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The State of Astanna


Capital Astan
Official Languages English
Demonyn Astannans
Government Limited Monarchy
District Governor DroidJoe
Established July 8th 2016
Population ~10
Abbreviation AST


The State of Astanna

The State of Astanna is a state in the Abydos shard under the rule of Falstadt and led by DroidJoe. It is one of the two successors to the Nation of Icenia from Civcraft 2.0.


Civcraft 2.0

Previous History:

Civcraft 3.0

In the weeks leading up to 3.0, members of the former Icenia nation were brought together in a one off group chat. In the chat, it was teased about starting a new nation in the new server. After weeks of planning, Astanna was announced on July 8th 2016, exactly one year after it's predecessor, Icenia, had declared independence in 2.0.

At 3.0 launch, Astanna was founded on the Abydos shard on the southern part of the oasis. After 3 days, Astanna moved to northern most point of the oasis to its permanent home. Astanna later claimed part of the mesa biome in the Abydos shard in cooperation with the Abydossian Pact.