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This article is about the nation of Eclipse from CivClassic 2.0. For the Civcraft 2.0 nation of the same name, see Kingdom of Eclipse.
Flag of Eclipse
Former Eclipsian Territories
Location-4795, 2657
Activity levelInactive, Focused on other Servers (as of May 4th 2020)
Capital cityEclipse City
GovernmentRepresentative Bureaucracy
Governing documentRevised Constitution of Eclipse
• Supreme Leader
• Provisional Government
Firel, Jackyback, Lt_Dino
Foundation date19th October 2018
Motto"Hail Eclipse! / Prosperity in Unity"
DiscordNew Discord
The Nation of Eclipse is a small nation found in the -,+ Quadrant, near the large and well known City of Mount Augusta. The state as it is on CivClassics was founded mid-October 2018, however it has existed on other servers since 2016. Its government (Known as the Central Command Assembly) is considered to be a Representative Bureaucracy, with elected Council members and a permanent leader position, which is held by founding member SupGamingHamster. The nation is governed by the Constitution of Eclipse which was written by a group of founding members in early 2018. The Nation is founded in beliefs of individual freedom and ownership of private property. The Nation underwent a revival in Late 2019, and is now preparing for the launch of another Nations server.


Early Era (2016-2017)

Eclipse originally began as a faction on a factions server in the year 2016, which is where it got it's name. Not much information survives about this period of time, however it serves as the beginning of the idea behind the nation of Eclipse. Many members from that period of time, such as Jackyback and SupGamingHamster still play to this day.

Following this, the members Eclipse found itself on a server called Luxwander in 2017, where they were immersed in a world of diplomacy and warring between nations. Many consider it to be a Golden Age for the Nation, as it partook in a massive coalition of 20+ members and was a major powerhouse on the server. However, this was cut short, as the server owner decided to close the Nations part of the server following complaints from its player base. Many members felt dissatisfied with this and continued to search for a place to find home.

Middle Era(2017-2018)

Following the closure of Luxwander's Nation server, members were unhappy with the situation. From June 2017 to December 2017, the nation effectively froze, with many members leaving or fading into inactivity. However, this was not to last, as a new Towny War server known as Civilization Wars would serve as Eclipse's new home. It was a period of time that was ripe with conflicts and treaties, notably the strong ties between a smaller nation known as the Grand Venic Imperium. However, the server was not without its flaws, as many became dissatisfied with how conflicts took the place of negotiations. This would be the eventual catalyst of Eclipse leaving the server and uniting with GVI under the same banner following the destruction of both nations in March 2018. Over the next few months, the Coalition (Known as Grand Eclipsian Imperium or GEI) would move from server to server. However conflict arose between the former members of Eclipse and the now leader of the coalition known as Shushino, as they believed that he was incompetent as a leader and was holding the coalition back in terms of its military power and political sway. This split eventually resulted in the dissolving of the alliance, and then a civil war between some members of Eclipse and GVI. This resulted in the utter destruction of GVI and the quitting of Shushino from Minecraft following threats of legal action.

Modern Era (2018)

Eclipse would regroup once more and decided to learn from experience and try to look for a more political server on which they could play. Originally, the plan between them was to join another server that was similar to CivClassics known as Civilization Experiment when it would come out, however this would not be the case (around this period of time, the Constitution would be drafted). It was eventually decided that Eclipse would join the Jeffersonian Confederacy, and this would become reality on the 13th of August 2018. Members flocked to the State of Canopus, a small town located to the East of Mount Augusta, and worked on developing the town. Of note is the work of Jackyback and White_N_Pasty, who started production of Exp in the town. However, there was still the issue of Eclipse not physically existing as a state on the server, and this would be rectified on the 19th of October, where the former territory of Compton (Owned by Maltovia) was negotiated between Eclipse and OLivay for 225 diamonds. Soon after this, construction of Eclipse City would begin, with plans for city walls and massive experience farms.

However, as of November 2018, the nation fell into a period of inactivity, with little to no work being done.

Revival Era (2019-)

Following inactivity, Eclipse City would fall into disarray. Griefers would come and loot the nation's valuables, and all of it's players would move on to other projects. Officially, the nation would be declared dead in an announcement by SupGamingHamster on May 31st 2019, and only Project Termina would stand alone as a reminder of the nation's former might. However, in July 2019, this would change. SupGamingHamster, would announce the nation's revival on a new, refurbished Discord server. A new constitution would soon be drafted, and the nation's members would slowly return.

But one question would remain. Where would they go? For a while, the plan would be to move to a server called Vanguard, however following inactivity in development and a sudden announcement, a decision would be made. Eclipse would return to Luxwander in late 2020, which was developing a new iteration of the much-loved nations server. Citizens of Eclipse are now looking forward to reliving the glory days of Eclipse.


Currently, There is only one town in Eclipse, and this is Eclipse City. The land claimed by Eclipse was formerly the territory of Compton, and not much physical evidence survives from this time except for a Colosseum and a Vault building (This has proved a challenge to work with due to the size of these buildings). The claims consist exclusively of plains and beaches, which is ample land for Exp farms. Located to the south of Eclipse is the town of Canopus, which was founded by refugees fleeing from the old territory of Panem near 0,0. To the west is Mount Augusta, a large city, and a rail connection is in the planning stages of being built. Following inactivity, many of the nation's structures would be griefed, save the Obsidian monolith that was Project Termina.