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From The Lovelace Company
Location2485, -10916
Capital cityStallman
GovernmentProtectorate / N/A
• Leader

Vestlige was a corporate nation located in the +,- (Northeast) quadrant of the CivClassic 2.0 map. It was founded and is operated by The Lovelace Company, headed by OwainX, wishing to redirect some of its xp-production to a private, sovereign claim and to create a developed retail destination for the +,- with its city Stallman. Vestlige was annexed by Acadia as a protectorate after OwainX temporarily left the server to protect it in his absence between September 26 2021 and October 18 2021, but has since returned as a sovereign territory. Due to a persistent spelling error of unknown origin Vestlige is sometimes represented as ´Vestilege´, which is incorrect.


The Vestlige Territory itself was directly governed by The Lovelace Company. Once opened up for residents, a charter of rights and a city council is to be formed for the city of Stallman to govern it on a day to day basis. Internationally Vestlige was commited to neutrality and as such did not join any alliances, though it did sign pacts of friendship with Acadia and Fish.


Vestlige was settled by the Lovelace Company with the creation of TLC's largest wheat farms, and these resources, transported back to Acadia, are central to its XP production in the region. Vestlige was commited to free trade and planed to actively approach existing businesses throughout the server to establish a retail branch or production facilities in Vestlige.