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Overview of Crowsroost
View of the lake shores
Part of Verda
Famous forCapital of Verda
Server IterationCivClassic
Coordinates3300, -1400
Architectural StyleMedieval
Foundation Date3 June 2017

The City of Crowsroost, or The Crowsroost, is the capital city of the Kingdom of Verda. Located in the Greenmarsh region, it was founded on the second day of the server as the Crowsroost Tower.



On the second day of the server, Magmus sailed down a river until she found a lake island. She built a tower on that island, and named it the Crowsroost. She also began work creating a boardwalk on the lake shores, and began work on building the Oaken Hall of Light. Crowsroost remained mostly uninhabited until Knight_Jacob and his sister Watermelonmiya settled on the hills by the lake shore. After this, it steadily grew larger and larger, as especially after the formation of Verda. A rail station was made, connecting Crowsroost to Pinnacle, and later New Draycott and Nevada. Unfortunately, as Crowsroost grew it suffered heavy raiding, with the Crowsroost tower being looted multiple times, with it's chests eventually being left permanently empty. Some players left because of this raiding, but most remained until a group of three PvPers entered Crowsroost, pearling everyone in sight and covering the city in lava. While they eventually disappeared after a few days, with all players being freed, the damage had been done. While their lava grief was easily removed, most players had quit or disappeared after this event, and many of those who remained would also soon leave for other reasons. Crowsroost remained inactive during the Regency, although the town of Obschina was founded to the south, connected by the bridge known as Luzon's Crossing.

The Winter Resurgence

The Winter Break's beginning marked a period of renewed activity and resurgence in Crowsroost. Apart from Magmus, the only other active citizen at the time was Pirater (otherwise known as Amalure). The city of Crowsroost had fallen into a level of inactivity only bested by the reign of the Axomite Regency. But as the new year dawned, Crowsroost suddenly flowered and expanded at a rate never seen before in it's history. The prominent citizens Thalio and Knight_Jacob returned, along side Queen_Kyle and WaterMelon_Miya. As Thalio began to work on the Public Storage Facility as well as the first stocked shop in the Commercial District, Knight_Jacob and Queen_Kyle more than doubled the length of the Docks, constructed some of the most beautiful houses within Crowsroost, and built the Old Crow Inn. Other citizens joined such as Marshy, Thermoreptilia and Triangle_Blob, filling out the last of the first residential district with their houses and various organization buildings. Knight_Jacob and Thalio both built enchanting parks within the city proper, with the GreenPeaks Royal Park housing the withered remnants of K'odren, God of the Forgotten. Entering the month of March, construction began on the Rail to Wayrest, the longest rail connected to the Crowsroost Rail Station. Other shops sprung in the commercial district, such as Magmus' banner shop and Marshy's currently unfinished building supply store.


Crowsroost's economic activity is largely stagnant, though the city does have a commercial district behind the dock, home to a handful of shops. Most commercial transactions occur within the Kingdom, with various material exchanges occurring between the five provinces of Verda. One fairly consistent transaction is the supply of stone from the Stone Squat Shack (a shop within Crowsroost) to Pinnacle for the numerous and extravagant builds that are under constant construction there. Crowsroost's extensive rail system lends itself to the deliverance of goods, and as such these lines are used constantly by its members.

Notable Landmarks

A map of the city of Crowsroost.
  • The Old Crow Inn
  • Greenpeaks Royal Park
  • Luzon's Crossing
A lovely view of Crowsroost from the Old Crown Inn.