The Gods of Light

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The Oaken Hall of Light, in Crowsroost, the oldest and primary temple to the Gods of Light.

The worship of the Gods of Light, also known as Verdan Orthodoxy, is a religion primarily worshipped in Verda and Provincia. A heavily syncretic faith, it takes influence from many religions such as the Irian cult of the Holy Golden Chestplates and the Augustan Church of Starry Wisdom. It's holy text is The Holy Light.

List of Gods of Light

Primary gods

  • Ogon, the Fountain/The Flame of Starry Wisdom

The creator of the universe who was slain by Nax but lives on as the Flame of Starry Wisdom.

  • The Great Sun

A solar goddess and the most powerful of Ogon's spawn. She killed Nax the Extinguisher.

  • Protus, the Protector

A divine blacksmith who forged the Holy Chestplates and taught mortals how to craft armour and fortifications.

Lesser gods

  • Eretos, the Mystic of Starry Wisdom
  • St. Firox, of Firoxus Swamp

A mysterious figure venerated in Firoxus Swamp. He was the first to settle the swamp, and is believed to have been a pyromancer, probably as a form of dedication to the Flame of Starry Wisdom.

  • Gaston, He who is roughly the size of a barge

Gaston is a Demigod who gifted Man with lavish sport, and a renewed spirit for adventure and courage. He was birthed from the North Woods, and eventually ascended from mere acts of protecting the woods and it's neighboring lands to legendary acts of heroism and bravery. Although he has only been seen by a few, he has been characterized as being able to swallow four dozen eggs(five dozen now that he's grown), having an affinity for interior decorating with antlers, and being immensely large, some might say as large as a barge.

  • The Tree-God Ashdun

The a nature deity that serves as protector of the Greenmarsh, residing in the form of a gigantic tree. Castle Ashdun is currently being constructed around this tree.

  • Wystus, Patron god of Law and Ceremony

A figure primarily worshipped in New Draycott, Wystus is primarily responsible for community life and ordered society.

Gods of Darkness

  • Nax the Extinguisher, spawn of the void and killer of Ogon
  • K'odren, God of the Forgotten

K'odren is a malevolent god that feasts on those that have been forgotten in death. He is extremely elusive, as one may only remember him if he so wishes, and as such many deny his existence. One may tribute to him by not only remembering him, but attempting to forget loved friends or family that have died. In this way, he may be merciful if you are ever forgotten. Ironically, so few now remember him, he has withdrawn into a weakened state and now resides dormant in the husk of a great tree in Crowsroost, where a royal park has been built to commemorate him.

A shrine to Protus north of Threepton