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Compton was a far-flung territory of the People’s Federal Republic of Maltovia, founded by ScandinavianTaco after a falling-out with HamAndSwiss, the First Minister of Maltovia. The settlement at one time claimed nearly the entirety of the island it occupies in the -,+, save only the southern tip where lies Canopus, the capital of the Jeffersonian Republic. However, on October 10, 2018, the Nation of Eclipse, living in exile in Canopus, purchased from Compton the island’s southern half, between Z 2500 and the Canopus city limits. Eclipse then constructed a road along Z 2500 to demarcate its new border with Compton.

Compton, was marked by a large, ornate, though incomplete factory building, a large farm, and a mature mine. Besides its founder, other known residents of Compton include OLivay, Doommad, and Detroitcop. At one point, several Eclipsians, believing Compton to be abandoned, began to claim and use buildings and mines on the island’s northern half, only to discover angry Comptonites leaving several salty signposts reiterating Compton’s claim to all properties north of Y 2500. However, as of mid-2020, Compton had indeed become completely abandoned and its snitches degraded. On August 11, 2020, the City of Mount September laid uncontested claim to the former territory of Compton and its structures.