the above values, a brew may also contain any of the following:

  • Lore: A drink might have a small line of lore text in blue underneath the perfect drink's name. This will show up on the drink at all times.
  • Title Message: After drinking a brew, you may see a message appear in the center of your screen for a few seconds before disappearing. This data will not show up on the bottle before drinking.
  • Chat Message: After drinking a brew, you may see a message appear in your chat. This data will not show up on the bottle before drinking.
  • Alcohol Amount: When you stick a drink in a distilling stand, it may show the drink's alcohol amount in ml. This number is the alcohol's potency out of 100.

Drinking Effects

While drinking, you can receive a multitude of side effects as a result of getting drunk. Each player has an alcohol limit of 100/100 and each drink will add to that limit until you exceed 100. Once you go over 100, you will pass out and get kicked from the server. In addition to the effects a brew may give you, the following effects may occur depending on your alcohol limit:

  • Slurred Speech: As you get more drunk, the Brewery Mod will detect certain combinations of letters or phrases and jumble them up in chat. A single word like hello could turn into a full sentence of random slurred speech. Additionally, text on signs will also appear slurred after you finish typing on them.
  • Stumbled Walk: You may find yourself moving in one direction on your own and have little control over moving in that direction. This becomes increasingly bad as you near the 100 alcohol limit.
  • Passing Out: When you exceed your 100 alcohol limit (There isn't currently a way to check your current alcohol amount so be careful!), you will get kicked from the server. When trying to log back in, it may tell you that you're too drunk to log in! Just keep trying and eventually you'll be able to rejoin. Be careful though because you will be combat tagged on drunk log out and can be easily killed.
  • Nausea: As you near the 100 alcohol limit, you may get increasingly bad spells of nausea that can last a few seconds or a few minutes. Stop being such a drunkard!
    • Note: You can turn lessen or turn off nausea effects in your Minecraft accessibility settings.
  • Vomiting: After you reach a certain alcohol limit, you may start spewing soul sand everywhere. This is just a visual effect and you can't pick the soul sand up. The frequency of this happening increases if you drink lower quality drinks or ruined potions.
  • Poison: Aside from a few brews having poison as an effect in the config, if you drink imperfect brews (Especially ruined potions) you have a chance of poisoning yourself.
  • Hangover: If you log out while you are drunk, and log back in later that day, you will log in with weakness, hunger or slowness effects due to a hang over. This is more likely to be severe if you got drunk off of lower quality or ruined brews.

Sobering Up

There are a few ways that you can sober up to help reduce your alcohol limit.

  • Over time, you will slowly get less drunk and the effects of drinking will become shorter and more spread out
  • You can eat certain foods to reduce your alcohol limit. (Note: It is uncertain if this works properly on CivClassic)
    • Drinking a milk bucket will remove all potion effects and reduce your alcohol limit by 3 points each
      • Note: For cases of nausea, milk is rather ineffective since the nausea will continually reoccur for a little while.
    • Eating bread will reduce your alcohol limit by 3 points each
    • Eating a potato will reduce your alcohol limit by 4 points each
    • Eating a baked potato will reduce your alcohol limit by 6 points each
  • Some drinks can now lower your alcohol limit too! Teas, food based drinks and other beverages can decrease your alcohol limit between -1 to -10 depending on the drink.

Brew Unlabeling

Crafting recipe for the Brew Sealing Table

Unlabeling a brew will remove a few pieces of brew drink data so you can protect your recipes from being easily discovered. Unlabeling a brew will remove cauldron cook time, years aged and number of time distilled. (Will still display it was aged or distilled though). There are two different ways to unlabel a brew:

  • While you have a brew highlighted in your hot bar, type the command "/brew unlabel" and it will unlabel the brew.
  • You can craft a custom item called the "Brew Sealing Table". It is crafted by using 2 glass bottles in a row and four wood planks underneath the bottles in a square. The Brew Sealing Table allows you to automatically use the /brew unlabel command for every brew you stick in it. Place a brew into the table, wait a few seconds for a clunk sound and it will auto run the command every time you place a brew in it.

Note: There is a weird visual glitch if you shift click a brew from your hot bar into the menu, it will look like it duplicates your brew. It does not.

Brewing Hints & Details

Ingredients & Brew Bases

There are numerous ingredients that can be added to the cauldron when trying to discover brews. You may have noticed Brew Bases mentioned a few times in the article already, so what are they? Brew bases are brews named after the majority ingredient and are not a discovered brew. Below is a table of all ingredients and their base brew names that can be added to the cauldron.

List of Brewery Bases
Ingredient Drink Base Name
Wheat Fermented Wheat
Sugar Cane Sugar Brew
Apple Apple Juice
Potato Potatomash
Grass (Short sheared) Boiled Herbs
Fern Mint Extract
Red Mushroom Mushroom Brew
Brown Mushroom Fungus Mush
Milk Bucket Milky Water
Snow Block Water Slush
Cactus Extracted Agave
Glowstone Shining Brew
Glowstone Dust Shining Paste
Egg Boiled Egg
Wheat Seeds Spice
Oak Leaves Steamed Herbs
Spruce Leaves Steamed Herbs
Birch Leaves Steamed Herbs
Jungle Leaves Steamed Herbs
Acacia Leaves Steamy Herbs
Dark Oak Leaves Steamy Herbs
Netherwart Grape Concentrate
Netherrack Volatile Concoction
Soul Sand Tortured Soul
Blaze Powder Steam
Blaze Rod Superheated Steam
Flint Wet Igniter
Lava Bucket Liquid Magma
Stick Bottled Stick
Oak Sapling Soggy Brush
Spruce Sapling Soggy Brush
Birch Sapling Soggy Brush
Jungle Sapling Soggy Brush
Acacia Sapling Soggy Brush
Dark Oak Sapling Soggy Brush
Beetroot Cooked Beets
Feather Damp Fluff
Cobblestone Cleaned Cobble
Gravel Coarse Granules
Bone Marrow
Spider Eye Arachnid's Gaze
Iron Ore Heavy Brew
Iron Nugget Iron Shard
Iron Ingot Liquid Iron
Iron Block Sheet Metal Rust
Gold Nugget Gold Shard
Gold Ingot Fool's Gold
Gold Block Fool's Bounty
Diamond Dazzling Mélange
Diamond Block Magnanimous Mélange
Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Spice
Beetroot Seeds Beet Spice
Melon Seeds Sweet Spice
Melon Slice Watermelon Blend
Glistering Melon Slice Shining Watermelon Blend
Redstone Dust Red Sugar
Redstone Block Red Sugar Cubes
Coal Santa's Tears
Carrot Vegetable Stock
Ender Pearl Entrapped H20
Ender Stone Convict's Walkway
Popped Chorus Fruit Smashed Lullaby
Chorus Fruit Soothing Melody
Chorus Flower Muffled Symphony
Carved Pumpkin Steamed Spooky Gourd
Pumpkin Steamed Gourd
Wood Sword Warped Sword
Ice Chilled Water
Packed Ice Glacier Water
Snow Ball Melted Snowball
Ghast Tear Ghast's Sorrow
Golden Apple Golden Juice
Sugar Sugary Water
Rotten Flesh Boiled Flesh
Fermented Spider Eye Dreadful Gaze
Sunflower Sunflower Oil
Lilac Vanilla Extract
Rose Bush Steeped Roses
Peony Gin Tonic
Poppy Opium Dew
Blue Orchid Essential Oils
Allium Bottled Tears
Red Tulip Red Flower Swirl
Orange Tulip Orange Flower Swirl
White Tulip White Flower Swirl
Pink Tulip Pink Flower Swirl
Azure Bluet Liquid Suppressant
Oxeye Daisy Aero Tonic
Dandelion Stewed Dandelion
Cornflower Gooey Corn Starch
Lily Of The Valley Elegant Toxin
Wither Rose Withered Ointment
Paper Rice Starch
Stone Polished Rock
Beef Light Beef Stock
Cooked Beef Beef Stock
Chicken Light Chicken Stock
Cooked Chicken Chicken Stock
Cod Light Fish Stock
Cooked Cod Fish Stock
Salmon Light Salmon Stock
Cooked Salmon Salmon Stock
Tropical Fish Tropical Stock
Mutton Light Sheep Stock
Cooked Mutton Sheep Stock
Rabbit Light Rabbit Stock
Cooked Rabbit Rabbit Stock
Porkchop Light Pork Stock
Grilled Porkchop Pork Stock
Cookie Cookie Mass
Vine Overgrown Ivy
Shield Weathered Shield
(Any Color) Bed Drowzy Brew
Book Dampened Knowledge
Bookshelf Liquified Knowledge
Bread Wet Bread
Stone Button Coarse Pepper
Rails Railroad Ruckus
Redstone Torch Battery Acid
Magma Block Undiminished Fire
Clay Ball Melted Sculpture
Slime Ball Sticky Sludge
Name Tag Unknown Liquid
Prismarine Crystals Shattered Crystal
Prismarine Shard Crystaline Tonic
Lilly Pad Lotus Blossom
Mycelium Creeping Liquid
TNT Ruined Explosives
Gunpowder Damp Saltpeter
Poisonous Potato Poison Base
Sand Quicksand
Sea Lantern Lantern Oil
Dead Bush Moisturized Shrub
Sandstone Mummified Brew
Oak Sign Weathered Oak Sign
Spruce Sign Weathered Spruce Sign
Jungle Sign Weathered Jungle Sign
Birch Sign Weathered Birch Sign
Acacia Sign Weathered Acacia Sign
Dark Oak Sign Weathered Dark Oak Sign
Leather Boots Swamp Muck
Leather Washed Leather
Oak Log Earthy Extract
Spruce Log Earthy Extract
Birch Log Earthy Extract
Jungle Log Earthy Extract
Acacia Log Earthy Extract
Dark Oak Log Earthy Extract
Crimson Stem Nethery Extract
Warped Stem Nethery Extract
Obsidian Impervious Brew
Dirt Mud
Cocoa Beans Caffeinated Brew
Brown Dye Brown Brew
Ink Sac Black Brew
Black Dye Blackest Brew
Red Dye Red Brew
Green Dye Green Brew
Lapis Lazuli Blue Brew
Blue Dye Bluest Brew
Purple Dye Purple Brew
Cyan Dye Blueberry Puree
Light Gray Dye Light Gray Brew
Gray Dye Gray Brew
Pink Dye Pink Brew
Lime Dye Lime Brew
Yellow Dye Yellow Brew
Light Blue Dye Light Blue Brew
Magenta Dye Magenta Brew
Orange Dye Orange Brew
Bone Meal White Brew
White Dye Whitest Brew
White Terracotta Hard White Brew
Orange Terracotta Hard Orange Brew
Magenta Terracotta Hard Magenta Brew
Light Blue Terracotta Hard Light Blue Brew
Yellow Terracotta Hard Yellow Brew
Lime Terracotta Hard Lime Brew
Pink Terracotta Hard Pink Brew
Gray Terracotta Hard Gray Brew
Light Gray Terracotta Hard Light Gray Brew
Cyan Terracotta Hard Cyan Brew
Purple Terracotta Hard Purple Brew
Blue Terracotta Hard Blue Brew
Brown Terracotta Hard Brown Brew
Green Terracotta Hard Green Brew
Red Terracotta Hard Red Brew
Black Terracotta Hard Black Brew
White Wool Matted White Wool
Orange Wool Matted Orange Wool
Magenta Wool Matted Magenta Wool
Light Blue Wool Matted Light Blue Wool
Yellow Wool Matted Yellow Wool
Lime Wool Matted Lime Wool
Pink Wool Matted Pink Wool
Gray Wool Matted Gray Wool
Light Gray Wool Matted Light Gray Wool
Cyan Wool Matted Cyan Wool
Purple Wool Matted Purple Wool
Blue Wool Matted Blue Wool
Brown Wool Matted Brown Wool
Green Wool Matted Green Wool
Red Wool Matted Red Wool
Black Wool Matted Black Wool
Emerald Villager Slush
Emerald Block Villager's Bounty
Quartz Block Weathered Quartz
Quartz Mineral Composite
Arrow Splintered Heart
Seagrass Steeped Seaweed
Kelp Steamed Kelp
Dried Kelp Rehydrated Kelp
Bamboo Softened Bamboo
Note Block Aquatic Ensemble
Oak Button Nutty Surprise
Acacia Button Artificial Sweetener
Birch Button Salt Water
Jungle Button Cinnamon Paste
Spruce Button Ginger Water
Dark Oak Button Boiled Garlic
Crimson Button Red Pepper Flakes
Warped Button Yeasty Liquid
Charcoal Damp Ash
Sea Pickle Pickle Juice
Hopper Bucking Liquid
Grass Block Still Grass
Glass Sharp Brew
Sweet Berries Wild Berry Juice
Andesite Wet Pebbles
Phantom Membrane Phantom Venom
Brick Superheated Brick
Rabbit Foot Liquid Luck
Honey Bottle Boiled Honey Bottle
Honeycomb Honey Glaze
Crimson Fungus Fiery Mushroom Brew
Warped Fungus Twisted Mushroom Brew
Magma Cream Topical Ointment
Brain Coral Brain Juice
Tube Coral Elongated Serum
Bubble Coral Carbonated Water
Fire Coral Sterile Water
Horn Coral Infused Water
Scute Turtle Stock
Iron Door Fortified Brew
Torch Match Slush
Heart Of The Sea Oceanic Blood

If your brew has one of these names, it means it is unfinished and may turn into a successful brew if aged or distilled. Keep in mind that most base brews will likely not turn into anything. You will need to experiment a lot with different ingredients and follow some of the hints provided to you.

Brewery Hints

Shortly after CivClassic was launched and after the config was updated to include 154 brews, various hints were posted on the subreddit to help players discover some brews. The following table contains all of the information that was available on the subreddit. Note: Most of these clues are useless now that the "Brew Names & Other Information" section has been added.

Written Clues

Date Released Clue Number Clue Description
July 29th, 2017 1 A warrior looks to his 4 comrades with vigor in his eyes. "This is our first conquest! Let us go!" The warrior holds his sword high above his head and the 4 others join in
July 31st, 2017 2 A group of iron golems are blocking the entrance to a bar. One heads inside to buy a standard beer. The bartender says, "If your friends stay out there, it's

gonna take forever to get rid of this beer!"

August 3rd, 2017 3 Nothing beats this sweet treat at night. Just dunk a whole plate and enjoy their warm gooey texture. I hope you're not lactose intolerant!
August 6th, 2017 4 Mmmm nothing beats a warm bowl of this when you have a cold. Just place chunks of your favorite bird and let it simmer awhile for maximum flavor
August 10th, 2017 5 An age old tale recounted a story of a decrepit spider who would peel off the flesh of its numerous victims. It would feed the flesh to newborn children over a long period of time to convert them to Cannibals
August 10th, 2017 6 Shhhh just breathe deeply. Yes, yes that’s it….lay down…You'll wake up at least ten minutes from now.

SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR! If I were a woman, I would be over my daily limit!

August 17th, 2017 8 Just layer in the steak, glaze the pan with 1/4 Aged Red Wine and cook for 5 minutes. You will have the most delicious dish to treat any date.
August 20th, 2017 9 A tattered note in an abandoned frathouse reads "10:3:2, all you need is some potatoes, glowstone dust and melons man! You'll get wasted in no time!"
August 20th, 2017 10 Ah good day sir! We can't drink the peasants punch, no sir. We must show off our wealth to make our punch the most exquisite in the land. No vagabond can even come close to its

radiating flavor! The real way us gentlemen drink the punch is by using a diamond helmet with an extra diamond as a garnish. You must control yourself and only take two

sips or that melon flavor will knock you right out!

August 23rd, 2017 11 While at the circus, the head trainer throws 7 or 8 nuts to his main elephant after doing a trick. "Alright Dumbo, I've only got a couple more." The trainer looks at his watch. " 1:15…

Alright, last trick. Do a huge spin!"

August 23rd, 2017 12 "Welcome to Dunkin Devoted, how may I help you?" "Oh you want a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Well we are fresh out but I'm sure you can get the recipe from our native Headquarters." (This drink has been revealed in the "Newcomer Recipe" section)
August 26th, 2017 13 Every five years, an Ancient village conducts a ritual to celebrate the coming of the blood moon. They gather around their single spruce tree in town and pray for a long time.

Then they harvest their apple trees and have a feast!

August 26th, 2017 14 Time of death: 0:06 AM.

Reason: Attempted to add flakes of gold to a weaker absinthe to lower its alcoholic effect. What a tragic accident.

August 29tth, 2017 15 Ho ho ho, you've been naughty this year, all of you! Santa didn't bring you presents and won't until your behavior improves.

Ill give this small town of 8 people 25 years to correct your behavior or I will permanently skip your town for all future generations. Ho ho, Get to work!

August 29th, 2017 16 Named after an expensive metal that has been at least 8x more expensive than the others for 10 years running, this booze will always beet your expectations on how smooth it is.
August 30th, 2017 17 See GreatLordOz's Picture Clue #17 below these hints
September 1st, 2017 18 My parent's secret recipe: 2.5 parts Russian Vodka, 0.5 parts the main ingredient in Aurora Jungle Juice
September 1st, 2017 19 On the 16th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a single Sheepycane! Wait…this is all wooly. That’s gross.
September 4th, 2017 20 Licks icecream cone- Doh!I hate it when that happens. Its almost like getting pelted in the face for a full round in a popular winter activity.
September 4th, 2017 21 You ever wanted a beer that was not worth drinking? One that doesn't make you as drunk! Looking to save money because you're cheap and hope your friends

won't notice your low quality beer? Look no further! Take two thirds of a glass of craft beer and throw four ice cubes in. I bet you they will never tell the difference

if you age it the same way... Probably...Yeah ok they will definitely notice.

September 7th, 2017 22 See GreatLordOz's Picture Clue #22 below these hints
September 8th, 2017 23 We are on a journey to find a more refined Mead…..Half of one ingredient because it was too sweet for our tastes…Let's also upgrade the apples

and see what we get! Although I don't think we should use the same barrel since we used different ingredients.

September 11th, 2017 24 See GreatLordOz's Picture Clue #24 below these hints
September 16th, 2017 25 Fifteen workers are in a rice paddy making rice starch. Half decide to call it quits until they can get better pay for their hard labor.
September 16th, 2017 26 Alright blazes! There are 8 of you so group up into pairs of two! We are testing out a new variant of 12 cup beer pong and want to see which one of you will win!

Lets see….what should be the prize. Oh how about this bottle of high proof booze!

September 21st, 2017 27 Lets see….I need some eggs and some sugar cane… I'll get a baker's dozen of eggs. Wait…no one knows what that is. I'll just get a regular dozen.

Gotta make sure this doesn't cook too long or the sugarcane will start to burn!

September 21st, 2017 28 We are losing him! It's been almost 20 minutes, keep up with the chest compressions, there might still be hope! I just wish there was some way to indentify who he is…
September 21st, 2017 29 This undiminished fire has been burning a long six years. It was caused by the sweet, crimson bloodshed of five neighboring nations engaged in a decade long war.
September 27th, 2017 30 See GreatLordOz's Picture Clue #30 below these hints
October 4th, 2017 31 Frosty the Snowman, went to the pub one cloudy day. "Give me something to reflect upon", that’s all I've got to say.
October 4th, 2017 32 Tears roll down its face as it fires blasts at you for invading its home. It just cries more when it realizes it destroyed the souls of the entrapped.
October 4th, 2017 33 Stuck in purgatory huh? All that is around you is a desolate wasteland of the same terrain. You could probably liquify it though. How else are you supposed to survive?
October 4th, 2017 34 After sipping this mysterious drink it feels like something is creeping all over your body, taking over and converting your cells one by one! The drink is sweet though so that’s nice.
October 4th, 2017 35 They are breaking through! Form a barrier NOW! Arrow volley coming from the east, prepare yourselves! This looks like it will last awhile.
October 4th, 2017 36 *sips tea* None of my buisin….ow whats that? There is something prickly in this cup. Ow ow ow! I knew this milkless tea was going to cause me problems!
April 1st, 2018 37 Happy Easter everyone! Treat yourself to something eggy this holiday with some Robust Egg Coffee! All you need is 28 Cocoa beans!....

Well you need some sugar and a few eggs too but who knows how much! Simmer it for less than 5 minutes and you can serve it at your holiday gathering. Enjoy!

October 5th, 2021 38 See GreatLordOz's Picture Clue #38 below these hints
October 13th, 2021 39 It was a solemn day over the flowery reaches of Solace. The sky was overcast with thick clouds and a light rain stung the nape of my neck. These anniversaries are never easy but they come far too frequently as you get older. I knelt down on my knees by that familiar land and gazed at the tiny headstone approximately 12 by 8 inches; "It has been a long time old friend," I whispered with a quiver in my voice. "Born May 4th, passed July 7th, 2015... That fateful day." I ran my hands along the epitaph, a mixture of cobble and stone that has expeditiously eroded over recent years. I hung my head in silence as the local church bells sounded in the distance.


After a few minutes I felt it was time to go; a ritual that I would repeat yearly but never look forward to. I slowly got up, dusted off my pants and turned my back to head on my way home. I disappeared into the shadows as the clouds parted in the sky, revealing a gorgeous crimson moon. Rest in peace.

Picture Clues

Picture Clues Made By: RektTangle, GreatLordOz & Spiderstring_
RektTangle's Clue #1
RektTangle's Clue #2
RektTangle's Clue #3
RektTangle's Clue #4
RektTangle's Clue #5
RektTangle's Clue #6
GreatLordOz's Clue #17
GreatLordOz's Clue #22
GreatLordOz's Clue #24
GreatLordOz's Clue #30
GreatLordOz's Clue #38
Spiderstring_ Clue #1

Brew Names & Other Information

The following table includes the names of the officially revealed brews, the number of ingredients in that brew and the ingredient types for these brews. DO NOT expand the table unless you want things spoiled! You have been warned. The names in the list are for the perfect versions of each brew however each recipe has 3 tiers of quality and the lower quality tiers will be named differently.

CivClassic Brewery Details
Brew Number Brew Perfect Name Number Of Ingredients Actual Ingredients
1 Fine Wheatbeer 1 Wheat
2 Craft Beer 1 Wheat
3 Resolute Darkbeer 1 Wheat
4 Golden Mead 1 Sugar Cane
5 Rich Apple Mead 2 Apple, Sugar Cane
6 Pirate’s Rum 1 Sugar Cane
7 Russian Vodka 1 Potato
8 Strong Absinthe 1 Grass
9 Potato Soup 2 Potato, Grass
10 Strong Coffee 2 Cocoa Bean, Milk Bucket
11 Frostrock Coffee 3 Snow Block, Cocoa Beans, Milk Bucket
12 Psychedelic Soup 3 Cactus, Glowstone, Red Mushroom
13 Leggsington 4 Cocoa Bean, Egg, Sugarcane, Sugar
14 Sovereign Tea 3 Oak Leaves, Wheat Seeds, Sugar Cane
15 Nether Tonic 4 Magma Block, Netherwart, Netherrack, Soul Sand
16 Fireball 3 Blaze Powder, Flint, Lava Bucket
17 Harvey’s Feud 3 Oak Leaves, Oak Sapling, Stick
18 Sparkling Vodka 2 Potato, Glowstone Dust
19 Aquila Tequila 4 Cactus, Beetroot, Light Blue Dye, Feather
20 Cobble Shot 1 Cobblestone
21 Gravel Hammer 1 Gravel
22 Winter Wonderland 2 Red Wool, White Wool
23 Graveyard Absinthe 3 Bone, Grass, Spider Eye
24 Upscale Absinthe 2 Gold Nugget, Grass
25 Pumpkin Spice Latte 4 Cocoa Bean, Milk Bucket, Pumpkin Seeds,Sugar Cane
26 Redstone Rum 1 Redstone Dust
27 Strong Tea 2 Milk Bucket, Oak Leaves
28 Aged Red Wine 1 Netherwart
29 Créme de Menthe 3 Potato, Fern, Sugar Cane
30 Snowman Slushie 4 Carrot, Coal, Snow Block, Stick
31 Beetroot Whiskey 3 Beetroot Seeds, Redstone Dust, Wheat Seeds
32 Ender Vodka 3 Potato, End Stone, Ender Pearl
33 Sparkling Champagne 2 Glowstone Dust, Popped Chorus Fruit
34 Carbon Crusher 1 Charcoal
35 Liquid THC 3 Grass, Wheat Seeds
36 Jungle Juice 3 Melon Slice, Apple, Chorus Fruit
37 Iron Golem Stout 3 Wheat, Iron Ingot, Carved Pumpkin
38 Poltergeist 3 Soul Sand, Flint, Wood Sword
39 Light Beer 2 Ice, Wheat
40 Melon Beer 3 Wheat, Melon Slice, Sugar Cane
41 Fine Ale 1 Sugar Cane
42 Golden Spritzer 2 Chorus Fruit, Gold Nugget
43 Rebellion 1 Wood Sword
44 Apple Cider 1 Apple
45 Brain Freeze 1 Snowball
46 Millionaire's Punch 2 Diamond, Melon Slice
47 Ghast's Anguish 2 Ghast Tear, Soul Sand
48 Firefly Full Monty 3 Glowstone, Potato, Yellow Dye
49 Perfect Galliano 4 Fern, Potato, Sugar, Yellow Dye
50 Golden Apple Mead 2 Sugar Cane, Golden Apple
51 Soda 1 Sugar
52 Millenium Lager 1 Wheat
53 Powerful Saké 1 Light Gray Dye
54 Tiswin 2 Cactus, Stick
55 Aged White Wine 2 Netherwart, Sugar
56 Rémy Martin 1 Netherwart
57 Cannibal's Delight 2 Rotten Flesh, Fermented Spider Eye
58 Red Moon Wine 1 Apple
59 Nomad's Waste 3 Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Wheat Seeds
60 Distilled Gin 1 Peony
61 Ogorogoro 1 Beetroot
62 Metaxa 2 Sugar, Poppy
63 Scotch 1 Wheat
64 Chocolate Liqueur 2 Sugar, Cocoa Beans
65 Créme de Violette 2 Purple Dye, Sugar Cane
66 Australian Whiskey 1 Wheat
67 Peanut Lolita 1 Oak Button
68 Amaretto 1 Oak Button
69 Dumante 1 Oak Button
70 Rivulet 1 Oak Button
71 Génépi 1 Azure Bluet
72 Advocaat 2 Sugar Cane, Egg
73 Bloody Mary 3 Potato, Red Dye, Sugar Cane
74 Muchote 1 Cactus
75 Silver Corzo 1 Cactus
76 Bombora 1 Chorus Fruit
77 Kissui 1 Paper
78 Strong Melon Soplica 2 Oak Button, Melon Slice
79 Han 1 Paper
80 Platinum 1 Beetroot
81 Rocky Brew 2 Stone, Gravel
82 Feijoada 2 Cooked Beef, Carrot
83 Beef Burgundy 2 Cooked Beef, Netherwart
84 Flemish Stew 2 Cooked Beef, Potato
85 Philadelphia Peppet Pot 2 Cooked Beef, Stone Button
86 Coq Au Vin 2 Brown Mushroom, Cooked Chicken
87 Chicken Noodle Soup 1 Cooked Chicken
88 Galinhada 2 Cooked Chicken, Paper
89 Ostropel 2 Cooked Chicken, Red Dye
90 Boullabaisse 2 Cooked Cod, Potato
91 Cacciucco 2 Cooked Cod, Sugar Cane
92 Paila Marina 2 Cooked Cod, Carrot
93 Étouffée 2 Cooked Cod, Paper
94 Andrajos 2 Cooked Rabbit, Stone Button
95 Compote 1 Cooked Rabbit
96 Hasenfeffer 2 Cooked Rabbit, Netherwart
97 Fricot 2 Cooked Rabbit, Potato
98 Purgatory 1 End Stone
99 Pearled Puppet 1 Ender Pearl
100 Freedom 1 End Stone
101 Apocalypse 2 End Stone, Ender Pearl
102 Chloroform 1 Red Bed
103 Blossom Tea 2 Wheat Seeds, Lily Pad
104 Hot Chocolate 2 Magma Block, Cocoa Beans
105 Creeping Ale 2 Mycelium, Sugar Cane
106 Cookie Milkshake 2 Cookie, Milk Bucket
107 Nipplerock Drop 1 TNT
108 Boom 1 TNT
109 Identity Crisis 1 Name Tag
110 Magma Rum 2 Magma Block, Redstone Dust
111 Castle Walls 1 Shield
112 Black Hole Moonshine 1 Prismarine Crystals
113 Rakia 1 Popped Chorus Fruit
114 Santa's Betrayal 1 Coal
115 Lilac Blonde 2 Wheat, Lilac
116 Zyklon B 5 Netherwart, Chorus Fruit, Pumpkin Seeds, Beetroot, Lapis Lazuli
117 Hazelnut Lattee 3 Cocoa Beans, Milk, Oak Button
118 Cappuccino 2 Cocoa Beans, Milk
119 Robust Egg Coffee 3 Cocoa Beans, Egg, Sugar
120 Caramel Macchiato 3 Cocoa Beans, Milk, Redstone Dust
121 Lotus Monas-Tea 2 Oak Leaves, Long Grass
122 Fine White Tea 2 Oak Leaves, Bone
123 Matcha 2 Green Dye, Oak Leaves
124 Oolong Tea 2 Oak Leaves, Ink Sac
125 Red Tie 4 Cocoa Beans, Oak Leaves, Redstone Dust, Snow Block
126 Exquisite Green Tea 2 Oak Leaves, Cactus
127 Pink Barbie 2 Beetroot, Sugar Cane
128 Ginger Beet Martini 3 Apple, Potato, Beetroot
129 White Sambuca 3 Blaze Powder, Bone, Sunflower
130 Everclear 1 Blaze Powder
131 Aurora Jungle Juice 3 Glowstone Dust, Melon Slice, Potato
132 Frosted Mummy 2 Glowstone Dust, Snow Block
133 Green Scorpion 3 Wheat, Glowstone Dust, Lapis Lazuli
134 Sonic Screwdriver 2 Glowstone Dust, Sugar
135 Desert Martini 2 Prismarine Crystals, Sand
136 Candy Apple Martini 3 Apple, Prismarine Crystals, Redstone Dust
137 Burnt Martini 2 Prismarine Crystals, Magma Block
138 Noxale 2 Wheat, Ink Sac
139 Titanbrew 2 Potato, Iron Ore
140 Hjaltlatte 3 Cocoa Beans, Milk, Pumpkin
141 Cachanca 1 Sugar
142 Yoahapple 1 Apple
143 Gen-Sake-O 1 Paper
144 Thulian Squidsky 2 Wheat, Ink Sac, Cod
145 Programmer Damson 2 Apple, Sugar Cane
146 Concordial 3 Sugar Cane, Apple, Red Dye
147 Blackwater Gospel 1 Wheat
148 Cabernet Savion 1 Nether Wart
149 Chardonnaytos 1 Vine
150 Westerosé 2 Vine, Nether Wart
151 New Leninade 3 Sugar, Redstone Dust, Apple
152 Vzis Fizz 3 Vine, Nether Wart, Redstone Dust
153 Naunet Cartel Whiskey 2 Wheat, Diamond
154 Impassiano Stout 2 Wheat, Stone
155 Asphyxiation 1 Sand
156 Tomb Keeper 2 Rotten Flesh, Sand
157 Sand Castle 3 Stone, Sand, Stick
158 Sloth Broth 2 Wheat Seeds, Feather
159 Cloud Nine 1 Feather
160 Cumulonimbus 1 Feather
161 Condor 1 Feather
162 Gasoline 1 Coal
163 Farewell 6 Sand, Stone, Gravel, Grass Block, Dirt, Cobblestone
164 Mutagen 1 Slime Ball
165 Muk 1 Slime Ball
166 Mambalgin 1 Poisonous Potato
167 Statue 1 Clay Ball
168 Cocaine 1 Sugar
169 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 1 Brown Mushroom
170 Methamphetamine 2 Sea Lantern, Red Bed
171 Diacetylmorphine 1 Poppy
172 Adderall 2 Sea Lantern, Sugar
173 Bath Salts 1 Dead Bush
174 Augustan Rum 2 Wheat Seeds, Redstone Dust
175 Nymph Napoleon 2 Sunflower, Red Dye
176 Kerosene 1 Sea Lantern
177 Singapore Sling 1 Sunflower
178 Drunken Sailor 2 Sugar Cane, Sunflower
179 Voodoo 2 Fern, Potato
180 Drunken Elf 2 White Wool, Red Wool
181 Fearless Redneck 2 Sugar, Wheat
182 Naga Chili Vodka 2 Potato, Magma Block
183 Scorpion Vodka 2 Potato, Poisonous Potato
184 Prairie Chicken 3 Egg, Stone Button, Sunflower
185 Salmon Vodka 2 Cooked Salmon, Potato
186 Piña Colada 2 Ice, Sugar Cane
187 Watermelon Sangria 2 Melon Slice, Sugar
188 Dark N' Stormy 2 Beetroot, Ice
189 Rum Sunset 2 Cactus, Sugar Cane
190 Cuba Libre 2 Sugar Cane, Sugar
191 Mermaid Lemonade 3 Ice, Sugar, Cyan Dye
192 Snow Cone 1 Snow Block
193 Twelve Mile Limit 3 Sugar, Wheat, Redstone Dust
194 Copa Verde 2 Green Dye, Cactus
195 Radiation 3 Coal, Stone, Glowstone Dust
196 Basilico 3 Grass, Potato, Apple
197 Rasberry Le Flor 2 Red Dye, Fern
198 Gold Rush 2 Wheat, Gold Nugget
199 Vamp 2 Red Dye, Cocoa Beans
200 American Spirit 3 Ice, Red Dye, Lapis Lazuli
201 Firecracker 3 Potato, Red Dye, Lapis Lazuli
202 Golden Glow 3 Glowstone Dust, Gold Nugget, Sugar Cane
203 Mint Julep 2 Grass, Wheat
204 Sritangtini 3 Prismarine Crystals, Potato, Grass
205 Le Bleu Glacier 3 Lapis Lazuli, Sugar, Potato
206 La Paloma 3 Cactus, Wheat Seeds, Sugar Cane
207 Minty Lime Iced Tea 3 Fern, Ice, Spruce Leaves
208 Blackberry Sweet Tea 2 Spruce Leaves, Ink Sac
209 Iced Hibiscus Sweet Tea 2 Lilac, Spruce Leaves
210 Rhubarb Mint Tea 2 Spruce Leaves, Beetroot
211 Devil Springs Vodka 3 Potato, Beetroot, Sunflower
212 Spirytus 2 Grass, Wheat
213 Bruichladdich X4 1 Wheat
214 Pincer Vodka 1 Potato
215 Balkan 2 Sugar Cane, Wheat
216 Bacardi 151 1 Sugar Cane
217 Senntisten Independence Gin 2 End Stone, Chorus Fruit
218 Atlantian Ancap Ale 2 Sandstone, Bone Meal
219 Pure Chloroform 4 Potato, Ink Sac, Ender Pearl, Sugar Cane
220 Classic Absinthe 1 Grass
221 Heady Topper 3 Wheat, Oak Leaves, Sugar
222 Sovian Chorus Ale 1 Chorus Fruit
223 The Green Kitten 2 Green Dye, Cod
224 Lusitan Wine 3 Nether Wart, Sugar, Vine
225 Traveler's Liqueur 4 Sugar, Apple, Leather Boots, Oak Sign
226 Ice-cold Cola 2 Sugar, Cocoa Beans
227 Ancient Shipwreck Wine 3 Nether Wart, Oak Leaves, Wheat Seeds
228 Potion of Blindness 3 Glowstone Dust, Redstone Dust, Carrot
229 Potion of Hunger 3 Rotten Flesh, Glowstone Dust, Redstone Dust
230 Potion of Strentgh 3 Blaze Powder, Glowstone Dust, Redstone Dust
231 Potion of Swfitness 3 Redstone Dust, Sugar, Glowstone Dust
232 Vinland Brännvin 3 Birch Log, Grass, Potato
233 The Witch's Eye 3 Spider Eye, Paper, Chorus Fruit
234 Orange Sparkler 2 Popped Chorus Fruit, Orange Dye
235 Ender Blast 2 End Stone, Wood Sword
236 Gravity 1 End Stone
237 Earth's Bounty 1 Dirt
238 Ent 2 Dirt, Oak Log
239 Weeping Willow 2 Oak Log, Oak Leaves
240 Puissance De La Terre 1 Dirt
241 Mantle 1 Dirt
242 Pharaoh's Blight 1 Sandstone
243 Swamp Swig 4 Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Wheat Seeds, Dandelion
244 Cobbler 1 Cobblestone
245 Rock N' Roll 1 Cobblestone
246 Strong Lapis Vodka 2 Potato, Lapis Lazuli
247 Fairy Tail 1 Lapis Lazuli
248 Blue Lagoon 1 Lapis Lazuli
249 Chia Swig 1 Wheat Seeds
250 Under-The-Mountain Black Iron Ale 4 Obsidian, Wheat, Stone, Iron Nugget
251 Heavenly Aura 1 Emerald
252 Gorgon's Eye 2 Stone, Spider Eye
253 Third Eye 1 Spider Eye
254 Insight 2 Spider Eye, Sugar
255 Ignition 1 Flint
256 Flint Shot 1 Flint
257 Betony 1 Birch Sapling
258 Gin And Tonic 2 Oak Sapling, Peony
259 Juniper Mule 2 Birch Sapling, Wheat
260 Cucina Enoteca 1 Dark Oak Sapling
261 BeetleJuice 2 Oak Sapling, Apple
262 Wagyu Old Fashioned 1 Jungle Sapling
263 Axle Foley 1 Oak Sapling
264 Virginia Haze 1 Spruce Sapling
265 Sage Wisdom 1 Acacia Sapling
266 Miruvor 4 Gold Nugget, Apple, Sugar Cane, Birch Leaves
267 Godspeed 2 Sugar, Feather
268 Thunderfoot 1 Carrot
269 Red Rainbow Shot 1 Red Terracotta
270 Orange Rainbow Shot 1 Orange Terracotta
271 Yellow Rainbow Shot 1 Yellow Terracotta
272 Green Rainbow Shot 1 Green Terracotta
273 Blue Rainbow Shot 1 Blue Terracotta
274 Violet Rainbow Shot 1 Purple Terracotta
275 True Rainbow Liquor 6 Red Terracotta, Orange Terracotta, Yellow Terracotta, Green Terracotta, Blue Terracotta, Purple Terracotta
276 Elderberry Tea 2 Birch Leaves, Bone
277 Winter Chai 2 Birch Leaves, Snow Ball
278 Black Apple Tea 3 Apple, Birch Leaves, Ink Sac
279 Lavender Tea 2 Birch Leaves, Lilac
280 Jack Frost Tea 2 Dark Oak Leaves, Ice
281 Rosy Black Tea 3 Dark Oak Leaves, Ink Sac, Red Dye
282 Masale Wali Chai 3 Jungle Leaves, Milk Bucket, Sugar
283 Chamomile Tea 2 Acacia Leaves, Peony
284 Pinot Blanc 2 Vine, Bone Meal
285 Sparkling Wine 2 Glowstone Dust, Vine
286 Grenache 2 Vine, Netherwart
287 Chateau Pétrus 2 Vine, Spruce Leaves
288 Grüner Veltliner 2 Cobblestone, Vine
289 Strong Merlot 2 Red Dye, Netherwart
290 Fragrant Shiraz 2 Vine, Netherwart
291 Miner's Woe 2 Rails, Redstone Torch
292 Batrachotoxin 1 Poisonous Potato
293 Ambrosia 4 Lapis Lazuli, Glowstone Dust, Chorus Flower, Glistering Melon Slice
294 Kaiser-kaze 2 Potato, Lime Dye
295 Falstadt Ale 3 Diamond, Sugar Cane, Sugar
296 Romanusmatazz 3 Spruce Leaves, Apple, Grass
297 Holy Jaded Cocktail 3 Grass, Lime Dye, Sugar
298 Haven Tea 2 Snow Ball, Dark Oak Leaves
299 Gabonese Gin 3 Peony, Grass, Stick
300 Irian Island Coffee 3 Cocoa Beans, Acacia Leaves, Milk Bucket
301 Mirgarita 3 Apple, Cactus, Orange Dye
302 Okashima Sunset 3 Peony, Wheat Seeds, Orange Dye
303 Hot Covfefe 3 Cocoa Beans, Ink Sac, Yellow Dye
304 Pisco Sour 3 Egg, Nether Wart, Sugar
305 Septic Tank Delight 2 Dirt, Cobblestone
306 g-Poster Gin 3 Wheat, Wheat Seeds, Sugar
307 Greyfields 1868 First Sporing 1 Brown Mushroom
308 Zzoup 4 Grilled Pork, Beetroot Seeds, Brown Mushroom, Wither Rose
309 Eleutherian Gold 3 Oak Leaves, Glistering Melon Slice, Red Mushroom
310 Red Honey 2 Wither Rose, Honeycomb, Emerald
311 White Dragon Tea 1 Azure Bluet
312 Bubble Tea 4 Potato, Sugar, Milk Bucket, Oak Leaves
313 InternationAle 3 Wheat, Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds
314 Quick Silver 3 Iron Nugget, Gold Nugget, Coal
315 Radiant Ambrosia 2 Gold Nugget, Glowstone
316 White Zing 2 Glowstone, Quartz Block
317 Midnight Drifter 2 Blue Orchid, Nether Wart
318 Sojourner's Pouch 2 Wheat Seeds, Carrot
319 Azure Tea 2 Blue Orchid, Dark Oak Leaves
320 Firox's Fury 3 Beetroot, Redstone Dust, Bone Meal
321 Alt Malt 3 Cocoa Beans, Ender Pearl, Sugar Cane
322 Jägerminster 2 Spruce Leaves, Dandelion
323 Valyrian Firewater 2 Blaze Rod, Quartz Block
324 Benistani Bourbon 3 Wheat, Sunflower, Sugar
325 Pan Galatic Gargle Blaster 5 Peony, Cactus, Sugar Cane, Blaze Powder, Yellow Dye
326 Krohil Brew 4 Wheat Seeds, Potato, Beetroot, Dead Bush
327 Antietam Ale 3 Red Dye, Apple, Oak Log
328 Georgia Full Moon Wine 2 Arrow, Apple
329 Rage Quit 2 Bone Meal, Blaze Powder
330 Nyasan Pickleback 1 Sea Pickle
331 Wherever I May Roam 4 Gold Block, Bone, Diamond Block, Beetroot
332 Bg Blaster 2 Wheat, Blaze Powder
333 NAYAH'S Vision 2 Fermented Spider Eye, Cactus
334 E-law Augustan Ale 1 Book
335 Crown Royal Apple 3 Apple, Wheat, Wheat Seeds
336 Crown Royal Vanilla 3 Wheat Seeds, Wheat, Lilac
337 Crown Royal Deluxe 3 Gold Nugget, Wheat, Wheat Seeds
338 Nitroglycerin 1 Gunpowder
339 Ron Grundeswald's Revenge 4 Orange Dye, Carrot, Lapis Lazuli, Green Dye
340 Vice Tea 3 Dark Oak Leaves, Sunflower, Sugar
341 Pirater's Epic Rum 3 Wheat, Sugar, Cocoa Beans
342 Dry Vermouth 2 Wheat Seeds, Oak Sapling
343 Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Beer 2 Wheat, Wheat Seeds
344 Neon Midori 1 Melon Seeds
345 Cointreau 3 Potato, Wheat, Orange Dye
346 Japanese Slipper 3 Yellow Dye, Potato, Melon Seeds
347 Death In The Afternoon 2 Popped Chorus Fruit, Grass
348 Vesper Martini 3 Potato, Peony, Nether Wart
349 Moloko Plus 2 Sea Lantern, Milk Bucket
350 Snakebite 2 Apple, Poisonous Potato
351 Ayahuasca 2 Spruce Sapling, Vine
352 Abyssinian Tea 3 Oak Leaves, Jungle Leaves, Birch Leaves
353 Codeine 1 Poppy
354 West Texas Prairie Fire 2 Blaze Powder, Magma Block
355 Mojito Blanco 3 Fern, Bone Meal, Sugar
356 Cape Codder 3 Potato, Red Dye, Lime Dye
357 Caramel Coni-ac 3 Sugar, Nether Wart, Gunpowder
358 Superior Gamer Girl Pee 2 Yellow Dye, Milk Bucket
359 Sharkbait Brew-Ha-Ha 1 Seagrass
360 Snitch Spam 2 Note Block, Grilled Pork
361 Hardy Seafood Gumbo 4 Cod, Stone Button, Cooked Chicken, Allium
362 Classic Gumbo 4 Grilled Pork, Paper, Raw Fish, Cooked Chicken
363 Déjà Brew 1 Spruce Button
364 Prisoner's Wine 3 Sugar, Milk Bucket, Apple
365 Crimson Tulip Wine 2 Red Tulip, Sugar
366 Rosé Tulip Wine 2 Pink Tulip, Sugar
367 Ivory Tulip Wine 2 White Tulip, Sugar
368 Auburn Tulip Wine 2 Orange Tulip, Sugar
369 The Bloom-in' Onion 1 Allium
370 Polskan Żubrówka 2 Yellow Dye, Grass
371 Strawberry Fanta 2 Sugar, Red Dye
372 Carrot Juice 1 Carrot
373 Divine Milk 1 Milk Bucket
374 Blue Raspberry Gatorade 2 Sugar Cane, Light Blue Dye
375 Kraken Spiced Rum 3 Ink Sac, Redstone Dust, Jungle Button
376 Tinto De Verano 3 Netherwart, Ice, Sugar
377 Caju Amigo 2 Oak Button, Sugar
378 Quentão 3 Sugar, Spruce Leaves, Acacia Leaves
379 Negroni 3 Wheat Seeds, Grass, Paper
380 Salty Dog 3 Melon Seeds, Paper, Birch Button
381 Baijiu 2 Wheat, Sugar Cane
382 French 75 3 Sugar, Paper, Netherwart
383 Monkey Gland 3 Grass, Paper, Orange Dye
384 Sneaky Elixir 2 Glowstone Dust, Bone
385 Hot Toddy 3 Jungle Button, Acacia Button, Sugar Cane
386 Skittle Bomb 2 Oxeye Daisy, Potato
387 Icenian Shaved Ice 2 Ice, Cyan Dye
388 Spring Tea Time 3 Red Dye, Milk Bucket, Orange Dye
389 Jewels Of The Wise 5 Grass, Fern, Potato, Orange Dye, Sugar
390 Dark Hallow Artisanal Ale 2 Wood Sword, Wheat
391 Ranch Odreshing 3 Allium, Egg, Milk Bucket
392 Maltovian Cocktail 2 Blaze Powder, Sea Lantern
393 Tel Avivian Arak 2 Ink Sac, Netherwart
394 Pripyat Fallout 2 Prismarine Crystals, Coal
395 The Red Duke 3 Redstone Dust, Red Dye, Sugar
396 Red Bull 1 Oxeye Daisy
397 Disaronno 2 Sugar Cane, Oak Button
398 Kirschwasser 1 Red Dye
399 Kuei Hua Chen Chiew 3 Wheat, Jungle Button, Bone Meal
400 Zombie 1 Netherrack
401 Tiki Torch 1 Netherrack
402 Smoke & Spice 2 Cactus, Netherrack
403 Social Bandit 2 Cactus, Redstone Dust
404 Raspberry Chia Tea 3 Red Dye, Wheat Seeds, Birch Leaves
405 Strawberry Chia Smoothie 3 Red Dye, Milk Bucket, Wheat Seeds
406 Banana Mango Smoothie 3 Orange Dye, Milk Bucket, Yellow Dye
407 Banana Almond Smoothie 3 Oak Button, Yellow Dye, Milk Bucket
408 Cucumber Mint Smoothie 3 Green Dye, Fern, Milk Bucket
409 Carrot Apple Smoothie 3 Apple, Carrot, Milk Bucket
410 Cherry Vanilla Smoothie 3 Lilac, Milk Bucket, Red Dye
411 Blueberry Smoothie 2 Cyan Dye, Milk Bucket
412 Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie 3 Milk Bucket, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Seeds
413 Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie 3 Oak Button, Milk Bucket, Apple
414 Kale Smoothie 2 Grass, Milk Bucket
415 Watermelon Smoothie 3 Melon Seeds, Melon Slice, Milk Bucket
416 Soma Elixir 2 Rose Bush, Brown Mushroom
417 Curaçao 2 Lapis Lazuli, Orange Dye
418 Divine Hopster 1 Hopper
419 Crème De Cassis 2 Red Dye, Ink Sac
420 Spirit Bomb 3 Oxeye Daisy, Lapis Lazuli, Cactus
421 Chartreuse Jaune 2 Yellow Dye, Grass
422 Hpnotiq 3 Potato, Light Blue Dye, Netherwart
423 Umeshu 2 Purple Dye, Sugar
424 Mango Lassi 2 Orange Dye, Milk Bucket
425 Saintly Krupnik 2 Potato, Acacia Button
426 Blow My Skull 3 Stone Button, Vine, Redstone Dust
427 Miód Pitny 2 Acacia Button, Stone Button
428 Blue Blazer 3 Sugar, Wheat, Blaze Powder
429 Refreshing Lemonade 2 Ice, Yellow Dye
430 Mineral Water 2 Ice, Stone
431 Mountain Dew 2 Lime Dye, Sugar
432 Prota Colada 4 Book, Sugar Cane, Chorus Fruit, Shield
433 Golden Fang 2 Spruce Button, Paper
434 Anise Monk 2 Grass, Jungle Button
435 Nuka-Cola 2 Sugar, Coal
436 Pitt Cola 2 Sugar, Pink Dye
437 Secret Medicine 2 Magenta Dye, Red Dye
438 Chu Jelly 2 Prismarine Crystals, Charcoal
439 Espresso Patronum 3 Cocoa Beans, Spruce Leaves, Sugar
440 Holy Water 1 Quartz
441 Morphine 1 Poppy
442 Tamagozake 3 Egg, Paper, Sugar
443 Opium 1 Poppy
444 N-Dimethyltryptamine 1 Spruce Log
445 Diki-Diki 3 Redstone Dust, Ice, Apple
446 Hennchata 2 Netherwart, Paper
447 Kratom 1 Jungle Sapling
448 Rohypnol 3 Blue Bed, Poppy, Sugar
449 Parfait d'Amour 4 Orange Dye, Rose Bush, Oak Button, Peony
450 Dance Of Death 3 Wooden Sword, Magma Block, Spider Eye
451 Valyrian's Wrath 3 Blaze Powder, Soul Sand, Bone
452 Truidencian Standard Vodka 3 Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot, Redstone Dust
453 Upside Down Foghorn 3 Sugar Cane, Obsidian, Potato
454 Fresh Sangria 4 Netherwart, Apple, Melon Slice, Sugar
455 Mirula 2 Quartz Block, Milk Bucket
456 Naughty Gnome 3 Redstone Dust, Wheat Seeds, Spruce Button
457 Sarenese Snake Oil 2 Dirt, Wood Sword
458 Black Charcoal Lemonade 3 Charcoal, Ice, Yellow Dye
459 The Grave Digger 2 Apple, Spruce Button
460 Black Widow 2 Black Dye, Spider Eye
461 Ghost Milkshake 2 White Bed, Milk Bucket
462 Candy Corn Jello Shot 3 Orange Dye, White Dye, Yellow Dye
463 Apple Pie Bourbon 2 Apple, Jungle Sapling
464 Gobble Gobble 2 Brown Dye, Feather
465 Peppermintini 2 White Dye, Fern
466 Santa Clausmopolitan 3 Apple, Lime Dye, Potato
467 Jingle Juice 3 Coal, Melon Slice, Apple
468 Candy Cane Vodka 3 Potato, Red Dye, White Dye
469 Groundhog Nog 3 Dirt, Egg, Brown Dye
470 Penguin Punch 2 Feather, Ice
471 Nuclear Milkshake 3 Coal, Glowstone Dust, Milk Bucket
472 Ivermectin --- Donator Brew :)
473 Kallosian Kool-Aid 3 Obsidian, Ice, Sweet Berries
474 PacBrew 4 Andesite, Gold Nugget, Paper, Brown Mushroom
475 Amogus Drip 3 Glass, Bone, Red Wool
476 Caledonian Angel Dust 3 Phantom Membrane, Sugar, Spider Eye
477 Apolish Changaa 3 Glass, Bread, Poisonous Potato
478 Riskian Ale 3 Brick, Wheat, Yellow Dye
479 Akainese Shu 2 Azure Bluet, Wheat
480 New Cascadian Kvass 2 Potato, Stone
481 Georgian Gold Lager 2 Wheat, Dandelion
482 Aremi Ale 3 Wheat, Quartz Block, Stone
483 Milan Logbeer 2 Oak Log, Wheat
484 Dioran Coffee 3 Cocoa Beans, Jungle Leaves, Sugar Cane
485 Rainer Rosé 2 Rose Bush, Nether Wart
486 Monterreyan Wine 3 Nether Wart, Gold Nugget, Red Tulip
487 Vitelian Vino 3 Vine, Nether Wart, Grass
488 Vino Di Caparosa 3 Pink Tulip, Vine, Glowstone Dust
489 Fresh Rossellini 4 Ice, Apple, Sweet Berries, Melon Slice
490 Hell Tonic 3 Nettherrack, Quartz Block, Soul Sand
491 Lambat Liquor 3 Lapis Lazuli, Poppy, Dandelion
492 Dracula Wine 3 Stick, Bone, Redstone
493 Beetwine Reserve 2 Beetroot, Sweet Berries
494 Spice Melange 2 Redstone, Light Blue Dye
495 Lambanóg 3 Ender Pearl, Sugar, Milk Bucket
496 Bee's Knees 3 Honey Bottle, Ice, Sugar
497 Raspberry Spritz 2 Sweet Berries, Spruce Leaves
498 Gin Of Rails 3 Rail, Gravel, Stone
499 Yoahtlan Pigeon Gin 3 Egg, Chicken, Feather
500 The Hive 4 Honeycomb, End Stone, Rotten Flesh, Crimson Fungus
501 Irish Luck 3 Rabbit Foot, Grass, Potato
502 Honey Shot 1 Honey Bottle
503 Barrum 3 Pumpkin Seeds, Snow Block, Pumpkin
504 Perfect Kombucha 3 Brown Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Sugar
505 Strong Opium 2 Poppy, Brick
506 Devil's Wine 4 Phantom Membrane, Sweet Berries, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream
507 Heather 51 3 Honeycomb, Potato, Fern
508 Bamboo Too 3 Bamboo, Orange Dye, Nether Wart
509 Frosé 2 Sugar, Sweet Berries
510 Clover Club 3 Peony, Sweet Berries, Egg
511 Hearty Vegetable Soup 4 Carrot, Potato, Wheat, Beetroot
512 Minestrone 3 Carrot, Wheat, Bread
513 Sweet Semptembrian Sherry 4 Red Dye, Blue Dye, Sugar, Wheat Seeds
514 Tylenol 1 Brain Coral
515 Advil 1 Tube Coral
516 Zoloft 2 Brain Coral, Sugar
517 Rich Mocha 3 Cocoa Beans, Jungle Button, Brown Dye
518 Grúdaigh Bogach 2 Lily Pad, Dirt
519 Halo-Halo 5 Ice, Purple Dye, Yellow Dye, Cocoa Beans, Milk Bucket
520 Dr Oracle's Mixed Cereal 5 Wheat, Milk Bucket, Cocoa Beans, Apple, Pumpkin Seeds
521 Block-Turtle Soup 4 Scute, Carrot, Chicken, Bone
522 Springtime Floral Tisane 3 Poppy, Dandelion, Azure Bluet
523 ObbyBomber's Penance 2 Obsidian, Diamond
524 River-God Ichor 4 Birch Leaves, Blue Wool, Black Dye, Sugar Cane
525 Librarian's Lament 3 Book, Feather, Ink Sac
526 Oreo McFlurry 3 White Dye, Black Dye, Milk Bucket
527 Baja Blast 4 Sugar, Honeycomb, Blue Dye, Yellow Dye
528 Chocolate Frosty 3 Milk Bucket, Brown Dye, Cocoa Beans
529 Koala's Bathwater 3 Oak Leaves, Sugar, Bamboo
530 Kobeerlinski 3 Blaze Powder, Honey Bottle, Potato
531 Chai-na 2 Wheat Seeds, Blue Dye
532 Honey Milk 2 Honeycomb, Milk Bucket
533 Sweet Honey Limeade 3 Sugar, Honeycomb, Lime Dye
534 Atole 4 Cornflower, Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Milk Bucket
535 Cyanide 2 Apple, Wither Rose
536 Antihistamine 1 Fire Coral
537 Solace Wine 5 Orange Tulip, White Tulip, Red Tulip, Pink Tulip, Dandelion
538 Asipirin 1 Horn Coral
539 Yakult 2 Warped Fungus, Milk Bucket
540 Cendol 4 Ice, Green Dye, Paper, Sugar Cane
541 Sujeonggwa 3 Spruce Button, Jungle Button, Orange Dye
542 Raksi 2 Paper, Porkchop
543 Yerba Mate 2 Jungle Leaves, Stick
544 Caipirinha 3 Sugar, Redstone, Lime Dye
545 Strawberry Kool-Aid 2 Sweet Berries, Sugar
546 Douwe Egberts Drinking Chocolate 3 Sugar, Milk Bucket, Cocoa Beans
547 Septembrian Sewer Soup 3 Bamboo, Sweet Berries, Azure Bluet
548 Red Russian 3 Orange Dye, Sweet Berries, Potato
549 Black Russian 2 Cocoa Beans, Potato
550 Bunker Stout 3 Iron Ingot, Iron Door, Obsidian
551 Necro Whiskey 3 Rotten Flesh, Bone, Wheat
552 Jekyll And Hyde 3 Glowstone Dust, Nether Wart, Redstone
553 Everlasting Chaos 3 Black Dye, End Stone, Torch
554 Goldflower Ale 3 Sunflower, Quartz, Cocoa Beans
555 Valyrian Sweet Wine 3 Honeycomb, Sweet Berries, Honey Bottle
556 Monacan Fine Wine 3 Chorus Fruit, Sweet Berries, Apple
557 Minemaster Mule 3 Lime Dye, Obsidian, Sweet Berries
558 Avowed's Enlightenment 3 Beetroot, Paper, Ink Sac
559 Candlekeep's Blessing 1 Bookshelf
560 Highpoint Porter 2 Wheat, Spruce Leaves
561 Flow Of Kavahl 2 Magma Block, Heart Of The Sea
562 Jinjo Jiggy 5 Purple Dye, Blue Dye, Green Dye, Orange Dye, Yellow Dye
563 Ginger Beer 2 Sugar, Brown Dye
564 Catboy Cider 3 Salmon, Blue Dye, Pink Dye
565 Apocolocyntosis 1 Pumpkin
566 Aphrodite Kiss 3 Yellow Dye, Potato, Spruce Button
567 Fountain of Youth 3 Orange Dye, Spruce Button, Potato
568 Gribovka 2 Potato, Red Mushroom
569 Christopian Cocktail 2 Dirt, Wheat Seeds
570 Irian Discipline 4 Coal, Emerald, Iron Ingot, Prismarine Shard
571 Shaded Mocha 3 Gray Dye, Acacia Button, Cocoa Beans
572 Lon-Lon Milk 2 Milk Bucket, Lilac
573 Mount Gay Rum 2 Redstone, Sugar Cane
574 Chambord 2 Sweet Berries, Red Dye
575 Tsar's Special Tea 3 Ice, Snow, Spruce Leaves
576 Wocky Slush 2 Sugar, Poppy
577 Roy Rogers 3 Sweet Berries, Redstone, Red Dye
578 Amontillado 3 Red Dye, Nether Wart, Oak Button
579 Oloroso 3 Nether Wart, Gray Dye, Oak Button
580 Flor 3 Nether Wart, White Dye, Oak Button
581 Copium 2 Poppy, Warped Fungus
582 Guy Fieri's BBQ Sauce 3 Sugar Cane, Stone Button, Apple
583 Zoomer Boomer 3 Cactus, Potato, Redstone
584 Jolt 2 Gold Nugget, Carrot
585 Metamorphosis 2 Iron Nugget, Golden Apple
586 Tempo 2 Iron Nugget, Sugar, Redstone
587 Adrenaline 2 Iron Nugget, Blaze Powder
588 Guinness 2 Wheat, Warped Button
589 Gunpowder Plot 2 Gunpowder, Peony, Stick
590 Soju 2 Potato, Wheat Seeds
591 Vegemite 2 Warped Button, Brown Dye
592 Sinchicara 2 Sugar Cane, Jungle Sapling
593 Tongba 2 Grass, Warped Button
594 Chhaang 2 Bamboo, Warped Button
595 Ghast Whiskey 3 Ghast Tear, Slime Ball, Glowstone Dust
596 Atlas Draught 3 Redstone, Tropical Fish, Blaze Rod
597 Traverler's Vodka 4 Sugar, Redstone, Leather, Nether Wart
598 Miner's Delight 3 Emerald, Gold Ingot, Glowstone Dust
599 Duff Beer 2 Wheat, Snow Block
600 Listerine 2 Ice, Fern
??? Specter 1 Halloween Drink #1
??? ??? 2 Halloween Drink #2
And that's all of them! ...Maybe

Newcomer Recipes

For those of you just starting out with Brewery, there are a few officially released recipes that you can experiment with! Try making the perfect versions and then making them incorrectly to see how the Brewery plugin works. (Please do not expand this list. Brewery recipes should remain hidden. Everything on this list are recipes GreatLordOz revealed.)

Beverage Ingredients Cauldron Time Distill Amount Barrel Type Barrel Age Alcohol Effects
Fine Wheatbeer 3 Wheat 8 Mins None Acacia 2 Years 10 Speed 1, 250 Seconds
Golden Mead 18 Sugar Cane 5 Mins None Oak 2 Years 10 Speed 1, 205 Seconds
Russian Vodka 10 Potatoes 15 Mins 3 Distills None 0 Years 20 Weakness 1, 15 Seconds

Poison 1, 3 Seconds

Strong Absinthe 15 Grass 5 Mins 6 Distills None 0 Years 50 Poison 2, 5 Seconds

Blindness 3, 2 Minutes 10 Seconds

Pumpkin Spice Latte 12 Cocoa Beans

5 Pumpkin Seeds

2 Sugar Cane

2 Milk Buckets

3 Mins None None 0 Years -5 Speed 1, 6 Minutes 20 Seconds

Fire Resistance, 20 Seconds

Sovereign Tea 10 Oak Leaves

6 Seeds

2 Sugar Cane

5 Mins None None 0 Years 0 Glowing, 120 Seconds
Cocaine 64 Sugar 5 Mins 15 Distills None 0 Years 0 Confusion, 10 Seconds

Blindness 3, 10 Minutes

Devil Spring Vodka 14 Potatoes

6 Beetroot

4 Sunflower

6 Mins 8 Distills None 0 Years 80 Blindness 3, 5 Minutes 40 Seconds

Slowness 2, 2 Minutes 30 Seconds

Night Vision, 10 Seconds

Poison 1, 3 Seconds

Banana Mango Smoothie 8 Orange Dye

8 Yellow Dye

2 MIlk

5 Mins None None 0 Years -6 Regeneration 1, 90 Seconds

Slow 2, 4 Seconds

Sneaky Elixir 4 Glowstone Dust

3 Bone

12 Mins None None 0 Years 0 Invisibility, 520 Seconds

Jump 2, 10 Seconds

Baijiu 32 Wheat

8 Sugar Cane

6 Mins 8 Distills None 0 Years 60 Blindness 2, 15 Seconds
Fresh Sangria 8 Netherwart

3 Apple

3 Melon Slice

1 Sugar

5 Mins None Oak 1 Year 20 Regeneration 1, 45 Seconds

Heal 1

Gribovka 10 Potatoes

3 Red Mushroom

18 min 5 Distills None 0 Years 40 Glowing, 45 Seconds
Flor 12 White Dye

6 Nether Wart

2 Oak Button

4 min None Birch 2 Years 15 Jump 4, 10 Seconds

Night Vision, 1 Minute 40 Seconds

Copium 6 Poppy

2 Warped Fungus

5 min 1 Distill None 0 Years 45 Weakness 2, 1 Minute

Slow 2, 1 Minute

Hunger 2, 1 Minute

Note: Due to conflicting plugins on CivClassic, in addition to the effects above for each brew, the vanilla potion effect may also be added. For example, an orange colored brew may give you fire resistance for 3 minutes even when it isn't supposed to.

Additional Tips

Hopefully this guide helped you out with understanding Brewery. If you have any additional hints, feel free to add them below!

  • While trying to discover new brews, it is helpful to only experiment with one factor at a time. (Fermentation time, aging, distilling, ingredient amount)
  • You can safely take brews out of a barrel and store them in a separate chest while you are offline to continue aging them another time. Some brews take a long time to barrel age and you can easily miss the proper aging time while offline.
  • Network! A lot of players already have discovered dozens of recipes. If you are a new player, it helps to ask your nation or neighboring nations if they have any recipes they are willing to reveal to you.
  • It is beneficial to have a cow in your brewery because some drinks require milk! It is also useful to store a bucket on an item frame near your cow for easy access to the ingredient.
  • On some servers shop chests do not work with the Brewery Plugin and previously did not work to on CivClassic 2.0. Thankfully they are working now! Read up on the Item Exchange Plugin to learn how to make shop chests. You can still sell brews by using some redstone, dispensers and a redstone torch on the back of your itemexchange shop.
  • In the current config containing 600 recipes, no brew has a fermentation time that exceeds 30 minutes and no brew exceeds using more than 64 of any one item.
  • Due to a weird unintended bug, when distilling drinks, the drink will stop distilling once it reaches its maximum, perfect distillation requirement. Normally it should continue to keep distilling past that point for as long as you keep distilling.


This Brewery guide was created and maintained by GreatLordOz. The CivClassic Brewery Config was written by GreatLordOz with help from RektTangle. If you have any issues with this wiki or general questions, feel free to contact GreatLordOz on reddit /u/ChaosNeverLasts

Config Updates:

  • Update 1.1 August 4th, 2017 (Drink total: 154)
  • Update 2.0 July 12th, 2018 (Drink total: 293)
  • Update 3.0 August 25th, 2019 (Drink total: 420)
  • Update 3.1.14 November 1st, 2019 (Drink total: 470)
  • Update 4.1.16 Septemeber 27th 2021 (Drink total: 600)